Saturday, January 28, 2017

Loot Crate - Wizarding World Box / Jan. 2017

I received my second Wizarding World subscription box from Loot Crate recently.  Yay!  I was so excited to tear into this, and am excited to show you all too, so let's just jump right in.

I'd forgotten some teasers about this box.  One was something about time, and another was something about an appearance of a legend or something like that.  So right off the bat when I opened the box I saw this time-turner symbol.

I was excited to see another Funko Pop figure.  I haven't even done anything with the one I got in the previous box yet.  I'm just not sure where to display them.  Maybe if I ever get my library done I'll put all my Potter stuff on the shelves.  But anyway, this one is Luna Lovegood.  I love this character!  Other ones going around in the boxes are Sirius Black, Ron at the Yule Ball, or Hermione at the Yule Ball.

Aha!  A time-turner necklace!  This is pretty neat.  It's on a cloth-y or suede type cord, it's quite solid and heavy, and the center part does turn but the outer 'knobs' do not.

This Prophecy Pin is also quite hefty.  I've been impressed with the stuff in these boxes so far because I guess I was just sort of expecting cheap and flimsy items with a popular name attached.  Not so!  This pin is 2x2 inches and the detail is very crisp and nice.  The center orb thing is slightly domed and is a pearlescent swirls inside.

This Deathly Hallows pocket watch is also of nice heavy quality.  The description on the info paper says it 'features three legendary icons from wizarding mythology,' although I don't remember enough of the story offhand to recognize or remember what they might be.
A look inside the pocket watch.  It really does work too.

I was excited to see this fun pair of socks included!  These look like Gryffindor colors, so I wonder if people who selected other houses in their profile got different colors?  I'll have to snoop around online and see.

I had thought the teaser about the legendary character would be something with Dumbledore.  I was surprised and quite touched to find it was Snape.  This is a black t-shirt, and I will wear it proudly.  I absolutely loved Professor Snape.  *sniffle*

I really liked this box!  Once again, I don't know what I'll do with most of the stuff, but it's all so fun and neat to see.  If nothing else, I have gifts to give to some of my Potter friends, or maybe I could do a Potter themed giveaway at some point.

If you are subscribed to this Wizarding World box, did any of your items differ from mine?
If you're not subscribed, which item got you the most geek-excited?


  1. What a cool box!!! I love everything. I bought Savanna a time turner necklace for Christmas and she loves it. I have never seen the prophecy pin or Deathly Hallows watch before though. They look well done. The 3 symbols are the Deathly Halliws symbols of Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak and Resurrection Stone.

    The socks are adorable. They look warm and fluffy. And THAT SHIRT. Tears. You are right. I would love it. Wear it with pride.

    The Luna doll is cute. I bought Ashley Luna and Snape for Christmas last year and they both were so cute and hard to part with. Savanna keeps hers in top of her bookshelf with her chocolate frog and Wand.

    1. The symbols, ah yes. I thought the 'bar' might have been a wand but couldn't come up with the circle or triangle. I was thinking "Three points, three brothers?" lol

      There is an Edward Cullen Funko Pop figure at Target that I keep looking at but never buy. Casey keeps saying "Get it, get it," whenever we're there and always like "Nah, I don't need more clutter." Yet I still pause to look it every time!