Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Melted - Satin Suzie Scents / Brick House

Brick House - '(House blend) Wild berries in creamy mousse & butter brickle.'

 Okay, now I *really* know my scents tastes have changed.  It used to be that I did not like wildberry mousse scents, and had grown to dislike butter brickle.  Imagine my surprise when I found myself really enjoying this one!  Although I couldn't remember the scent description while this was melting, I could tell it was mousse of some sort, but I could also tell there was another more bakery-type note along with it.  The butter brickle really helped in this.  It didn't have that sort of harsh (salty?) note that I've come to dislike in brickle scents.  Or maybe the berries and mousse covered it.  This was a really nice, deep and full bodied fruity bakery dessert, slightly warm, very creamy, with enough fruit to keep it a happy scent.

I melted this 0.7 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had nice strong scent that traveled into adjacent rooms.


  1. What what?!?! Wildberry Mousse AND Butterbrickle?! I am impressed Deb! You are craving the good old days scents LOL! It is a testament to SSS blending skills to get you on board with these two fellas. Glad you liked it! It is fun rediscovering the same old scents in new ways. <3

    1. And it shows once again how valuable free samples can be. I don't think I ever would have ordered this on my own, just because I've disliked both scents in the past.

      Have you had this in any of your orders?


    2. Nope! Not this one. I remember loving cotton candy and butterbrickle so I might like this too.

    3. I'll buy some Lawn Fawn stamps, and you buy some Brick House. Deal? Okay. OnetwothreeGO!