Friday, January 20, 2017

Natters - Jan. 20

This week has been a blur for me.  Missing that one day of work because of the icy weather has really thrown me off track.  Also, I hadn't been online much for the past many days, so everything just feels so weird.

Yesterday I decided to try switching computers again.  Mine is old and slow and getting slower.  So many of the updates couldn't even be applied for whatever reason, and it was stalling while loading sites more and more often.  The email program wouldn't display pics/graphics anymore.  It was just a dying mess.  We've had an old, but newer than mine, spare computer sitting on the other desk for months now, ever since Casey finally got his custom built one up and going.  I'd tried switching over to the spare one probably three times in the past couple months and always ended up switching back to my old one.  That whole 'Change is bad!' thing kicks in every time.  The newer computer has Windows 10 so it's all weird and different to me.  The newer computer does not have the same email program that I'm used to so trying to get used to the one it does have was driving me nuts.  Just all these little things that if I was patient and took the time to get used to, would be fine.  But nooooo, change is bad, and I'd switch back to my rickety old puter.

Like I said, yesterday I decided to try switching again.  I was determined to stick with it, and it's over 24 hours later now and I'm still on the newer one.  Things are getting more comfortable and familiar as I figure out how to set things up closer to what I'm used to.  The email program is still a sore spot but I think we'll get there.  This newer old machine is definitely faster, and does not stall on the sites my old one had problems with.  Things might be looking up!

So today yesterday I also decided to try and figure out what to do about our crappy internet.  I do not want to switch providers but I figured there must be something we could do to improve things.  The modem/router is ancient, the original one they installed way back DSL first came to our rural area.  Casey and I had been reading that the ones internet providers use are usually the cheapest, weakest, slowest ones available.  Thinking about the rental fee we've been paying on this outdated thing all these years, yeah, we could have bought two or three top of the line models by now.  So to the internet provider website I went!

I knew that would be a waste of time because I've tried to accomplish things on that site before and gotten nowhere.  Of course I wasn't getting anywhere again this time, and it was all just making me irate.  So I hopped over to their Facebook page and posted a mildly unfriendly message.  No surprise that a super friendly and helpful representative replied right away and we took the conversation to private messages.  We're going to return this ancient modem/router and buy our own.  Friendly and helpful James is having a shipping label sent to me.

I bought a new modem/router today while I was in town shopping anyway.  Casey and I had done some research and I thought I knew what I was getting.  Brought it home, sent a message to friendly and helpful James but got a reply from friendly and helpful Mike today, and then went ahead and tried to hook the new black box up.  Except, wait a minute . . . it doesn't have the right kind of connector spot on it.  This one was for cable internet, using a coax connection.  Doh!  We need a phone line DSL connection.  Well crap.  So I packed it all up in a fit of anger and drove back to town.  They let me return it without problems, and I went to pick out a different one.  Only, you guessed it, there were none for phone line DSL.  Of course there weren't!  I drove back home in another fit of anger and started looking online.  I have one marked on Amazon now but I'm going to wait and see if Casey's friend, who works at Best Buy, can check and see if they carry any there.

Soooooo yeah.  My mind is a blur because I haven't done any of my normal things for the past however many days.  And now it's my weekend to work.  I guess maybe that could help me get back to feeling normal.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

Emerald City is about to start so I'm going to go watch that, and then head up to bed to read for a while.

By the way, we have a new president now.  Did you know?


  1. Woot for new(er) computers! I got very comfortable with Windows XP, so when I got a new computer with Vista I became a very disgruntled being. The same cycle would happen every time a new computer would have a newer OS. When the new Windows 10 free upgrades were being shoved in everyone's face I defiantly refused to upgrade from my at-the-time Windows 7 build. Eventually I gave in and upgraded, but I still miss the way older Windows OS's worked so much more.

    I hope Best Buy ends up having the modem you need! Less wait than shipping via Amazon, hopefully.

    What's this I hear about a new president? I appear to've been living under a rock and have been ignoring all forms of social media for the past two years. :P

    1. I was so used to Windows XP, then I think when I switched to the computer I'm not ditching it was Windows 7. We ignored the Windows 10 free upgrade too, mainly because we thought our computers were too old and limited to be able to handle it. Casey got 10 on his new machine though, so we were able to also put it on this one that I'm switching to. I don't care for all the fancy bells and whistles because I really don't do much. Oh well.