Sunday, December 31, 2017

Dec. 30

It is freakin' cold here.  Gah!  We've been single digits or below zero for about a week now, with another week of it coming.  Luckily, there isn't much snow to deal with on top of it.  I did manage to go get my weekly shopping done but didn't bother doing much else once I got back home.  Seriously, even in the house it gets cold in between cycles of the furnace running.

I returned the two books Santa had gotten me that I already had, and picked up this as one replacement.  The back cover reads, 'The first time my shadow spoke to me, I was a mere infant in the cradle.  They say on the night I was born that even the stars fled the sky and the moon hid under a dark cloak.  That I was a quiet thing, with a shock of black hair and eyes like glittering onyx.  I did not scream like other newborn children.  And I did not reach for my mother like instinct should have instructed me.  Instead, I held out my tiny arms and smiled at the shadow in the corner of the room.  And it smiled back.'  Well alrighty then!  It's just a middle-grade book but still, I'm looking forward to seeing what this is all about!

I played a lot of Wizard101 yesterday, huddled in my blanket here in my computer chair.  My main character hit level 45.  I'm almost done with the Mooshu quests.  I've decided to focus on fishing first for my extracurricular activity.  I still have not bought my house yet, probably because I know I'll get all preoccupied with decorating it and will quit working my character.  It's been fun though, just relaxing and losing myself in the game for chunks of time.

How is your year winding down?

Friday, December 29, 2017

Dec. 29

Tried watching that Gunpowder mini series today.  Couldn't get into it.  I thought it might be a good way to learn a bit about King James I of England but he was just such an unlikable character, along with many of the others, that I just didn't care.  I thought Kit Harington (Jon Snow from Game of Thrones) was playing Guy Fawkes.  I was wrong.  Oops.

I spent a good chunk of the day clearing out half of my curio cabinet and packing up my Cherished Teddies collection.  This is how they'd looked, all crammed into the cabinet.
I'd run out of room years ago.  I actually have more in storage that have just never come out of their boxes because I haven't had anyplace to display them.  The past six months or so I've been considering selling the collection.  On Christmas, we were talking about clearing the bears out of the cabinet and replacing them with other figures I've been accumulating, figures from games and movies.  So that's what I did today.
Ginny, Harry, and Luna figures, along with Harry's wand and Snape's wand.

The little busts along the front are characters from Lord of the Rings.  The red bearded guy, second from the left, is a World of Warcraft character, and the other three are old UO (Ultima Online) characters.

This is also from UO, an ancient wyrm, I believe.  It takes up the whole dang shelf.

I don't think I like my cabinet this way.  Hubby laughed and said it's my 'Change is bad!' way of thinking, but I don't think it's that.  I think I'd always imagined these things more on shelves in my eventual library or something, not in a fancy curio cabinet by the living room doorway.  Bah, we'll see how long they last before I bring the bears back.

And that's about all that happened around here today.
How was your Friday?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dec. 28

Finally got over to my mom's today.  It was a bit warmer today, so took advantage of it and got the errands done.  I looked through Walmart's Christmas leftovers a little bit, hoping a really cool nativity scene I'd had my eye on might be available for 50% off but alas, those were all gone.  Bummer.  I ended up not getting anything.  We have plenty of paper and bows and cards left, and don't need any ornaments or decorations either.  Still seems so weird that Christmas has come and gone already, and that I was so detached.  Weird, weird, weird.

I'm in the middle of reading The Last Tudor, in the section of the book about Katherine Grey.  I knew nothing about her before this and was quite interested.  According to this book there was quite a rivalry between Katherine and Queen Elizabeth.  I decided to haul out my two Elizabeth movies (the Cate Blanchett ones) and watch them again, since I am more informed about these Tudor stories now than I was when I first watched the movies years ago.  I wanted to see if there was anything about Katherine.  Nope.  Nothing.  I also found that the first movie seems verrrrry inaccurate to everything I've read about the relationship between Elizabeth and Robert Dudley.  The second movie covers later years, well after Katherine was there and gone.  So, hmm, is it just Philippa Gregory playing up the whole Elizabeth-Katherine rivalry for a more dramatic 'historical fiction' story?  Now I want to read an actual historical biography of Elizabeth.  Ha, like I don't have enough books to read already!

