Thursday, January 19, 2017

Haul - Simon Says Stamp / Lawn Fawn

I'd mentioned in my recent haul post that some stamp and die sets had come back into stock and my evil enabler waxy peeps all encouraged me to go ahead and get them while they were there.  Turns out I'd never thought to even check at different craft supply sites for them.  Duh me.  They'd probably been in stock all along elsewhere.  Point of this is that I went ahead and ordered.

This is the Dad + Me stamp and die set from Lawn Fawn.  It's geared towards Father's Day but I'd seen some pretty cute Christmas cards made using the animals, and I've heard mention that it's a good set for masculine cards in general.

There is also this Mom + Me set that I got.  Again, geared towards Mother's Day but could also be used for birthdays or possibly even new baby cards.  Look how the mommy fox and owl are holding their babies.  How cute is that?

After I'd gotten that simple little birthday stamp last time, a little internet research showed me that Lawn Fawn releases a birthday stamp each year around their company anniversary.  Well of course the collector in me needed to get all the years!  Luckily I found all the ones I was missing right there at Simon Says Stamp.  This is Year Two.

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five.
I already had Year Six, and now I've seen the sneak peek of Year Seven, along with a ton of new things that will be released soon.  Man oh man, there are some cute things in this upcoming release!!!

While I was at the Simon Says Stamp site I decided to go ahead and get this Perfect Pearls set.  I don't know too much about this product yet, just that I've seen it used in a couple videos and thought it looked pretty neat.  It's sort of along the lines of embossing powder, where you stamp the ink on and put the powder over it.  With these powders though, you're done right there.  With heat embossing you use a heat gun to melt the powder into a slightly raised plastic end result.  This powder I got just leaves a smooth, sort of shimmery finish.  I got the metallic set but there are a lot of other, regular color/finishes too.  Maybe I'll hate these.  Maybe I'll love them.  Guess I won't know until I try, right?

That's all I got for now.  Every time I think I'm done, that I have way too much and don't even use them enough, something else presents itself and I end up ordering again.  Part of me is getting anxious about it, thinking I just need to stop.  Another part of me though, is telling me to get it while I can so I can enjoy it all later.  I think I need to get my butt busy making cards more often and justifying these purchases in my own mind.  Or even do some Project Life stuff with these fun things, which I *have* been having the urge to get started on.  Perhaps I'll get this posted and go see what I can do!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you ended up buying these sets! That otter birthday stamp is absolutely adorable. I'm sure you'll be able to create some gorgeous designs with that Perfect Pearls set. Does regular stamp ink act as glue for this powder?

    I look forward to any posts you share about card making, Project Life... really anything paper crafty. I love these posts!

    1. I'm not sure about the ink yet. There is some type of ink in this package but in one video I watched the girl used what seemed to be regular colored ink.

      Good to hear someone likes these posts! I thought I might be totally driving my usual crowd away. I'm anxious to get to where I actually have decent knowledge of these crafty things and have more things I've made to show.


  2. The heatless embossing sounds cool and easy. The mommy/baby fox and owl set is so sweet. And the cattails are cute too. So rustic and whimsical.

    Don't get yourself overwhelmed by a mountain of stuff then back away because you have too much and don't know where to start. <3 I was hoping you could bridge the the Project Life with the cards and stuff. Make it a great way to papercraft on different levels. I love these cute stamps and you make such beautiful cards.

    1. I'm really anxious to get back to the Project Life stuff. I was hoping to do some today but other things prevented that. *sigh* I do think it'll be fun to do both cards and Project Life, and that's one of the things that excites me about it all.

      One thing I need to try and remember about cards is that they don't always have to be for someone I know. I can do cards for card drives, or gift sets to people, or possibly down the road open an Etsy shop. I just need to GET CRAFTING.