Monday, February 13, 2017

Natters - Feb. 13

And suddenly it feels like maybe things are settling down for me.  Several small things have been taken care of, and while individually those things might have been small, with all of them combined nagging at me it felt like ten million pounds of stress and inconvenience bogging me down.  Our taxes are done.  I've finally gotten our old modem/router into the mail, on its way back to our internet provider.  I'm back on the newer computer and resigned to the fact that I'll probably be sticking with this one from now on, now that I've finally gotten it over to Ty's to get that big Windows 10 update done (on his much faster internet).  I'm caught up on the backlog of TV shows that I've been meaning to watch.  Well, most of them.  Still have several episodes of Sleepy Hollow, but I'm not even sure I want to bother with that show anymore.  I'm also done with Skylanders, so I've packed away all the little characters that were cluttering up the living room.  AND, I slept gloriously last night, which is something I've been struggling with again lately.  Ohhhhh, it was so fabulous!  *dreamy sigh*

As the blog title reminds us though, it's always something, and I'm sure there will be plenty of piddly new stresses to screw up me in no time.  But for today, I've been feeling much more relaxed and happy.

The weather was great today too!  Sunny and warm, up to 41 degrees!  It's been warm the past couple days but it's been cloudy and wet.  Today was lovely for a change.

Went to my mom's today and found her walking all over like a champ.  I know she's been walking more and more around her apartment without her walker but to see her just get up from her chair and walk almost the full length of her living room without even the cane was like 'Whoa!'  She wanted to go out and fill her bird feeders, and she was walking around her little garage without aid too.  We made a quick trip to town so she could return something to Kmart, and I found a tiny section of Christmas clearance, marked 90% off.  I found a really nice box of sparkly Christmas cards for 59cents!!  I know, I know . . . I should be able to make all my Christmas cards this year.  But let's be real.  *snort*  Better to have some store bought ones on hand too.

As mentioned, I'm not caught up and current on The Magicians.  We finished watching the Netflixed first season, and went right into the ones from the second season that we've had waiting on the DVR.  I'm back to liking the show, although the most recent episode appears to have killed off three major characters.  That seems rather bold for so early in the season.  I'm thinking hoping there will be some magical cure for what happened.  They have been messing with time magic, so maybe they'll reset the loop to try and change it?  Or some technicality that we've overlooked?  I'm gonna have to cry if what happened is real.

I helped Casey make cookies today.  His shift at work is having a little Valentine's Day potluck type thing and he wanted to make something instead of just buy.  He's been hinting that he wants to learn to cook and bake, so he bought a box mix for Snickerdoodle cookies today and I showed him how to do it.  We put little Valentines sprinkles on them too.  lol

That's about all the excitement happening around here at the moment.  Even with all my wonderfully peaceful sleep last night, I am still tired and I think I'll head off to read in bed early tonight.

What exciting things are happening by you these days?

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