Saturday, December 24, 2016

Haul - Lasting Scent Candles

It was evil enabler Liz who made me order this time.  Don't my waxy friends know there are cyberbullying laws now?  Sheesh!  But anyway, this order is from Lasting Scent Candles.  I might have ordered from them once before at some point but in general I don't follow them because they are an open/close, long TAT vendor.  When Liz mentioned something about a RTS section I was like 'Oh really?'  Ready To Ship I can do!  So I popped over to the site and swooped through the limited remaining stock and came away with these tarts.

Let's have a look!
(I can't find scent descriptions for these anymore since the site is pretty well picked over.)
Banana Apple Muffins
This smells so yummy, and sort of fall-like.  It's like a really nice banana bread scent, warm and cozy, with just enough apple to notice and make you think of fall.

Winter White Cake
Interesting.  I mainly get mint but it's not strong and crisp.  You can definitely tell there is something else going on but it's not really a cake-type note.

Peppermint Shake
This is the type of vanilla-mint scent I love.  It's a creamy mint, deeper and fuller than the Winter White Cake type of mint scent.

Peppermint Snow Cookies
Another sweet mint type, but not deep and creamy.  The cookie note is a little distracting.  Still a good mint scent though.

Peppermint Log
Similar to the Winter White Cake one but maybe a bit creamier.

Plum Sugar Tea Party
Dark berry type sweetness with strong tea notes.  Leans toward 'pretty' and not warm and foodie.

Mint Mallow Creme
This reminds me of spearmint or Wintergreen gum.  I might pass this on to someone else because in the past I just haven't like spearmint types for home fragrance.

Strawberry Crunch Muffins
I can't remember what the 'crunch' part of this was supposed to be.  I mainly get a strong muffin or cake note, with maybe a hint of nuttiness.  There is a bit of sweetness that I wouldn't recognize as strawberry if I didn't know what it was.

Candy Apple Wassail
I absolutely loved spiced fruit punch drink type scents this fall, the warmer the better.  This one is nice but not quite there.  There is a lot of apple in this, making it lighter and brighter.  It doesn't have the spice notes to warm it up and give it depth.

Christmas Tea
The previous scent didn't quite do it for me but wow, this one does!  It's cider-like, with warm spiced notes and some nice fruity sweetness deep within.  The picture shows apple and lemon or orange, but I wonder if there is also cranberry in this.  Mmmm!

Lemon Ginger Snaps
Another delicious 'Mmmm!' type scent.  This one warm, creamy lemon bakery.  I don't really get a distinct cookie scent, but sort of a generic bakery vibe.  That lemon though!  It is slightly tart, but sweet and creamy, which softens it and keeps it from being cleaner-type.

Sugar Sparkles
I really need the description for this one!  I absolutely can't remember what was in this, and I can't tell by sniffing it.  I think it's some type of lemon cookie.  Lemon bread?  The lemon it toned down quite a bit by whatever the other notes are, something bakery.  It's okay on cold sniff but I much prefer the Lemon Ginger Snaps.

Cream Filled
I received one freebie with my order, and oh my, this is nice.  It's very creamy, which you would expect with a name like Cream Filled.  I think I'm getting a lemon note again, and some vanilla, maybe like marshmallow or vanilla cream.  I'm not sure if there is actually a bakery note or if it's simply implied.  Whatever it is, it's delish!!

And that is my order.  These are listed at 1.5 oz. cups, and mine ranged from 1.4 to 1.6 oz.  They cost $1.45 each on the website.  I placed the order on Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 14 and received it Friday, Dec. 23.  Not bad!  Then again, this was from the Ready To Ship section.  I was not thrilled with the $9.75 flat rate shipping, which is another reason I don't order from them.  This order was sent in a Regional A box, and sure enough, shipping was only $8.15.

I would like to set some of these aside for next fall and winter but I know that LSC are notoriously messy over time because of all the oils.  Maybe I can repack them into little baggies?

Anyway, that is my order and I happy to have it because I'm happy to be getting my wax groove back.

Are you a fan of Lasting Scent Candles?
Do you repackage yours?


  1. Yes a fan! I only had one get a little soft and gooey this time from last year's holiday stash. Not bad. Sometimes I do put them in baggies but I probably won't this time. I'll just stack them all up in one drawer and keep them cool in the closet.

    I bought one Christmas Tea and it was AMAZING. Fell head over heels for it. I will be buying more of that next year if she brings it back. I missed the apple banana muffins one. My mom and sisters saw my haul, sat down and started smelling it all. I sent them home with a few. Hope you like these! Enjoy your melting groove. Perk up your winter with some smell goods.

    1. I'm looking forward to diving into these now that Christmas is over. (Seems weird to say that! That Christmas is over!) I'll probably still melt mints throughout the winter, but will haul out my every day scents now too.