Friday, December 9, 2016

Haul - Kmart Christmas Wax

I've actually had these for a while, since very early November.  I'd originally planned on using them for one of my mini-giveaway prizes last month but they got shoved aside as I went with other prizes instead.  Since they're still just sitting here and my Christmas stash is smaller than I'd thought, I guess I'll go ahead and haul them and keep them.

These were found at Kmart.  I don't see any brand name on them, just Holiday Candle Collection.  I don't remember how much Kmart's clamshells cost.  Maybe $1.99?  I think there might have also been a sugar cookie type scent in this line, but don't quote me on that.

Winter Wreath -'The classic aroma of a fresh-cut Christmas tree.'
 Yes, as it says, this is a classic Christmas tree scent.  This one is not as sweet as some pine scents.  This one has a bit of an outdoorsy edge, but still does the trick for making you instantly think of Christmas trees.

Peppermint Winter - 'The uplifting scent of peppermint.'
A very nice, crisp and clean peppermint scent with just a hint of creamy vanilla.
Cranberry Spice - 'The rich, refreshing scent of cranberries.'
This is an awesome version of cranberry spice, the warm type that I prefer.  I should have melted this in November, but like I said, I didn't know I would be keeping it.  lol  I can still melt it in this Christmas season though, since I'm really digging the warm, spiced fruit scents this fall and winter.

That's my quickie little haul of some Kmart Christmas wax.  I don't get to Kmart very often but I do like to check out their wax section whenever I'm there.  I've had good luck with their wax.  It does sometimes have that plastic smell from the clamshell but I haven't had a problem with that carrying over into the warmed scent.  You could also just repackage them in a wax-appropriate bag and maybe avoid that smell all together.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this festive little haul.

Do you have Kmart in your area?
Have you ever tried their wax?

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