Thursday, December 29, 2016

Natters - Dec. 29

Although I was glad that Blogmas ended, I'm finding I miss doing my nattering type posts.  I'm not going to claim to be doing it every day or anything, but for now I feel like getting back to it.

I'm still off work, enjoying my end of year vacation.  Christmas was good but the past couple days have had some crabbiness slip back into them.  I haven't been feeling too great and sleep has been kinda crappy lately.  I'm also having those depressing thoughts of 'Why do I have to go back to work?  Why can't I just stay here and putter around the house?'  But oh well, what are ya gonna do?

Fattycat Lynx went to the vet yesterday for a bloodwork recheck, see how he's doing on his thyroid meds now.  He's maintained his weight, which is good.  Actually he gained a whole 0.1 pound!  lol
They shaved part of his neck and took blood there, and also took another sample from somewhere else.  (I didn't see where.)  When they called later in the day with the results they said his thyroid is still doing well and to keep his pill dose the same.  His kidneys have shown a mild decline again.  The vet said it's not serious yet but it is the second small decline.  He suggested more canned food, get a pet fountain to encourage more drinking.  We already had one small fountain going but we got a second one out and set up in another room, and he has been using that one too.  The vet also said his potassium is a little low and suggested a powder supplement that can be put on his food.  The office girl sent me a link to the product on, said it would be cheapest and fastest to get it there, so I went ahead and ordered yesterday afternoon.  That order arrived TODAY!!!!  Holy furballz!  So tomorrow he starts getting that too.  The vet said it should help him perk up, and if he feels better in general all the other things should fall into place, like eating and drinking more.

Fatty's been acting a little 'off' since his vet visit, which seems odd.  I did some reading though and found that since they took two blood samples when he's already weak, it'll probably wear him out for a bit.  So yeah, he's been sleeping a lot and doing a sort of whiny child meow when he's up.  Hopefully he perks up soon.

I finally got around to playing Skylanders yesterday!  It was one of my 'goals' for my time off, to relax and play some video games.  Took me several days to get to it but I did.  And today I beat the big boss at the end of the game.  Woohoo!  But, my game is only 48% complete so now I'm going back and trying to get all the little things I missed.  Casey and I even made a quick trip to Target this morning because he'd mentioned they had one of the characters we need.  And what did I find when we walked into the store?  The Dollar Spot was completely empty and they were just starting to get Valentines things out of the boxes.  There were about ten employees crowding the area, frantically opening boxes.  There was barely anything set out yet so I couldn't believe my luck when I saw these . . .
The Valentines paper packs!  They had the gold/kraft one too but it didn't interest me at all.  Once I got home and looked at these better I was disappointed to find that the second one has a deceiving cover.  You can't really tell in the pic but the third from the right, the red one, on the cover has dots in the design.  The actual paper inside does not.  And the light pink one, second from right, is more pale inside, almost white.
I love the top pack though and should have grabbed more.  If I get back there and find more in stock, I will be getting them.  I know they have stamps and ink sets too but like I said, barely anything was out yet.

Plus my Lawn Fawn order arrived today, which I already posted about.  I was pretty excited about those things!  I tried to focus on the happy things whenever the mopey thoughts tried to sneak back into my head.  And then we watched Vikings this evening . . . 

What have you been up to these post-Christmas days?


  1. Love your cute Valentine's paper! I hope Fattycat (is that his name or nickname?) feels better soon with all the pampering you're giving him. What a good cat mom. :)

    1. His actual name is Lynx but when he was younger he was quite a beefy, solid cat and earned the nickname of Fattycat. We still call him that, and it's funny these days because he's so skinny in his old age. When he gained that 0.1 pound Ty's reaction was "What a fatass!" So funny cuz he's sooo not. lol