Saturday, December 10, 2016

Happy Mail From Liz

I received a lovely birthday/Christmas package from waxy bloggy friend Liz yesterday!  I wasn't sure if I was supposed to wait to open it, so after pondering for a few minutes I went ahead and tore into it.  Since Liz is overseas, it's always exciting to see what goodies she's sending!

And sure enough, look at this gorgeous pen.  The picture does not pick up how sparkly and shimmery it is.  I will be using this to write out Christmas cards, and might even designate this my story writing pen (to keep with my notebook).

How pretty are these??  No clue what I'll use the pouch for but I sure am accumulating a nice array of things to display somewhere.  That little plate is adorable, and comes with a little display stand.

This is labeled for potpourri.  I suppose you could use it for wax but it's very tiny.  It would be hard to get the wax out of the little 'bucket' too, with that dowel running through it.  I love how it looks though, regardless what it ever gets used for.  I suspect I won't use it at all, but will either display on the top shelf of my desk next to my cool looking soapstone warmer, or will put it in my eventual display with my other Korean goodies.

She said in the note she included that she knows I'm not into pampering myself but she's going to keep trying to get me to, so she sent me these fun Pokemon face mask treatments.  No guarantees, Liz, but I will *try* to at least try one.  lol

Seeing these washi made me chuckle because I'm about ready to destash all of the washi I already have.  I just never use them, and know other people who do.  I also had to chuckle at the Vikings purple and yellow.  Well played!  The other is multi colored little stripes.
Of course there is wax included, because that's what wax geeks do!  They send smelly goodies to each other!
Pomegranate Cider (Beezy Tarts) - 'Hot spiced cider with fresh pomegranate seeds & strawberries.'
This is not the type of warm spiced fruit drink that I'm loving this fall and winter but it's still a nice enough scent.  It's quite sweet and fruity, and stays on the lighter and brighter side.  The 'spice' seems to be a sharp cinnamon note along the edge of the scent.  There is almost a fizzy note to this.
Pumpkin Pie Spice (The Bathing Garden) - 'A dark and spicy pumpkin blend. Cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and fresh creamed pumpkin.'
Heavy on the spice, and quite strong too.  Spice haters will want to run the other way from this one.  There is a bit of creamy pumpkin deep in there, if you can get past the spice.  I'll tuck this away for next fall.

Rosemary Mint (CFTKR) - 'A blend of rosemary and mint.'
 I can't tell which is stronger, the rosemary or the mint.  I think you get the mint first and then the rosemary quietly sneaks up behind it.  Both are slightly muted, and blended together seamlessly.

Kissing In The Berry Patch (CFTKR) - 'Ripe juicy raspberry, white grapes, juicy blueberries and blackberries. Hints of fresh green, vanilla bean, soft musk and spun sugar complete this sinfully sweet delight.'
Perhaps it's the possibly Easter egg shape of these tarts but this scent reminds me of jelly beans and Easter candy.  It's sweet and fruity, but not that super candy-sweet type.  This is a much deeper, fuller fruit scent and I quite like it.
Gingerbread Cheesecake (L3 Waxy Wonders) - 'Whipped cheesecake filling, crushed gingerbread cookie crust and nutmeg whipped cream.'
I don't know if I've ever tried L3 Waxy Wonders wax.  If I have it's been gifted to my by waxy bloggy friends.  I can't get much from this on cold sniff because there is a strong plastic note from the clamshell.  I did scratch a bit of wax off and can smell the spice from the gingerbread in that little teaser spot.  I'll have to melt some to really know what this is like.
Jackie O Next Door (Vintage Chic) - 'Serendipity Lemon Custard Fruity Loops 7-Up Pound Cake Marshmallow Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel.'
 Wow.  A lot going on in that description!  My nose tells me this is a delicious creamy lemon scent that I absolutely love.  I always want to order from Vintage Chic and never do.  I'll need to fix that in the new year.  But this one?  LOVE.
Lucy & Ethel (Vintage Chic) - 'Pistachio Pudding Cake Coconut Marshmallow.'
I kinda did a little excited shriek when I pulled this one out of the box because I also LOVE this scent.  I think this was my introduction to Vintage Chic, a gift from a friend, and instantly fell in love.  I have not found another vendor's pistachio cake type scent that I like more.  So happy to have this again!
Thank you so much, Liz!  Thank you for this wonderful package and all the goodies you picked for me, and thank you for your continued friendship and bloggy support.  I hope you enjoy the package that's on its way to you!


  1. By the time I leave Korea I will have sent you enough things for people to think that YOU'VE been here! LOL!

    I saw that pen and immediately thought of you. I hope it serves you well!

    The bag is a traditional Korean gift bag. Think of it as their version of Christmas Stockings. Everyone will have an assigned bag and their little gift will be put in the bag, then hung on the tree until Christmas Eve.

    I've had those two VCS scents set aside for you since I got them, but I kept forgetting to stick them in your boxes. So think of them as extra cured. LOL!

    It's such a pleasure to have you as a friend and bloggy companion. I hope to continue this journey for many more years to come!

    1. I think I have some really old money from Korea the my dad picked up in WWII. It's tucked into his war things. I should dig it out again some day and take pics of it.

      Thank you again, for everything. =)


  2. How awesome!! Liz is the best. I love that pen and you had better wear a mask. They feel sooooo goooood. I love that she gave you Lucy and Ethel. Perfect. Enjoy your Korean goodies!

    1. I promise I will maybe, possibly, some day try to make and attempt to think about using one of the masks. (How's that?)