Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Natters - Jan. 24

Well, I'm starting to feel a little more normal again.  I've managed to stick with this newer computer so far and am getting used to it.  I finally got caught up on email and bloggy stuff, as far as I can tell.  We don't have a new modem/router yet but I do know which one I'll be ordering at least.  I'll probably do that tomorrow.  I managed to get through the mail and clutter on my desk, and just got several little things done that now have me feeling like I can breathe again.  And it's so weird because I don't know how it all seemed to get away from me.

I went to my mom's today and didn't even feel rushed.  Even had enough patience this evening to watch The Secret Life of Pets and last week's episode of Vikings.  The pets movie was cute but didn't wow me in any great way.  The Vikings episode seemed rushed.  I already knew they boys would catch up to the king, and I knew what would be done to him, but it still seems so quick.  Where is the story going to go from here?  I suppose there will be ongoing squabbles with Bjorn and Lagertha vs. the other sons of Ragnar.  Is it enough to hold my attention any more?  We'll see, I guess.

Suits returns tomorrow night!  I'd almost given up on that show too but now I'm quite curious to see where it goes now with Mike and Rachel, and all the things that happened in the mid-season finale.

I still have two (three?) episodes of Lucifer to watch since that show returned recently.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get to them since I have no plans.

We have a winter storm moving in tonight again.  They're saying freezing drizzle (again) before it turns to snow and we get 3-5 inches in this area.  Bleah.  This is getting old.  It's been nice for the past many days, with temps around 40, melting off most of that icy snowy mess we got last time.  Now we're going to get it all over again and the temps will drop back down to the 20s.

Nothing crafty to report this time.  I'm anxious to do it but not getting too upset about it at the moment.  I saw the cutest dragons stamp and die set today!!  The usual place I order from doesn't have it in stock right now.  Tomorrow I might look around to see if any other craft sites have it in stock.  There is a castle die cut set that would go nicely with it too but I'm mainly wanting the stamp set right now.

A boring little post tonight but just wanted to hop on for a quickie update.
I'm off to read my book now, which is waaaaay better than that other one that I gave up on.

How is your week going?
Tell me what movie or show you watched most recently.


  1. Ooooo, whatcha reading? It is going to be getting chilly around here too, but strangely enough, we haven't really had any true cold snaps. Normally, it gets around 30 or so a few times during winter and sets the strawberries and oranges for sweetening, but not this year. I am hoping the crops will be ok. Your winter wonderland photos are so gorgeous.

    The girls and I watched Alice Through the Looking Glass for the first time on Netflix and it was great! I cried a little hearing Alan Rickman's voice again. They dedicated the movie to him. We also watched the original Ghostbusters, which was fun. I want to find Guardians of the Galaxy to watch with them. And Avatar. Never saw that one yet. Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson is high on my list to see too.

    1. I'm reading the first book in that Magisterium series I got for Christmas. I'm very curious about things! It's a ponder worthy story, like Harry Potter. Some cryptic clues have been put in place and I'm anxious to see how it all turns out.

      I have not watched Alice Through the Looking Glass. I think we had it here not long ago from Netflix but I did not watch it. We watched the new Ghostbusters recently and enjoyed it, but then I really wanted to go back and see the original again. We caught part of it the other night on some channel and had fun watching. Casey loved Guardians of the Galaxy when he watched it recently. Avatar was on in the hotel one of the years we went to Minneapolis but I only half watched. I'm curious about that new Beauty and the Beast!


    2. It probably sounds ridiculous but I cry every time I see the Beauty and the Beast trailer.

    3. Hmmm, I'll have to look for it on YouTube or something and see what all this crying is about.