Friday, February 3, 2017

Natters - Feb. 3 / Mishmash o' Stuff

Hello there!  I'm posting an early day Natters because I have every intention of playing in my craft room all day today.  (I know, we'll see how that actually works out . . . )

Work was crazy the past few days.  I had to train the new night shift lead guy one day, was busy with a material trial run another day, attended a Round Table meeting another day.  Ugh, I'm just struggling to get back to normal and routine!  My work stress has eased up some but I still see it taking its toll on others.  One guy has been calling in and leaving early almost every day lately because he's reached a point where he just can't handle it anymore.   He says his wife keeps telling him to quit, get out of the toxic situation, but he's like me, afraid to take that step.  There is some comfort, in a weird way, in knowing others are struggling just like you.  It lets you know you're not just making it up.

I've been getting SO far behind on watching my TV shows that I've finally had to bump that up to top priority.  The DVR was getting full, and hubby watches/records way more shows than me so I had to get going on mine to clear up some space.
I tried watching a show called Taboo that hubby's gotten into but it just bored me.
I still have several episodes of Sleepy Hollow to watch but my interest just isn't there any more since Abby died last season.  I want to at least give this new season a chance though, and that's why I've been recording them.
Vikings has ended for the season.  I don't know if I'll continue watching next season.  I'd suspected all along that once Ragnar died my interest in the show would die too.  And yeah, the sons have avenged his death and now they've set up the new season for each of them to follow their own path.  The only thing I'm really still interested in is Floki's story, to see where life takes him after the events of this season.

I got caught up on Lucifer yesterday, watched all three (four?) episodes they had in this mini winter season.  Ohhhhh my gosh, I was bawling during that finale.  The music they used, the emotions from people you wouldn't have expected it from, oh my sniffleblurgness!  I wish I knew someone else who watched the show so I could talk about it more!

Suits returned last week, and we watched that episode but not yet this week's episode.  That one will be emotional too because Harvey finally confronts his mother.  Oh dear, I need to build up some emotional strength again before diving into that.  LOL

We're still enjoying Emerald City!

We've started watching The Magicians.  Is anyone here watching that?!?!  It's in the second season now but we Netflixed the first season so we can get caught up.  I've been aware of the show all along  because the commercial *always* grab my attention.  I'm not sure why I never watched before now.  Maybe because hubby was already recording so many shows, I'm not sure.  But anyway, very recently he became intrigued enough by the commercials that he started recording.  I told him I'd been interested for a while now, and that's when we decided to Netflix and give it a go.  He said he'd watched on episode from season two but was too confused.  So we started watching from the beginning last night.  I like the show but there are some things that bother me, and it does seem to be a slow buildup to what the show will really be about.  First, there is a lot of talk *about* magic but not a lot of actual magic being done, at least not so far in the first three episodes we've watched.  Also, I don't like their *type* of magic in this show.  There are a lot of complicated finger and hand gestures before the spell is cast.  Well, at least sometimes.  Other times it seems the magic just happens.  Are these supposed to be different types of magic?  Or is it just inconsistency in the writing?  Or will the silly gestures go away as they become more skilled?  I was reading some reviews of the show and a lot of people were grumbling that it's just a college-aged version of Harry Potter.  I don't see that at all.  True, the university is 'hidden,' and they teach magic, but that's about it for similarities.  There is another hidden school of magic, a sort of 'dark side' school.  And there is a looming threat from some mysterious evil magician that not only certain people seem to know about, which makes it urgent to get these students trained and ready.  It looks like things get more magical as the season goes on and into this next season, so I'm going to keep watching and see if I continue to enjoy it.  Please tell me someone reading this also watches!  It's lonely watching all the shows no one else watches.

I showed this on Instagram but keep forgetting to show it here.  Back before Christmas, like in the fall, I'd been keeping my eyes open for Christmas scented body washes at Walmart.  I never did see any, from ANY brand, so I went ahead and placed a BBW order for Twisted Peppermint.  So imagine my surprise a week or so ago when I notice this now on the shelf!  Really, Walmart?  I realize some people enjoy peppermint all year, or that peppermint could still be a winter themed scent, but this sure does look and sound Christmas-y to me.  Why get it out now?  *grrrr*  I'm tempted to buy one and save it so I know I'll have some mint body wash for Christmas season this year.