Tomorrow I might watch the three part mini series called Gunpowder.  Hubby had recorded it but I'd ignored it, thinking it was about the wild west or something.  Turns out it's about Guy Fawkes and his plans to assassinate King James I, who ruled after Elizabeth.  I know pretty much nothing of this story, so now I'm quite curious!

Do have any favorite times or stories from history?
Are you a Tudor fan at all?

Dec. 27

Spent a good chunk of the day puttering around with an app to keep track of dvds.  I'm trying out another free one before resorting to a paid one.  This one seems much better than the first one I had tried.  We'll see how it goes.  According to the app, we own 352 dvds.

I'm starting to feel anxious about going back to work.  This always happens with my big end of the year break, but it doesn't make it any easier.  I go back on Jan. 2 and will be charging into the new year with the main goal of getting debt paid off . . . again.  As you know, 2017 added a new yard tractor and a completely rebuilt barn to our debt.  Good things to have, but a bugger when we were down to only having the house to pay off at one point.

I placed a couple small orders yesterday with some Christmas money/Amazon gift card I had.  Got a couple more dvds and some craft things.  I'm starting to get quite and itch to make cards again.  That's exciting, I guess.

Hubby was back to work yesterday and it was so quiet and lonely here, and so empty with no decorations of any kind.  I mean, think about it.  From September 1 on, there have been decorations of some sort all over the house.

The wind chill advisory continued till about noon.  I'm so sick of this cold snap!  Gah!  I think we got up to maybe 4 degrees.  I used to handle this crap much easier but I just plain old hate it now.  At least we don't have tons of snow to deal with on top of it all.  I did venture out of the house for the first time in two days though, went to get the mail and fill the bird feeders.  I figure that while the cold might be an uncomfortable inconvenience to me, those poor little birds out there *need* food to keep up their energy to stay warm.  So yeah, I tolerated the cold for a few minutes and filled their feeders.

Other than that I just kinda lounged around and watched true crime shows on TV.
Yay for days off!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Dec. 26

We took our tree down and packed all the Christmas decorations away today.  I almost didn't do it, was feeling guilty about it, but in the end it was done.  Now, later in the day, it seems weird to have everything back to normal.  It seems like Christmas never even happened.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'd mainly gotten books and wax for my birthday and Christmas this year.  Here are the books I got.  Unfortunately I already have the two Cassandra Clare books on the left, so I'll be returning those and picking some others.  I showed the red and white Scythe book in another post.  And then the other three new ones are Shiver, which I've been wanting to read forever, Moth and Spark, which I know nothing about but it sounds interesting, and Three Sisters, Three Queens, another Philippa Gregory book.  I'm very much into a Tudor phase again so this last book is really exciting to me right now.

The wax I got made me chuckle because it's mostly candles.  The four small candles on the left are from hubby.  I have no idea why he chose candles instead of melts?!  They are just a no-name Kmart brand in basic scents (Northern Woods, Cinnamon Spice, Gourmet Cookies, and Cherry Delight) but they all smell really nice and it might be fun to burn small candles here on my desk for a change.  The two Bath & Body Works candles on the right are Spiced Apple Toddy and 'Tis the Season, and both smell awesome.  And the three chunks of wax in the front are some Vintage Chic that Julie shared with me.  They are You'll Never Walk Alone, It's A Wonderful Life/Cookie Baking At Mom's, and Cookie Monster In Salem.  I like them all but Cookie Monster In Salem is my favorite.

Other than taking the tree down and packing decorations away, today was spent just puttering around the house.  It's SO freakin' cold here that my mom and I decided to wait until later in the week for me to go over there and help her with the normal weekly things.  I don't think we ever got above zero degrees today.  There is a Wind Chill Advisory still going until noon tomorrow.  It's pretty miserable.  I used to tolerate this stuff pretty easily but, man, not this year!

Hubby used up his last vacation day today.  We chatted about Achy Joints plans and whatnot.  I placed a tiny crafty order today and have a bit more of a creative urge stirring in me, but I'm not rushing into it.  He's back to work tomorrow and I have no plans so maybe I'll putter around with coloring some things while I watch some Tudor era movies and try to stay warm.

How was your day after Christmas?
I know Lush always has a Boxing Day sale, right?
And the BBW semi annual sale is going on right now too, right?  I might need to take a look at the site for that one.

