Friday, December 2, 2016

Blogmas - Days 7 & 8

Geez, I'm missing days again and we're barely a week into this.

Day 7 - I kinda thought I'd miss yesterday because I worked and then raced home to watch the Vikings game on Thursday Night Football.  That ended after 10pm and it was a miserable loss so I didn't even attempt blogging last night.  The day itself was a mixed bag.  I got written up at work, which is my first disciplinary action in all the 20+ years I've worked there.  It was for something that happened back at the end of October.  I don't think I should have been included in the group that was 'punished' just because I'm a lead person, but on the other hand if I'd been paying more attention the problem would have been caught sooner.  So getting written up was a bummer.  Right after that though, my supervisor gave me my work review.  I've come to hate those yearly things because in my workplace they mean absolutely nothing.  I also think we're judged and graded unfairly, making them even more meaningless.  But I was floored by the awesome review I got!  And especially from this particular supervisor.  He was full of high praise and compliments for the same things my previous supervisor used to mark me down for.  Like instead of me getting dinged because my crew as a whole sucks, this time I was complimented on how well I deal with these sucky people.  I left the office feeling rather overwhlemed!  lol

Day 8 - Today was work again, and it was busy busy busy.  This old lady is feeling pretty sore this evening, but still feeling pretty good about things.  My coworker who was in a coma last month was moved out of ICU earlier in the week.  He's in a regular room now.  They removed, or undid, or closed (whatever) the tracheotomy.  He's up and around more but uses a walker till he's stronger.  Sounds like he's coming along nicely.

When I got home this evening I found that two of my Black Friday orders arrived today.  I haven't even opened them yet because I feel guilty for ordering them.  I mean, it's stuff I would have gotten eventually anyway so why not grab them when there are sales, right?!  But I still feel guilty for buying myself stuff when my birthday and Christmas are coming.  And now, having said that, I'm also super excited that more packages should be arriving tomorrow.  LOL!

I'm behind on reading blogs and commenting/replying.  These past two days have been so busy at work that I haven't even had a chance to read during my breaks.  I'm hoping to get caught up tomorrow.  I'm also hoping to redo the Christmas tree and the decorations around the house.  I think I mentioned that in the last post.  I'm hoping hubby and I can get some decorating done outside too.  It's supposed to be cold this weekend but maybe we can at least get some wreaths hung and some mini lighted trees set out.

Okie dokie, folkies.  I'm off to try and read for a while.
Anything festively fun happen by you the past two days?


  1. Congrats on the review. Maybe it cancels out the infraction? At any rate at least the day ended on a high. Don't feel bad for treating yourself. You deserve some goodies and you have a new hobby to catch up on. I hope the decorating goes well today. I think I will pour some egg nog and start decorating the tree soon. My candle run was a success! Wish I could have gone buck wild but I am happy with the five I bought. And at only $28 I couldn't beat it.

    1. That is a good deal! Hopefully they all perform strong and true.

      I keep reminding myself that the crafty things I've been ordering are things I need to do the craft. I think the guilt part is more because it's so close to birthday and Christmas. I'm at least trying to buy things at this time that I don't think others will be picking out for me. hehe