Friday, December 30, 2016

Natters - Dec. 30

Today was a little bit mopey and crabby, a little more than yesterday and that worries me a bit.  Hopefully just monthly hormonal crap and not slipping down that road back to the dark place.  I tried to keep my mind occupied though, chitchatted with the boys a lot, played Skylanders, got some blog posts ready.  A couple things I ordered arrived today.  Ty was here to do his laundry for the week, but left no possum in the dryer vent this time.  I even took an hour long nap this afternoon, which was the most glorious part of the day.

I think this Mr. Fattums is feeling a little better today.  He was a little more social, and more willing to sleep in his usual spots, instead of just on the bathroom register where he's warmest.  He came upstairs and napped with me, and after his supper went back upstairs to nap in Casey's room.  He had his first full dose of the potassium supplement today, so hopefully that helps.

I forgot to post this pic when I talked about Fatty's visit to the vet.  This is the office cat and they had him shaved to look like a lion.  It's growing out now so he's a little furrier on the body than he was when I first saw him like this last month.  Wish I could have gotten a better pic.  He's a big long haired cat, the perfect color and look to pull this lion thing off.  lol

One of my orders that arrived today was this, from Goat Milk Stuff.  I realized after Christmas that I only have peppermint lip balms on hand at the moment.  That's fine, but I wanted to change to something else now that Christmas is done.  Perfect timing that an email with a 'We miss you!' discount code should arrive from Goat Milk Stuff.  They have one of my favorite lip balms anyway, so why not?!  So I got an unscented, a black cherry, and two vanilla.  I also got one bar of soap in hubby's favorite scent, Black Raspberry Vanilla.  Mmm, even though I don't use them anymore, I still get those warm fuzzy feelings whenever I new bars of handcrafted soap for hubby, especially from Goat Milk Stuff.  They were my introduction to goat milk soaps.

Casey's gone bowling with friends this evening and hubby's lounging on the couch, watching endless Simpsons reruns out of boredom, so I'm going to head up and try and read for a while before bed.

Got any New Year's Eve plans?


  1. Ooooo yum! Lip balms and soapies. Those kind of hauls always make me happy. Sorry you weren't feeling well. Hoping things brighten up for you to ring in the New Year on a high note. Adam, Darby and David and Heather and I ate some sushi then we watching Fantastic Beasts again in the theater. And I think I cried even more this time at the end. We then came home and went to bed at around 11pm. This morning I unboxed the crackers (the exploding toy things) for the girls to do when they wake up. Savanna is awake but lately Scarlette has been sleeping in. And I plan on cooking black eyed peas and collard greens today. Do you have anything you have to do on New Years Day?

    1. I still have not seen Fantastic Beasts. I paused for a couple minutes on some of the HP movies yesterday while channel surfing. I sooo want to marathon them all again but just never do it.

      Sounds like you had a fun New Year's. Sadly, it's become just any other day here for us. We don't do anything on NYE and are in bed well before midnight. NYD is usually just watching football and taking the tree down, which is the surest sign that it's back to the daily grind for another year. *sigh*