Okay, I'm off now!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Dec. 25

Merry Christmas!

I actually had a very nice day after the depressing events of yesterday.  The boys were over early and stayed till mid afternoon.  We opened our presents, ate ham dinner for an early lunch, then just lounged around watching TV and playing Cards Against Humanity and Uno.  It was just the four of us and it was great.

Even at ages 26 and 23, they're still kids at Christmas.

I don't remember when they started sitting on the floor like this, handing out presents to be opened.  I know it's been the tradition for many many years now.

They still get video games but they also get adult-life things too, like Casey's new skillet here.

Of course Fattycat had to be in on all the action, just like every year.

He has to check out all the gifts to be sure no one is stealing his.

Yes, the cats have a paw shaped stocking.  This year they shared it with their cousin Cinnamon.

Must have been some premium catnip mice in there, huh, Fatty?

Minion slept through most of it.  Usually he's right in the middle of things too.  I think he's feeling a little under the weather.  He's been sleeping a lot and has been cranky when he's awake.  Maybe he's borderline hibernating, it's so freakin' cold here.

I got some nice things this year.  I'll try to get pics tomorrow.  I mainly got books, and I'm totally okay with that!

Even though it was a very nice day, we're still glad it's over.  For one reason or another, none of us ever really felt holiday spirit.  The tree will come down tomorrow after I get done at my mom's.  The few holiday decorations that I did get out this year will be packed away tomorrow, and 'back to normal' will commence.  Looking forward to it!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful!
What was your favorite gift?

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dec. 24

Well that was a bust.  We had our family Christmas get-together at my brother's today.  I wasn't really wanting to go but that didn't surprise me.  I usually stress about going and being social, but then end up having fun once I've forced myself to get up and go.  The past few years it's gotten harder and harder to do this.  I've gotten more and more distant with my family.  I used to at least try and make small efforts to keep in touch, but it goes nowhere.  It seems like something has changed, like one particular part of the family is mad at me and hubby.  And the awkwardness I encountered today has me pretty sure that I'm just giving up and cutting ties.  I mean, seriously, beyond a few football comments tossed my way, no one talked to me or even acknowledged I was there.  Well, my mom and Ty and Casey talked to me but, heh, I can get that on a normal day.

Yeah, I don't think I'll even bother going next year.  Hubby didn't go this year, I suspect because of these same feelings.  The only person who asked about him was my mom.  Ya know, we're accused of being stuck up if we don't go, and we're ignored if we do.  So why put ourselves in that situation?

I shed some tears about it all when I got home and told hubby about it, and then a sort of peace settled in, and finally some Christmas excitement poked through.  I'm now very much looking forward to Christmas with my own family tomorrow.  Hubby already has the presents he bought under the tree.  I'll put the things I bought under the tree this evening and fill up the stockings, and then settle in and watch football or play Wizard101 till bedtime.  Tomorrow morning the boys will be over, we'll open our presents and have lunch and laugh and hang out for the day.

And then I'm already looking forward to moving on and getting a hopefully great new year started.

How are you spending your Christmas Eve?
Are you anxious to see what Santa brings you?

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Dec. 23

Hello!  How is your Christmas season coming along?  Still no Christmas spirit here, and I found out it's not just me.  Hubby and Casey have both mentioned they have no spirit either this year.  I don't know about Ty.  It's a little bit sad but oh well, I guess that's just how it's going to be this year.  I'm not mopey and sad about it.  I'm not trying to find or force it either.  We have our shopping done, presents wrapped.  I still listen to the radio stations that are playing holiday music.  I made my usual Christmas treats yesterday (Special K Bars and Puppy Chow).  But it all still feels like I'm just going through the motions, and I'm looking forward to Christmas just being over so we can get back to normal.

Wednesday the 20th was my last day of work for the year.  I'm off now until January 2.  Thursday the 21st was my birthday.  Like Christmas, I just felt detached from my birthday too.  We didn't do anything for it, didn't even have cake or anything.

I did get a couple fun gifts though.  Ty got me these.  I don't know if it was just luck that he got this happy couple or if he actually does know a bit about the story.  Cute either way.

Got this book from Casey.  I'm not familiar with this one, have never even heard of it.  I'll give it whirl though and even if I don't like it, Casey says it interests him and he'll take it.  LOL  So really, he bought it for himself?  He has been reading more lately, which is cool.

