Friday, March 31, 2017

Natters - Mar. 31

Hello!  I can't even really remember what I've covered in recent Natters so forgive me if I'm repeating anything.  Casey finally got his internet working.  Turns out it was a broken wire in the line coming into his apartment.  He's much happier now that he has internet again, and has been home much less.  He did come over yesterday because he missed the cats, and ended up falling asleep on the couch most of the afternoon.  He was back again today to pick up the game controller he'd forgotten yesterday, and ended up falling asleep again.  Ty came over too today.  Turns out his internet was down so he was bored.  *snort*  Like he came to visit his mom or anything.  They were going to go back to Casey's place and play video games but then Ty decided he didn't want to and Casey fell asleep for a bit longer.  lol

Hubby's had a chance to play around on his new tractor a bit now.  He's trying to level out some spots in our driveway.  There are some potholes and just the ruts that have gotten deeper over time.  It's been so wet and muddy lately though that he hasn't been able to really get out there and get busy.  He's also reeeeally been into coloring lately.  My own interest tapered off for the moment because I've been playing UO again, but there is an itch to get back to it.
We went ahead and splurged on a monster set of Prismacolor pencils.  This is the 150 color (?!) set.
Lordee, look at all those shades!  They just arrived yesterday and neither of us has tried them yet.  We're sort of in awe, like "Don't touch them!"  Everyone swears by these pencils though.  He found out even his friend/coworker uses these.  We didn't even know that guy and his girlfriend were into coloring.  lol

I have not made ANY cards lately.  I need to get back to it.  I'm kinda doubting I'll get Easter cards made in time.  *sigh*

Hubby and I watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children last night.  I was surprised by how much he seemed to enjoy it.  I read the book a couple years and really enjoyed it.  I didn't like the second one nearly as much.  I think there is even a third one now?  Anyway, seeing this movie was quite fun.  I'm not a fan of time travel stories so I do have my grumbles about this whole thing, but the movie was just fun to watch.  I even had to show Ty and Casey some bits of it today because the 'hollows' (the main monsters) are very Slenderman-like.  I wonder if they're making a second movie?  And I'll need to check if there is indeed a third book.  If so, I might have to change my mind about giving up on the story and go ahead and read it.

For now, I must go.  Hubby will be home soon and some Big Bang Theory DVDs are calling to me.

Are you a Miss Peregrine fan?  Have you seen the movie, read the books, or both?
What else has been happening in your world lately?

Melted - Long Cane Primitives / Lemon Frosted Birthday Cake

Lemon Frosted Birthday Cake - 'Sweet lemon pastry & Birthday Cake.'
 This was such a lovely scent.  It was sweet and bright, and yummy bakery.  The cake notes are there, like a nice white cake.  The lemon was sweet and happy, just a wee bit of tartness to it.  And all of it was creamed together nicely with more sweetness.  This blend is nice, with both the lemon notes and the cake notes rushing to meet you first.

I melted this 1 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and medium-strong scent in the area of the warmer, but not much the farther away I got.  This could be because it's that time of year when it's warming up and the furnace isn't kicking on as much to stir up the air and carry the scent.  Overall, I am happy with this tart.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Melted - AmbiEscents / Snowball Donut Holes

Snowball Donut Holes - 'Cinnamon with a mixture of vanilla and powdered sugar.'

What?!  A wax post?!  Yeah, I thought it was time to at least make the effort.  lol
So anyway, this was a nice scent that could have worked for fall because of that cinnamon, but was mellow enough that The Fall Slut deemed it an anytime scent.  Although the description doesn't mention it, there was a sort of generic type bakery note behind the cinnamon-sugar.  The cinnamon announced itself first but it was a sweeter bakery type, not a fall type spicy scent.  There were hints of vanilla, and a soft sweetness that probably came from the sugar.

I melted two cubes (about 0.8 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer and had medium strength.  I wish it had been stronger.

[This pack of tarts was a gift.]

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Natters - Mar. 22 / More Coloring

I went to Casey's for a little bit today to try and figure out his internet problem.  We ended up contacting the provider via live chat on my phone, and after an extremely frustrating conversation finally got the information we needed.  I've said it before in regards to my own problems, that CenturyLink has probably THE worst customer service I've ever encountered.  The belief has been reinforced in the bullcrap Casey's been having to go through to get his own internet going.

Anyway, I didn't stay there long because he was falling asleep and my nose was so congested I couldn't even breathe through it.  A rather miserable visit.  When I left we had succeeded in getting to modem to recognize the internet, but when he tried to go anywhere online it was saying there was no connection.  He said he'd try playing around with some settings after he slept today.  I haven't talked to him since this morning, so I don't know if he accomplished anything, or even if he's up yet.  He says sleep has been very inconsistent over there.  I had to Mom Lecture him about trying to set some sort of schedule or routine because it's more important now to not miss work than when he was just living at home.  But whatever, the drama seems to have settled so that's a huge plus.