The wax section at my Walmart is looking a little bare and ransacked at the moment.  They still have a TON of fall scents.  Part of me wants to stock up while they're clearance priced, but then I know I'll feel stressed and limited when fall rolls around again and I can't buy all the new ones because I have a ton of old ones.  But the bareness of these shelves means they're getting ready to bring out the spring and regular scents.  I'm curious to see if there will be anything new that catches my eye but really, it's impossible to keep up with them now, to know what's new and what's returning.  I do have old pics and notes but to just browse the shelves, I can't always remember what's what anymore.

I noticed these a week or two ago over in the cleaning aisle, by the Glade and Febreze type home fragrance products.  They are EnviroScent Bursts.  They remind me of the Better Homes & Gardens little paper pellets that were in test stores last year.  (My store never got them but I'd seen a YouTube video about the new product.)  They are little tiny rolls of paper, like tiny pellets, and appear to be lumped into a ball in this brand.  They are scented (with essential oils, I think), and you place them in your wax warmer.  The heat activates the scent but nothing melts or burns or disappears.  If I remember correctly, there are three 'balls' in each package.  Packages sell for $3.77 at Walmart.  The four scents I saw were Paradise Breeze, True Cotton, Wild Lavender, and Amber Woods.  None of those scents really appeal to me, but I'd be willing to buy a pack and try it for blogging purposes if anyone is interested.  Have you seen or tried these yet?

That's about all I have for today.  I'm almost done with the book I'm reading so there should be a book review going up soon.  I've also placed another craft related order so there will be a haul post for that going up as soon as I receive my goodies.  And now I must go start another load of laundry and then lock myself into my craft room to create wonderful things.

How are you?
What fun things have you been doing, watching, reading, eating lately?


  1. I read the book that The Magicians is based on a few years ago and it was too cynical for my taste. I haven't heard very much about how closely the the show matches the book, though.

    I wonder if one of the clerks at Walmart stumbled across a couple boxes of those peppermint Softsoaps in the back room and went, "Oh shoot! We forgot to put these out in November!" :D

    1. I saw 'based on the book' in the credits and had wondered how close it followed. I can probably never read it now after watching the show first.

      I wondered that too! Was someone slacking in November? I can't wait to see the 719 Walnut Ave Christmas candles show up in March! LOL


  2. Is The Magicians based off the book?? If so it is not for me. A friend gave it to me and mentioned it being like Harry Potter but as I was wading through the book I came to a scene with this jerky bully forcing another kid to give him pleasures and I was totally turned off. Put it down and never picked it up again. It was like if Harry Potter was based on Fifty Shades of Grey Teens That Need An Intervention.

    So you will be watching that without me for sure.

    But I am willing to watch some of these other shows. I am into a cute medieval anime called Ronya right now. It is on Amazon. The girls and I watch it while we eat dinner. Adam and I are still on a Grand Tour kick.

    Amber Woods. Yep. You need to review that one! LOL!

    1. It is based off the book(s?), yes. We're only six episodes into the first season but I haven't seen anything nasty like that! There is one gay character who makes comments about sexual things but so far nothing like what you mentioned.

      Casey is my anime expert and he'd never heard of the one you're watching so of course we had to look it up. lol

      If you want to borrow dvd sets of any shows, let me know! I can share those like we shared books.

      Amber Woods...ugh. You would have to pick the grossest one. =P


  3. Hi there, can't help you on any of these shows. I'm so behind on seasons of my own. I'm a total historical fiction nerd, so prefer Masterpiece theatre: Mr. Selfridge, Downton, Victoria and Turn:Washington's Spies. Yet, I still make time for watching Golden Girl's almost nightly...I'm an old soul. Good luck on your craaaaafts:)

    1. I just added Victoria to my Netflix list last night! I saw it at Walmart and was like "Whaaaaat? I need to see this." And this morning I saw that White Princess is starting soon on whatever channel...Starz or something? So I'll need to set that to record.

      I used to watch Golden Girls years ago when my mom always watched. She still watches sometimes, and I still get a chuckle out of the show if I happen to stumble across it.

      Crafts suck.