Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy Mail From Kevin!

I received a belated birthday / Christmas package from the ever wonderful Kevin.  He always sends such interesting things, and he'd been taunting me with this one, something in it.  So of course I couldn't wait to see what THAT was!  As soon as I opened it, I knew, even before I read the gorgeous New Year's card he'd included.

 It was this. We've discovered that we share a passion for true-crime TV.  We'd talked a bit about this series, The Jinx, about Robert Durst.  I'd said I hadn't had a chance to really get into it.  He insisted I had to see it.  So he sent me the DVD series.  I will be watching this soon!  Thank you!

And of course he sent me a variety of wax goodies, cuz that's just what we do 'round here.
(AmbiEscents) Snowball Donut Holes - 'Cinnamon with a mixture of vanilla and powdered sugar.'
On cold sniff this is a yummy, warm bakery scent.  I don't get a lot of cinnamon but maybe that will come out when warmed.  I get a nice, softly sweet cake-donut scent.
(Sonoma) Be Soothed - 'Green tea and cedar.'
I don't know if I've ever tried the Sonoma brand of wax.  These can found at Kohls stores.  This one is nice and refreshing compared to all the heavy fall and bakery scents I've been going through for months.  This is a 'moist' scent, reminding me of springtime.  It makes me think of fresh greenery after a rain shower.  The green tea notes are stronger than the cedar, which is good because I'm not a big fan of cedar.

(Torch & Key) Witches Kitchen - 'This witch is fixing up a big batch of pumpkin waffles with toasted pecans, melted butter and maple syrup! My little witchlings just love it!'
I got Kevin hooked on Torch & Key, and I'm happy to have done so.  I was greatly impressed with the handful of tarts I'd gotten in my own order but their scent list leans more towards the tastes of Kevin and Julie, so I haven't ordered again.  This is a familiar favorite though.  It's Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, it's strong and rich and true, and I'm so happy to have a whole clamshell of it for fall of 2017.

(American Home, by Yankee) Sage & Red Berry - 'Earthy sage mingles with red berries and warm spices to welcome the holidays with comfort and joy.'
I kept eyeing the American Home tarts that my Walmart had during the Christmas shopping season but never did grab any.  My store has them on clearance now but I still haven't grabbed any.  And now Kevin has sent me some.  I don't know about this scent.  I thought I'd become a fan of sage but in this one it's a bit bleah to me.  I can't think of how to describe it.  Herbal-y medicinal bathroom cleaner with a hint of sour sweetness?  lol  It's not a gross, horrible scent . . . it's just odd to my bakery loving nose.

(Kringle) Coconut Snowflake - 'Whipped buttercream, snow laced peppermint, shaved coconut, marshmallow fluff, toasted vanilla bean, pure sugar cane.'
The label on this is gorgeous and has me missing Christmas.  And oh my gosh, it smells divine!  And it's so strong!  Usually these spendy types are weak and disappointing.  Not this one though.  Mmmm, it's like a coconut cookie with mint sprinkles.  There's not enough mint to make me think of Christmas so I can go ahead and melt this anytime, guilt-free.

(Kringle) Christmas - 'A festively-decorated tree by the fire, fragrant evergreen wreaths by the window and a winter chill in the air.'
Another beautiful label.  Dang, these Kringle tarts could be used as holiday decorations!  Just set them out near your warmer for a bit of visual festivity.  They're half price on the site right now.  I should go get some!  Anyway, this particular scent is sweet pine and just a teeny hint of that fireside note.  A nice, typical holiday mood setter.

(Waxie Lady) Dutch Apple Graham Cracker Crust Cake - [no scent description]
There is just something so cute and fun about wax pies.  This is small, pot pie sized, 4 ounces, and ohhhhh my gosh it smells so freakin' good.  You just know apple pie is going to be a good fall scent.  It's more bakery than fruity, with all that graham cracker and cake going on, but all the familiar apple pie notes are there.  I will tuck this away for next fall.

(Front Porch) Sweet Potato Cranberry Glaze - [no scent description]
I've been wanting some Front Porch wax recently and not only has Kevin given me some, but he's made me want to order even more.  This one is nice, cozy for the fall with the bakery notes from the sweet potato, but brightened by the cranberry.