This wasn't a birthday gift but it was a super fun little package that arrived close to my birthday.  It was from Julie, who knows me well.  Hubby and I were cracking up and cheering with each item we pulled out of the wrapping.  Skol, indeed!

Speaking of Julie, this was the birthday card I'd sent her, and the last crafty thing I'd made before going on hiatus.  The picture does not do it justice at all.  It's actually very sparkly and shimmery, a wintery mermaid.

My car is fixed now.  It was in the shop the week of Dec. 11, and I got it back Friday, Dec. 15.  I noticed though, that my windows, door locks, and radio speaker on one side were not working, and ended up taking the car back to the shop on Monday, the 18th.  It took them about five minutes to find a connection inside the door that hadn't been completely snapped together after their repairs, and then I was on my way.  Then on Thursday, the 21st, I was back at the shop to *finally* get the work done for the two recalls on the vehicle.  Everything seems fine now (knock wood!) and I'm getting a $25 gift card for having the recalls taken card of.  Yay!

I finished watching Big Bang Theory yesterday.  I plowed my way through ten seasons of dvds.  I feel sad now, sort of empty.  I'd gotten so used to watching a couple episodes every chance I could.  Now that excitement is gone.  I'm going to start watching my Tudor era movies and shows next, like the Elizabeth movies, the Tudors series.  In 2018 I want to try and watch every dvd movie we own.  I'd also like to find a good app that can keep track of what dvds we have.  I used to have a cheap app on my phone for that but it was difficult to use.  Anyone know of any good ones?

Okay, I'm going to try playing some Wizard101 now.  It's cold and boring here today.  The Vikings-Packers game is tonight at 7:30pm.  We're excited for that.  The Vikings won the NFC North division last week.  The Packers are out of the playoff picture (still laughing hysterically about that!) but the Vikings are still playing for playoff perks like home field advantage and first round bye.  Plus, we just want to see them pound on the arrogant Packers.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dec. 12 - Collective Craft Haul

I'd mentioned in a recent post that I'd show some of the craft things I've accumulated in the past month or so.  I'll also show a few of the Christmas things I'd worked on, and then do some nattering about the current crafty situation at the end of this post.

I don't remember if this was a Black Friday special or what but when you throw 'exclusive' or 'limited edition' onto a Lawn Fawn product the collector in me just needs to own it.  This was a collaboration set with Simon Says Stamp.  It actually features select images and sentiments from several Lawn Fawn sets combined into this one set.  So even though I already have the otters, birds, and mouse in their original sets, like I said, add 'limited edition' and I need it.

This was a Black Friday deal.  Spend a certain amount at the Lawn Fawn site and get the chameleon stamp set 'free.'  Spend a certain amount more and get the coordinating die set 'free' too.  Yep, it sucked me in.

I'd ordered these sets of alphabet stamps in four different fonts that day to get that dang chameleon set.  I'd never really been interested in alphabet sets before but I missed my chance at making personalized things this holiday season so I thought I'd be ready for next time.

Also picked up this little pack of wintery sequins/shaker mix.

As always, Lawn Fawn includes freebies when you order from their website.

Newton's Nook also had a nice Black Friday deal so I picked up a few more things.  Obviously I have baby cards in mind with this set.

This snowman set was too cute to pass up.

As was this one.

I saw SO many cute things made with these coffee and cocoa stamps that I just had to get the set.

In fact, here is a set of gift tags that I made using those images.  Freakin' cute, right?!

And then there is this set using other random winter images.  Also super cute!

I also made a ton of these gift card holders.

I made a bunch of these little treat boxes in a variety of festive paper designs.

I did not even attempt to make any actual Christmas cards this year.  My attention shifted to these more gifty type creations for a while before my interest once again died away completely.  I don't know how to explain it without sounding like the same old whiny broken record, but I can't shake the "Why am I doing this?" feeling.  At times I get super excited about building Achy Joints as our little creative outlet business, and other times I feel like I'm wasting my time because there is still nothing crafty coming from the rebuilt barn part of the whole thing.  I've come to resent the barn and everything related to it.  We're back in debt because of it.  We don't ever do anything because all of hubby's time and effort is still focused on the barn.  Christmas is small this year because of the barn.  Hubby's Christmas list is all things for the barn.  And yet, there are no crafty projects coming from there yet.

