Friday, December 30, 2016

Melted - BHG / Chocolate Peppermint Truffle

Chocolate Peppermint Truffle - [no scent description]

Now before you panic and wonder how you missed this one this year, let me tell you that this is OLD.  I've been hoarding this like it's gold for probably FOUR years.  I finally melted the last of it right around Christmas and it was still fabulous.  I'm so sad it's gone now, and I can't understand why BHG doesn't get their Christmas mint scents back.  This one and Frosty Peppermint Snow were my absolute favorites each year when the Christmas line came out.  The past several years they haven't had anything even remotely close to the yumminess of those two.

Anyway, I'm often not a fan of chocolate scents in home fragrance.  This one just works though.  The dark chocolate and crisp, cool peppermint are blended seamlessly.  I would say you probably recognize it as a mint scent first but that chocolate races up so quickly behind it that you second guess yourself.  There is a bit of creaminess and smoothness but it's more of a crisp scent overall.

I melted two cubes (about 0.8 oz.) of this four year old wax in my Glade hot plate warmer and had STRONG scent throughout the whole downstairs of my house, and it lasted pretty much all day.  I probably could have melted it again the next day and still had decent scent, but I sadly said goodbye to it instead.

I absolutely loved this scent and will cry peppermint scented tears until Better Homes & Gardens brings it back.


  1. I commented on your Instagram photo but it's worth saying again that I had and loved this scent too, 5 years ago when I was a wax noob!

    1. I don't see your comment on Instagram, but that's okay because I love my blog comments more. =)

      This was such a great scent! They had great options back then for noobs! It saddens me now that their holidays scents are all sort of generic and blah.


    2. Hmmm... that's odd! I can see my comment on your photo. IDK why it's not showing up for you but I'm glad I took the time to comment here too. I agree with you; it's a treasure of a scent! Wouldn't it be nice if they brought it back?

    3. We should start a wax community campaign, demanding they bring back the glorious old scents! This one, Frosty Peppermint Snow, the caramel apple one, and they even used to have a spiced gum drop one.

      Rise up, people! Demand your awesome smellies!