Monday, January 30, 2017

Natters - Jan. 30 / Computer & Internet Whining

Well, I'm back on my old computer.  I thought I was getting used to the newer one but there are still so many things about all the changes that bother me, and things I just can't get sorted out.  I realized I was starting to avoid things like email and blogging because I can't figure out all the fancy new bells and whistles that make up Windows 10.  The email program is nothing like what I'm used to, and I haven't found one I like yet.  (I've tried four, I think.)  The photo editor (that I would use for all my blog pics) is nothing like what I'm used to, and seems to have five extra steps for every little thing I try to do.  The old one I'm used to just opened the photo, had simple one-click options right there on the same screen, and saved your changes as you clicked to the next pic.  Just *everything* is SOOOOOO flippin' different that it has this old dog twitching.  If things were slightly shifted and updated, that would be fine, but Windows 10 seems to have thrown out everything familiar and come back with some user unfriendly monster.

The main reason I've switched back for the moment though is that stupid Windows 10 keeps trying to do some monster update and it's sucking up all of our internet, to where no one can do anything internet-y on any other device in the house.  And there is no option to stop or ignore updates in the bossy new Windows 10 monster.  So, I'll be lugging the computer over to Ty's one of these days to use his much better internet connection to get that stupid update done.  Until then, I've switched back to my old computer.  I can see just how slow this old one is now, having been on that other one for almost two weeks.  It's frustrating having to wait for things to load, or having some things just not load at all (like most graphics in email now), but at least all the things I need are here and familiar once again.

We got a new modem/router.  Finally!  I think I mentioned I'd gotten that other one but it didn't have a phone line connection spot, right?  Turns out it's much harder to find the kind that do have that phone line DSL connection, and the ones you do find are not the high end, high speed ones.  I ended up ordering the only in-stock one I could find at the time.  We received it Saturday and I hooked it up.  All the directions and everything said it would work with our internet provider and that it's a simple auto-configure setup.  Except, of course none of that proved true for me.  Someone was telling me I need to call my ISP to let them know about the new modem so they can 'find' it on their end.  Nothing in the directions or online said anything about that, and you know I dread calling tech support of any kind.  I actually rage quit and let the whole no-internet-mess sit for a while because that was more desirable than the thought of dealing with any customer support.  Eventually I did manage to get my ISP in live chat on my phone (probably sucking up all our data).  She was no help at all except for accidentally stumbling across the answer to the problem.  Turns out the password on record on their end for the old modem was not the password I had on record here.  Once I realized that difference I was like 'Nevermind, totally not helpful tech support.  I just figured it out myself.'  So, tried again with the correct password and -tada!- it worked.

And there is absolutely no difference in our internet quality or speed.

Wonderful.  Casey pointed out though, "Well at least we won't be paying the rental fee any longer," which is good, I guess.  But still.  NO improvement?  Oh well, what did I expect when our internet has always been so limited living in this very rural area?

That's about all that's been going on with me lately.  There has been work drama but ranting about it won't change anything.  My sleep has been up and down and all over the place.  I can't shake this lingering cold or whatever it is.  It's like the start of a cold that won't progress.  Is it allergies?  I don't know.  I'm getting quite tired of it though.  And I really REALLY need to get to the eye doctor to get some new glasses.  I think I'm going to get a pair of 'readers' this time because that's another reason I've been avoiding internet stuff, the fact that I just can't read the screen worth a diddly anymore.  I do have bifocals on my current glasses but to have to constantly tip my head up and back to read the screen through that tiny lower part of the lenses causes eventual headaches and dizziness.  But of course, something like going to the eye doctor is something that I just keep putting off.  Whyyyyyyy?

So anyway, that's my little whiny update.  Now I have to head over to my mom's as I do each week.  Hopefully she doesn't want to go shopping because our temps have dropped back down to single digits and I'm just kinda feeling like worn out poopy blahness.

Wish me luck!
And tell me something more uplifting than what I've got going on!


  1. I am sorry, Deb. All of that sounds like a big heaping pile of frustration. It is like one of those vicious cycles where the internet is slow so updates are slow and so on. Is there such a thing as satellite internet? There should be.

    Stay warm and healthy up there. Sounds like you need a hot toddy. The kind that will put hair on your chest. And snuggle up in that new Snape shirt. That is sure to put some pep in our step. I wore my GoT shirt you gave me the other day and it made me smile.

    Some good things? Well... Valentine's is coming so that means impending snail mail for you. You would look smoking in some horn rimmed glasses (do it!!!!). Your kitties are cute. My cat is cute. Our snake must taste good because he has mites. Savanna is turning ten soon and I am so thankful to watch the wonderful young lady she is becoming. Have you melted any vanilla mint? That is pretty uplifting.

    <3 Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    1. There is satellite internet and we checked into it a while ago but we see how our DirecTV (satellite) is affected by weather so we're assuming internet would cut out too. Also, they lock you into a two year deal just like with cellphones, and we did not want to commit to something that might not be any better, or possibly worse.

      Snake with mites. That's funny for some reason.

      Hope you post pics of Savanna's birthday adventure again!

      I have not melted vanilla-mint lately, not since Christmas. It's funny, I can melt mint chocolate chip type scents any time of year, but I can't do peppermint or vanilla-mint any time but Christmas.


  2. Ugh, The Dreaded Windows 10 Update Hell. I got a cheap little laptop about a year ago and needed to install Office to work on a couple of freelance projects. Well, Office installs ALL of its massive parts, not just the ones you need, leaving no space on the hard drive for the update. So yeah, I've been batting away those blasted reminders for a year now :( Agree with Julie... sounds like hot toddy time!

    I just got back from PAX South in San Antonio, which was exhausting but loads of fun. My client has a new boardgame and people really liked it. They were annoyed that I didn't score them more media appointments, but PAX isn't really a boardgame show. I expect PAX East in Boston will go a bit better.

    1. lol - I don't think I've ever had a hot toddy, and don't think I even know what's in one.

      Ooooh, what is PAX? Game convention? What's the new boardgame? We like board games in this house!