In this digital world, sending greeting cards is becoming a rare thing.  Paper crafts in general seems to be a hard thing to generate interest in.  I'm thinking once we get some other crafty things, like little wooden home decor pieces and bird feeders and whatnot, people might be more likely to buy those and might also be more likely to add a handmade birthday card or set of gift tags to their order.  Since they are not to the point of producing such things yet, I get frustrated and feel there is no use in me trying to promote and sell cards and things for Achy Joints right now.  I could be (should be!) using this time to keep making things and get a nice big inventory built up for when the time comes, but no, I get crabby and depressed and just want to quit completely.  People have insisted that I just step back and not worry about crafts for a while, do something else instead, don't get rid of my supplies in a fit of rage.  So that's what I've been doing for a couple weeks now.  I've been watching TV and lounging around, trying not to worry about things.

So for the time being, you might see the occasional card or thing I've created featured here on the blog but I'm going to just let the AJC Facebook page gather dust for a while until we see if hubby can ever actually get going on his end of the deal.  In the meantime, I'll be watching more Big Bang Theory and playing my bubble shooter game on my phone.

Thoughts on the matter?

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dec. 11 - Sweet Fixations Haul

While I haven't been a wax blogger for a while now, I have still be enjoying wax.  And while I shouldn't be spending extra money right now because of Christmas and our barn project, I couldn't help but place an order when I saw that Sweet Fixations had added new scents.

Let's just dive in and take a look!

Apple Cider Donuts - 'Grab a blanket and curl up with this cozy scent of yummy apple cider and fried donuts.'

There were a few new fall scents that were added too late for this seasonal melter but I ordered them anyway and will tuck them away for next year.  And this one is amazing!  It has an immediate warm and spicy apple cider note but it's so quickly followed by the yummy pastry note that the blend seems almost seamless.  After the initial sniff, the donut part of it does seem a bit more dominant but it's the apple cider you recognize first.  The spice is not overwhelming, just warming things up in a cozy way.  Oh my gosh, this is going to be excellent next fall!

Pumpkin Chai - 'Hot chai tea with a hint of spice and baked pumpkin dessert. Has all of the fall / winter notes you'll love.'
 Another of the new fall scents, and of course I had to have it.  Pumpkin AND chai?  Uh, yes, please.  This is another seamless blend.  The chai notes are there, warmly spiced and clearly tea (as opposed to chai latte, which is a creamy scent).  The pumpkin equally there but on a very tolerable level.  Some people find pumpkin scents too heavy.  I was surprised to find I wasn't enjoying that heaviness this fall.  I don't get a lot of the 'baked dessert' that's mentioned in the description but I do get the sort of tangy pumpkin scent, like puree from the can.  Very nice blend!
Pumpkin Chai Eggnog - '(SF Blend) Pour up a cup of this delicious blend of pumpkin chai and creamy eggnog.'
 And here is a very nice, much creamier version of the previous scent.  The eggnog threatens to overwhelm the pumpkin chai but I do still detect the crisper tea notes.  Although this is eggnog, I will set this aside and melt it next fall instead because of the pumpkin and spice.

Dear Santa - 'Just in time for the holidays a wonderful fruity blend with a hint of vanilla, some clove and orange.'
This is an interesting scent.  I thought the orange and spice would make it much more of a holiday type scent but it's actually quite sweet and fruity.  There is a thick, almost creaminess to it, something like a hint of bubble gum lurking deep within.  The spiced orange IS there, but very softly around the edges.  This is a nice enough scent that could be melted any time of year.

Better Not Pout - '(SF Blend) A magical blend of Elf Sweat and Dear Santa! Great holiday scent or fun for any time of the year!'
 I'm not a huge fan of overly sweet and fruity scents.  I do like to try all of the SF new scents though because you never know what you might be missing.  I know Elf Sweat is supposed to contain candy canes and a lot of sugary notes, so I know that slightly sharper edge of this comes from that.  It is a fruity scent just like the previous one (Dear Santa) but with a little more crispness where the other is more creamy.  This could also be melted any time of year, since the peppermint of the candy canes is not distinct enough to make it Christmas-y.

