Monday, February 27, 2017

Natters - Feb. 27 / How Are You?!

How the heck are ya, my bloggy friends?  It's been chaotic for me lately.  Soooo many things going on around here right now, I'm back to that feeling that I can't catch a break and can't get caught up.  It's not bad stuff happening, it's just a lot all at once.  I'll try to briefly run through things instead of waiting any longer and trying to figure out how to get caught up on blogging.

First, Casey is moving out.  He picks up the keys to his first apartment this Wednesday.  He just turned 23 last week so it's not like this is a crazy thing to happen.  Still, as a mom, it is a crazy thing.  He's my youngest, my baby, and now he's leaving.  Hubby and I will officially be empty nesters this week.  Casey's apartment is close by though, probably no farther away than Ty's is, but in a different town than Ty.  He says he'll still come home on weekends to do his laundry, like Ty does.  And I'll still see him at work.  It's just weird though!  Also, he's moving in with a girl.  She may or may not be his girlfriend.  We're all confused about that status.  I think even they are still confused about it.  You see, he's known her for two years now and has been best friends with her during that time.  They work together and . . . she was dating his other best friend for those two years.  Those two broke up recently though.  It's awkward all around, and they admit to that.  They say that's why they're not sure what they want to be, friends or a couple.  Time will tell, I guess.

Second, we just bought a tractor.  It's larger than a riding lawn mower, but not a full sized farm tractor.  I'm not sure what they're actually called.  Hubby's wanted one for many years but we'd always been paying so many other bills.  Not that we're finally getting ahead, happily looking forward to getting the house paid off and opening our path to retirement, he's decided it's a great time to finally get this tractor.  It will have a bucket so he can clear snow from the driveway in winter, and haul dirt and things for projects the rest of the year.  It will also have a mower deck, much larger than our riding lawn mowers, which will help make mowing our huge lawn easier during the summer.  I like all those things but I just hate that we're right back into the paying-off-debt rut again.  We both agree though, that we're paying this thing off as fast as possible!

I'm back on my old computer AGAIN.  I just can't accept stupid freakin' Windows 10 and how drastically different it is from what I'm used to!  I was on it for a couple weeks and still couldn't find an email program that I was happy with, or a photo editing program that I could figure out.  That's a huge part of why my blogging has slipped, because I just can't get pictures ready.  The program I current use is very quick and basic.  I click on the photo thumbnail in the folder, it opens in Windows Photo Gallery, has an Auto Adjust option or a few basic options to manually adjust the pic, and saves the changes when I go to the next pic or leave the program.  NONE of the other programs I've tried are anything close to that quick and easy.  I did some reading and tried to download the versions of the programs I currently use but of course they won't work with WindowsFromHell 10.  I really don't know what I'm going to do because there are enough problems on this older computer that make it a pain in the butt too.  GAH!!!!!

I've been struggling with some minor but highly annoying health things lately too.  Casey insists that part of my 'illness' is just stress from everything.  It could very well be.  I did manage to sleep almost twelve hours Saturday night, which was glorious, but I still felt like I could sleep for twelve more.  And along with all this are just a million other little things demanding my time and attention.  I have a pile of wax empties that I don't know if I'll ever get Melted posts done for.  I have at least two haul posts I'd like to do, and another large order of something on the way.  I have cards I've made but haven't shown yet.  I managed to just slow down yesterday and watch over six hours of TV (that show The Staircase), and that felt great but the whole time all the little things were nagging at the back of my mind.

Hopefully, hopefully, HOPEFULLY things are slowing down for me now.
And hopefully I can get back to posting more like I'm used to!

In the meantime, how the heck are YOU?!


  1. I'm doing alright, thanks for asking. :)
    I hope your hubby enjoys the new tractor; I'm sure it will be very useful. My dad got a riding lawn mower last year and it makes mowing his three acres so much easier. My brother briefly moved back in with my parents last month because with a part time job he couldn't afford his apartment anymore. Looks like he found another less expensive one so I believe he plans to move out again soon. I think it was a good breif hiatus for him to start eating more, exercising regularly and try to quit drinking. Living with your parents can be very motivational, haha.
    I hope your son enjoys his new apartment! My hubby moved from home when he was 23 also.
    Hubby and I both made appointments with a therapist for the first time; I think we would just benefit from getting a professional perspective. Wanting to put together some sort of life plan going forward.

    1. Both of our boys know they are welcome back here if they hit on hard times, but we've also made it clear that moving in and out repeatedly due to poor life choices or irresponsibility will not be tolerated. I think they'll be okay though. Both have a good work ethic and are practical about things.

      I hope you guys can find some guidance or clarity from the therapy. A life plan might be good if you're just drifting. I guess I can't really say anything about it since I've never been to a therapist. Doh! lol


  2. Helllllo there pretty lady. What a bunch of changes! Hoping Casey and "girlfriend" work out so they can give you grandbabies LOL! Then you can start making scrapbooks of your new lil nugget. Maybe you could try getting a used Mac since you don't like the new Windows? It it pretty user friendly with lots of photo editing programs. I love my used MacBook Air. It makes blogging pretty easy. I did have to pay for more storage though ($2.99/month) since it doesn't really have a lot of memory.

    I have been ok. Busy. Ups, downs, but overall, ok. On a high right now I think even though I am pretty scatter brained. Savanna has had a writing test I was trying to prepare her for, spelling tests to help them practice, math to work on at home, cooking, getting stuff together and so on. And things at work have been really busy. But we have our summer vacation booked in Tennessee and I am planning a mini getaway with my sisters and those will be things to look forward to doing.

    1. I'm going to stick it out on this old computer for a while, until things settle down at least. We're going to enlist the help of a friend to figure out how to get the other computer back to Windows 7, and hopefully I can manage from there.

      Glad things are getting better for you. Two trips!! Lucky! I'm all excited and jealous but really, I'm not a fan of travel anyway so I don't know why I feel that way. LOL I doubt we'll even go to a Vikings game this year.

      Hopefully mellow days are right around the corner for both of us!