Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas Money Haul - Pt. 4 / Simon Says Stamp

I finally used up the last of my Christmas money and of course it went towards stamps and dies.  I'd also added a bit of money to the pot from winning second place in a little football we'd had going.  Woohoo!  Like I mentioned in a recent Natters post, I've decided to focus the money on stamps and dies again instead of the tools and papers I'd been spending money on before.

This isn't a huge haul, but I went for things that will have bit more broad range use.  Well, hopefully.
All of these products are Lawn Fawn brand but purchased through Simon Says Stamp because there was a $5.00 off code.

This stamp set covers quite a range of sentiments and occasions, and should come in quite handy.

This set can also be used for a range of occasions, just by mixing and matching the words, and even adding them to sentiments from other sets.  I'm really being drawn to stamps the do more color instead of just outlines, so these circles really called to me.  I've seen some really cute birthday and simple greeting type cards done with happy colored circles.  I'm looking forward to playing around with this!

I'm not overly crazy about this cake in particular but the fact that it stamps the color, not the outline is what sold me on it.  Also, it's a birthday set, which I needed.  I suppose the cake could be used on wedding cards too.  AND, I don't think I've ever seen this on the Lawn Fawn site so I was excited to find and grab this.  I would like to eventually have ALL of the Lawn Fawn stamps and dies.

I got this for them camper more than anything, and have my brother and his wife in mind for it.  They are very much into camping so I could maybe do a fun anniversary card for them with this.  I also have a friend at work who loves camping, so I could do a birthday card for her.

I don't remember seeing this one on the Lawn Fawn site either.  It was small and cheap so of course I grabbed it.  And it's another one for the birthday category.  Win win!

That's it, the last of my Christmas money hauls.  Of course this won't be the last of my hauls though.  Oh, heck no!  There are already some sets that have been sold out that just came back in stock so I'm chomping at the bit, trying to decide if I should order them now or take a chance and wait for a while.  Hubby's already picking on me, saying "You'll get 'em.  You know you will."

Maybe I will.

What fun thing have you bought most recently?


  1. Exciting haul! I look forward to seeing what you create and mix and match!

    *enabler hat* Get the set. You don't want them to go out of stock and lose out on them, do you?
    Unless you KNOW these things periodically come back in stock and you can afford to wait. But still, what would you be waiting on?

    Hmm... What fun thing have I bought? <_< >_>

    On UO, I splurged on a nice magery armor set for myself. LOL

    1. I *should* just buy them. If I'm going to get them eventually anyway, why not now? One is Mother's Day-ish, and the other is Father's Day-ish so yeah, I should get them! Perhaps tomorrow they'll fall into my cart and somehow show up at my door.

      Nice mage armor counts! I need to get some good armor on the char I'm poking around on. I'm just going through looted pieces as I train, and I'm getting so sick of the same noob stalker following me around telling me I need better equipment. I *know* that, dude. Shut the frick up.


  2. Buy them. Buuuyyyyy themmmm. Because if you don't they will go away and you will wish you would have. The camper and clam are too cute. I like the simplicity of the circles too. I can see you even using them to write a letter in to spell something or make as bubbles for under water scenes or lollipops or ANYTHING. So cool. A full moon.

    I would say buying Scarlette her little Boopers today was the most fun thing we bought recently. He is so stinking cute. And I had fun buying sheet masks for my face. I am really enjoying those.

    1. I saw the pic of Scarlette and Boopers. I worry about this Slytherin child of yours. lol

      I think I might just buy those darn things. Hubby's napping at the moment. He'll never know........