(Front Porch) Buttermint Candy Wintergreen Vanilla Bean Noel - [no scent description]
Sometimes I just can't do Wintergreen mint scents.  Or is spearmint?  Now I can't remember.  This one is nice though.  It's a crisp, nasal clearing mint.  Good for Christmastime or, well, sinus relief.  lol

(Front Porch) Pink Peppermint - [no scent description]
The ever popular blend of Pink Sugar and peppermint.  I know a couple waxy people who live and die by this scent.  This particular version is heavy on the Pink Sugar, with a soft mint background.

(Front Porch) Bacon With Maple Glaze - 'Yummy maple aroma with bacon undertones.'
I laughed when I saw this.  A couple years ago, I think it was Sunnee who had a bacon tart that kept getting passed around in swaps, or no one would take it, or something.  It was hysterical at the time.  My first reaction to this is 'Eeuw!' with the nose crinkle and pulling away quickly from the sniff.  After the initial shock, I start to detect the smoky bacon notes but on cold sniff there is a sort of creamy wax note masking it.  I'm not sure if I'll try to melt this and see if the maple bacon scent truly comes through, or if I'll slyly pass it on to someone else.
(Front Porch) Maple Bacon on the Campfire - [no scent description]
Then I laughed a little more when I saw this one because of the bacon, and because I'm not a campfire scent fan in home fragrance.  Nope, I won't even attempt this one.  Those funky bacon notes mixing with the offending (to me) campfire notes make me close the package quickly and push this far away.

(Front Porch) Maple Syrup Buttercream Frosting Zucchini Bread  - [no scent description]
And then I saw two of these and wondered what I could have done to offend Kevin so much that he'd send me not one, but two zucchini scented tarts?!  Why, Kevin?  I thought we were friends!  LOL
For those who don't know, I pretty much hate zucchini scents.  It doesn't matter what they're mixed with.  My nose and my brain pick out the corn chip note and that's the end of it.  So yeah, I can't even tell you anything more about this because that salty Frito note comes racing out the bag and, end of story.
Sorry, Kevin!  lol

This was an awesomely fun package, even if some are hit or miss for me.  That's all a part of sharing and swapping.  It's hard to keep track of everything everyone likes or dislikes.  And there is always someone else out there who likes what I don't.  I appreciate the package anyway and just the fact that you thought of me to begin with.  I will get to watching the DVD soon, and I look forward to our conversation about it!

Thanks again, Kevin!
Keep your feet on the ground!


  1. Such lovely goodies! I too chuckled a bit when I saw those bacon scents. I actually haven't tried any bacon tarts but I probably shouldn't say this or my mailbox might get flooded, haha.

    1. lol - It could be a game for 2017, Who Has The Bacon Tart?


  2. FP pink peppermint is sooo goood! >says someone who lives and dies by the old pink peppermint< Kevin is so sweet! What a great box of goodies! Those Kringle pods are so cute. And you are right the labels are lovely. I hope you review them. I may need to pop over to their website. And hey. No bacon for me. I had that ding dang Beezy tart in bacon and I am still scared from it. My nose hairs were singed. Phew.

    1. It's so funny that the bacon tarts are shunned because, I mean, the actual smell of real bacon frying in the home is delicious, right? Funny.

      I was considering checking out the Kringle sale section myself.


  3. As I was reading this my face started turning red from embarrassment. I certainly know that zucchini bread is a HUGE Deb no-no and I can only guess that I failed to completely read the scent description. As for the bacon blends, my apologies and duly noted for future swaps. FYI you might want to try some Kringle fragrances while they're on sale (though their shipping is on the pricey side)! Happy that the contents of your box were basically a 'thumbs up'!!

    1. No worries, Kevin! To be fair, I missed the zucchini part of the description the first time around myself. It was when I went back to take the pics that I was like 'Wait, what?'

      I want to grab more of the Kringle ones while they're on sale but I haven't melted either of these and have already tucked them away in my Christmas stash box, so I don't know if they're strong enough for me to order more. I'm complicated. lol


  4. Oh that series,The Jinx! So addicting but so infuriating. At times, I felt that I was watching a train wreck. It is occasionally thought-provoking and heart-racing, though.

    1. I'll need to get going on watching that! Seems everyone but me has seen it. lol