Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Melted - Beezy Tarts / Vanilla Frosted Grahams

Vanilla Frosted Grahams - 'Vanilla Frosted Graham Crackers with hints of Raisins and Cinnamon. Delish!'

 I love graham cracker scents for their cozy, homey simplicity.  This one is a little more hefty with the frosting and raisins.  There is a touch of spice, like if you stuck your nose in a box of cinnamon grahams.  There is also a bit of what I call that 'sour' type note, like from cream cheese or mousse type scents.  I'm guessing that comes from the frosting.  While I do like this scent, I think one little note is enough to keep me from loving it.

I melted half of this 1.9 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent.  It traveled well into adjacent rooms but stayed on an easy-to-take medium-strong level.  It lasted around six hours.

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