Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Natters - Jan. 11 / Updates

Well, my coworker that I wrote about last night . . . passed away last night.  We all knew it was coming but it was still a blow to hear it had actually happened.  When Casey and I got home from shopping this morning I found messages on my home phone, my cellphone, AND an email from PlantManager, all telling me to call him.  Casey then mentioned he'd gotten a text from another of our coworkers while we were in the store, telling him OldGuy had passed, but he didn't want to tell me in public.  Good thing cuz yes, I cried.  They're going to announce it in our pre-shift meeting tomorrow morning, but I think everyone has already heard by now.  Still, I'm skipping that meeting for my emotional well being.  lol

It's very weird to think this chapter is over.  It's very weird to think I will no longer have that huge amount of stress at work.  My blood pressure would start to rise between 2-2:30pm because I knew he would be arriving soon, and it would be a constant battle to make it through the final four hours of my shift.  It's so weird to think that is done now.  It *should* be relaxing now, but it will be bittersweet.

Anyway, on to other things so I don't sit here mope another tear soaked novel.  I've been rethinking my plans about my card making.  I'd been diving into it, putting money into it, following what the cool kids in the paper craft world do, and a bunch of little things the past few days have me coming to a screeching halt.  Some of the things I've ordered have proven to be a waste of money and I'm kicking myself for it now.  I mean, I knew these things weren't needed but I thought they'd at least make life easier.  Ha, right.  Maybe it's just cuz I'm still a noob and sort of fumbling in all areas of this craft but dang, I'm wishing I'd just put my money into cute stamps instead.

Markers have been one of the problems for me.  When I decided to go ahead and dive into this and start getting stamps and dies and tools, I sort of assumed I'd go ahead and invest in Copic markers too.  I purposely didn't buy any because I was waiting to see if Santa would bring any.  He didn't, but I knew I'd have Christmas money to spend and was pretty sure it was going to go towards Copic markers.  When Christmas was done and it was time to spend that money, I hesitated, then started rethinking the whole marker thing.  I watched videos about the different big name markers and thought maybe I should try one of the less expensive ones.  Then I scaled it back even more and thought I should just try a small pack of one of the lesser ones.  So I down graded my choice A LOT and got an eight (or ten?) pack of Tombow Dual Brush Markers.  I knew these couldn't really compare to Copic but I thought it would still be fine for the level of crafting I'm at right now.  So I finally sat down and played around with them a bit the other day and was SO disappointed to find that they don't work anything like I thought they would, or like they appear to in the videos.  They're very nice markers but I couldn't do blending or shading to save my life.  It was so weird to find that a super inexpensive set of markers from Korea that Liz had sent me are the best markers I have on hand for blending and shading.  I was chatting with her online that day that I discovered all this and she's going to send me another, larger set.  It's so funny that this set will cost more than ONE Copic marker probably costs.

As I experimented with my markers, I did take into account that my cardstock is not one of the recommended brands.  Different card makers prefer different cardstock but there does seem to be some difference in them depending on what you're using it for.  Apparently some are better for coloring with alcohol markers (Copics) and some are better with all other types of coloring.  I did wonder if maybe my paper was just too cheap for the Tombow markers to work properly.  I was pretty sure I'd seen the recommended brand at Walmart in the artist supplies section, so that's one of the reasons Casey and I went shopping this morning.  But nope, I was incorrect.  That paper is not there.  I know I can easily order it online but I came to the conclusion that if my cheap markers work on my cheap paper, and that's the level of expertise I'm at, maybe I should just stick with it for a while.  Having decided that, I even went to look at sets of Crayola markers, which we still have a few of from when the boys were young, and which I really do like.  I found a set of 64 for about $12 at Target.  I didn't get them yet but it's nice to know they are readily available and cheap.

I also struggled big time yesterday with trying to make ANYTHING card-wise.  I'm super anxious to get going on Valentine's and Easter cards.  A family member's birthday if Feb.1 so I was really wanting to get a card made for that.  Yet when I sat down to create, I froze like a deer in the headlights.  It was like I was overwhelmed by having too much stuff, yet not enough of the things I wanted at that moment.  I struggled to get over the creative hump, sifting and sorting through stamps and dies and papers, just hoping something would present itself.  In the end, our of desperation to just get something done, I went with a very simple design again and quite liked the result.  I whined to hubby that I should just accept that simple is probably going to be my style.  Then I got all frustrated with all the money I've put into fancier things.  I decided what's left of my Christmas money will go towards cute stamp sets and not worry about all the fancy papers and tools.  So after my emotional morning and some time to settle down, I placed my final Christmas money order and it's all stamps and that can be used for a variety of things like birthdays, anniversaries, and so on.  And now I can't wait to get them, and to try and get back on track with card making but on an easier to manage level.  Hopefully!

I'm also having a strong urge to get going on my Project Life albums.  Finally!  So I spent some time this evening sorting and gathering photo files into my organizing folders here on the computer.  I need to print out photos for my regular photo albums anyway now that the year is done, so it was a chore that needed doing regardless.  But now things are ready for me to also print things out for Project Life pages too.  I'm really looking forward to getting these next two days of work out of the way so I can have the weekend to play around with crafty things!  Knock on wood and fingers crossed that things mellow out and I'm actually able to do it!

For now though, it's off to bed to try and read a book that I'm really struggling with.  I'm curious about the story but the storyTELLING is so weak and horrid.  Ugh.

What good things happened to you on this rotten weather Wednesday?


  1. I'm glad your coworker was able to get some closure in saying goodbye and thanks to those around him. Even you. Like comments mentioned in your previous post, don't discount your impact on others. You are a wonderful being and leave a positive impact on the lives of those around you - me included!

    Bummer that your marker adventures prove difficult. Wouldn't it be easy if everything just magically worked together? LOL Yay for simpler, more versatile stamp orders! I'm kind of in that rut with stickers. So many styles and types to choose from for my planner, but nothing sits quite right with me. I hope your Project Life adventures go well!

    Hmm... My Wednesday was spent pampering myself. Today (Friday... it's so hard talking about days and times with people back in the US because of the time difference LOL) we've had snow! YAAAY!

    That character on UO that I've been training up has done some serious skilling. As of right now she's at 108.1 tailoring, 96.4 magery, 100 meditation, 97.7 eval int, and 70.9 tinkering. I'm on a roll!

    1. It was strange working Thursday and Friday, trying to comprehend that I'll never have to deal with the OldGuy stress and drama again.

      I'm almost done with Skylanders now! Hopefully I can shift some playtime back to UO then.