Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Money Haul - Pt. 3 / Amazon

The third part of my Christmas money orders finally arrived yesterday and this is the one I was most excited about.  It's a variety of tools for card making and paper crafting.  It's maybe not as fun or exciting as seeing cute new stamp sets or beautiful new paper sets, but now that I have most of the basics in tools, I can start putting money back into fun stamps and papers.  Yay!

So let's look at what I'm so excited about, shall we?

This . . . THIS . . . is the thing I've been wanting most.  When I first started playing around with stamps and dies I'd seen this on craft supply sites and seen it in a couple videos and thought 'Why would I spend money on that?'  After watching more videos though, and after some stamping fails of my own, I totally understand the draw of this Misti.  I should have taken a picture of the product out of the box.  I apologize.  What it is though, if you look carefully at the pic on the box, is a sort of frame where you put your piece of cardstock or whatever it is you want to stamp.  You position your stamp (un-inked) on the paper where you want it, then close the cover.  It has a clear plastic cover that opens and closes like a notebook.  When you close it, the stamp adheres to the plastic cover, you open it, ink the stamp, close it again and it stamps right where you wanted it.  The cool thing is, you can open it again, ink it up again, close it again, and get a really good stamp in the same place each time.  Yes, you could just try to very carefully realign your stamps by hand but after watching 'the pros' I was convinced this would be great to have.  I'm excited to try it!

I also went ahead and bought this Martha Stewart mini scoring board and bone folder set.  This is just an easy way to score the cardstock where you want it to fold, and the bone folder gives a good flat crease without leaving any marks.  Again, something that can totally be done by hand, and I had done it by hand for all the cards I've made so far, but this might make it much easier, so it's just one quick small step and not a chore.

This purchase seems kind of silly but hey, all the cool kids have it so I have to have it too.  People buy this little bottle for the top only.  If you can see in the pic, it has a long, pin-like metal tube tip.  This gives precision lines or dots when applying adhesive to dainty areas.
And this is what everyone puts that top on, this Ranger Multi Media Matte adhesive.  Apparently it's a very strong adhesive that dries clear and is easy to clean up, or something like that.  I see every crafter I watch use it so yeah, I had to get it.  Learn from the best, right?!

There are three types of pickup tools that I've been seeing in crafter videos.  This is the low end one, but quite popular.  It's the QuickStik from We R Memory Keepers.  That larger end at the top is sort of tacky, so you can tap it on tiny little bits of paper or sequins, etc. and easily pick them up.  The lower end (hard to see in the pic) can be pulled out of the holder and used to help place that tiny doodad that you've picked up.  Since I'm going to dabble in sequins now too, this could be handy.

I bought one roll of this very narrow (1.8 inch) double-sided adhesive called Scor-tape.  This seems to be the preferred tape among those cool kids, because it's narrow, strong, tears easily, and the backing removes easily.  We'll see how much I reach for this.

I stressed myself into a few new gray hairs over which markers I wanted to invest in.  Copic markers are the obvious choice of serious crafters and that's what I *thought* I'd be going with, but once I had this money to spend I panicked and worried I'd be putting tons of money where it didn't need to be.  I watched a bunch of videos and these Tombow Dual Brush Pens came out as a more affordable option.  These are water based, not alcohol like the Copics or Spectrum Noirs.  Supposedly they still blend very easily though, and there are plenty of colors to play with if you invest in the complete set.  I decided to try this one little pack of more basic colors to see how I like them.

One non-crafty thing I got is this book.  It is The Bronze Key and is the third book in that Magisterium series that Ty got me books one and two of for Christmas.  It's about kids and magic and an academy and secrets.  I'm looking forward to reading this series, just have to finish another book Ty got me first.

That is part three of my Christmas money haul.  I had a bit of money left even after all that shopping, and now I have a bit more since I tied for second place in a little football we had going with hubby's coworkers.  I might head back to Lawn Fawn and start adding to my collection of stamps and dies.  So you might be seeing a part four soon!

If you missed the first two parts of the Christmas Money Hauls, I'll link them here . . . 

Now I need to get busy and test all these things out!
If I don't show a card soon here on the blog, be sure to ask nag me about it!

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