Sugar Milk - 'Sweet and condensed milk. Great to use for blending or a nice light scent on it's own! Reminds me of whipped cream also!'
I think I've had a Sugar Milk scent from elsewhere and seem to remember it being rather blah.  But hey, it was a new scent at SF and I was trying all the new scents, remember?  I actually don't like this one.  I remember the other one being sweet but with a sort of sour note.  This one reminds me more of the scent of straight up butter.  I'm not a scent blender, as this one is suggested for, so maybe I'll pass it on to someone who is.  Or I'll just toss it.  Bleah.  Lesson learned.
Iced Strawberry Lemonade - 'Cool off with this fun blend of icy berries, sweet sugar, and citrus.'
Mmm, this one is full of summer fun.  The citrus is subtle, adding just a touch of zip around the edges of the scent.  There is a strong sugar crystal type note to this.  It's neat how you can imagine the specifics of that just by sniffing it.  I do get a strawberry note, sort of weaving itself among the other notes and pulling it all together.  This will be nice in the warmer days of late spring and early summer.

Those were all of the new scents.  I also picked up a few old favorites just to fill up my Christmas scent stash, which is a little skimpy this year.

Candy Cane- 'Sweet cool mint candy. Great holiday scent.'
 One of my absolutely must-haves for Christmas.  A very nice peppermint that's not too sharp, as some straight-up peppermints can be.

Spiked Eggnog - 'A yummy holiday drink with vanilla, rum, and nutmeg!'
Another of my holiday must-haves, this is probably my favorite eggnog scent that I've ever had from anywhere.  It has that familiar eggnog 'sour' note, and spice to softly warm it, but it also has rum note and that's what seals the deal for me.  You should have this in your holiday stash!
Butterscotch Eggnog - '(SF Blend) Buttery butterscotch and creamy holiday eggnog.'
 I've also come to love this slightly sweeter version of my beloved eggnog must-have.  The butterscotch boosts the rum note while toning down that 'sour' note.  This might be the one for those 'sour' haters.
Gingerbread - 'Richly spiced gingerbread, nutmeg, and clove with just the right hint of sweetness.'
 Another must-have for me during the holiday season.  Sometimes I go back and forth on what type of gingerbread scent I like, the darker, spicier one or the sweeter one more like a gingerbread house.  This one leans towards the darker, spicier type, rich in molasses, but has just enough sweetness to keep it from being harsh.

Sugar & Spice - 'A sweet, strong cinnamon mixed with holiday fruits and spice.'
 I go back and forth on this one too, whether I like it more for fall or for Christmas.  On cold sniff right now, this is very spicy and sort of 'dry,' much more fall-like.  But I do remember it coming more alive once melted, with the deep spiced fruit notes really coming out.  I usually have a couple of these on hand each year, one for fall and one for Christmas.  lol

Hot Apple Cider - 'A cup of hot apple cider to warm you up on a cozy fall night. Cinnamon, clove and spices.'
This was not listed as a new scent, yet I don't remember ever having it from SF.  Why haven't I?  Because I never used to be a cider fan and always passed it by?  This is why it's so awesome when vendors include freebies, because we get to try things we might otherwise miss.  I love this one!  Ohhh, it's just a gorgeous, deep, spiced apple cider scent.  It has depth and richness, almost a hint of creaminess, which I know is weird for cider but it just works.  This is going on my Fall Must-Haves list for sure!
Cranberry Pomegranate - 'Sweet fruits and cranberries with traces of green and sugary vanilla.'
This is the other of the freebies included with my order.  I was excited at first when I saw that it was cranberry but no, this is not the type of cranberry scent I like for fall.  This is very sweet and pretty, with an almost powdery background note.  I like deeper, darker, spiced cranberry scents.  This is almost candy sweet.  I'll probably pass this on to someone else, someone who enjoys this type of sweet cranberry.
That is my order.  I'm quite happy with it, and quite happy just to be ordering wax again!
The scent shots at Sweet Fixations cost $1.75 each and usually have about 1.4-1.7 oz. of wax in each 2 oz. cup.   I like to cut mine in half.  Even 0.7 oz. in my tea light warmer gets me great results.

I placed my order on Friday, November 24 and received it on Thursday, December 7.  Shipping was flat rate $7.40, invoiced separately, and my order arrived in a padded priority envelope.

I've loved Sweet Fixations for many years now and will happily continue ordering from there.

Have you tried Sweet Fixations lately?