Saturday, January 21, 2017

Melted - Lasting Scents / Lemon Ginger Snaps

Lemon Ginger Snaps - [no scent description]

I was having such a crabby day, but when I plopped this in my warmer and smelled that lemon, oh my, I couldn't help but smile.  The lemon part was sweet, just a bit tart, and thick and creamy.  It reminded me of the lemon filling in the little pies I get in Walmart's bakery section.  Mmmm!  The rest of the scent provides a very lovely bed for that yummy lemon, with just a bit of warming spice and some soft bakery notes.  A fabulous scent, but didn't seem to last very long.

I melted this 1.2 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had wonderfully strong scent for the first couple hours, but then it faded, and was pretty much gone by about six hours.  It used to be that I was fine if something only lasted about four hours because I used to use my tea light warmers a lot more, and I used to love changing scents throughout the day.  I've gotten spoiled lately though by some vendors who seem to have scents that last all darn day, and I'm using my Glade warmer almost all the time now, so I'm just not changing stuff as much.  So anyway, for this to fizzle out was a bummer.


  1. Oh boo. Sorry this one didn't quite live up to the longevity. This is one of my favorites. Hoping you are doing well.

    1. Definitely loved the scent. =)

      I'm doing okay, just trying to get settled back into some sort of routine. Hopefully 'boring' comes back to both of us soon!