I hauled out my Easter decorations today.  I don't have a huge amount but even so, after setting everything out I decided I didn't like it and put most of it away.  Even the few things I still have out are kind of irking me.  I *am* looking forward to Easter but the decorations just aren't doing a thing for me this year.  I told Casey he could pick through the stuff this weekend and take what he wanted for his own place.  Ty doesn't care about decorations, but Casey has a female roommate who does enjoy them.

Did I mention in last night's post that I started watching Big Bang Theory from the start yesterday?  Ty has most of the seasons on DVD and I'm borrowing them.  I started marathon watching them several years ago and only got through about a season and a half.  I decided recently that I'm going to start again and this time work my way all the way through.  I love that show and absolutely do not understand why I don't watch the new episodes as they're on.  And who else has to do the "Bang!" in the theme song each and every time?

I did more coloring today.  I tried two versions of a Halloween dragon.  I prefer the black one.  I also tried a peppermint themed dragon (the white and red one in the upper right) but it didn't turn out how I'd hoped.  I'll probably stamp more out and try it a different way, somehow getting it more red-white pepperminty.  There is also some subtle sparkle on that one but I don't think the pic shows it.
Then I switched gears and printed out some Easter things to color.  These little chickies are pretty simple, but that okay because I just wanted some plain pastel type chicks.

I went ahead and ordered a huge set of Prismacolor pencils too.  Like I said, I'm really digging the colored pencils for this stuff.  More control for this noob than what I can get from markers.

Well, my nose is all stuffed up again so I'm going to go try and remedy that and get to bed.
Getting extremely tired of this congestion . . . allergy . . . sinus cootie crap, whatever the heck it is.

Hope you had a good Wednesday!

Loot Crate - Wizarding World Box / Mar. 2017

My third Wizarding World subscription box from Loot Crate just arrived and I'm sooooo excited about this one!  I had heard it was going to be house specific this time but I avoided looking at anything for fear of spoilers.  My house is Gryffindor, so let's dive right in!

How fitting that the Sorting Hat should greet us as we open the box.

And just to carry that theme on, there is this cute little Sorting Hat pin included.

I love this shirt!!!  I have another Hogwarts shirt that I got at Target some time ago, and I love it to death.  I'm so happy to have this one now too.  It's baseball jersey type, with the striped 3/4 length sleeves and slightly curved bottom hemline.

Look at that hat!  I've been accumulating stocking caps the past couple winters, mostly Vikings ones, so this will be fun to add to the mix during these cold Wisconsin winters.  I wish there was a fuzzy ball on top but oh well.

Not sure what I'll ever use this lanyard for but it sure does look neat!  It's a nice, heavy quality item.  The other side of the of the 'ticket' in the plastic protector is a nice pic of the Hogwarts Express taken from one of the movies.

And this duffle bag!  This will be fun to use if we ever go back to Minneapolis for a Vikings game.  It's a good size too, not some tiny cheap thing with a popular name slapped on it.

And then of course there was the scroll telling a bit about the items in this box.  I don't think we got as many items as in past boxes but I think the size and quality of these things makes up for it.  I know one other bloggy lady who receives these boxes and I know her house is not Gryffindor, so I can't wait to see pics of what her stuff looks like.  I'm sure it will be all the same items, just in different colors.  Still fun though!

I am *really* enjoying these Wizarding World boxes.
Are you subscribed?
Are you a Harry Potter fan??

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Natters - Mar. 21 / Dragons!

I had a fairly lovely day off today.  Once the residual crabbiness from work yesterday wore off I was in a pretty good mood.  Went to my mom's this morning, got her all tended to.  She wanted to get her hair cut so it was off to town we went.  She also had to return something to Kmart so we puttered around in there for a while, then stopped at the grocery store next door.  It was so funny cuz she said "I'll walk over to the store.  You can just bring the car around," and off she went.  I'd just been saying to some bloggychat ladies that my 80 year old mother puts me to shame in the health department, and sure enough, she did it again.  LOL

Things seem to be settling down for Casey now.  At least, I think they are.  He's been at his own place more and more, and I haven't heard of any new drama recently.  It's still weird not having him here but I'm getting used to it now.  My mom even made a comment while at the grocery store that it's a new way to think about shopping when it's only hubby and I now.  It is!  I still have a bit of weepiness if I go into Casey's room and just pause and look at the random things that are still in there.  There is an urge to get in there and get it cleaned up/cleaned out but for now I like to cause myself pain by leaving it as is.  *sigh*

I bought this at Kmart.  It is Baked Cookies scent from the Kmart no-name house brand, and it is oh so yummy.  I can't remember if I've had this same one before.  Seems like I have.  It's just a really good buttery vanilla cookie scent.  It's deep and rich, cozy and homey.  I love it.

I took part in my first Scentsationals Market Research Group activity today!  Are any of you in the group?  I'd first thought that anyone who had ordered from the old Scentsationals website got the invitation to join, but then I found some did and some didn't.  I was absolutely thrilled to get the invite because I have loved Scentsationals (and Better Homes & Gardens) wax for years.  I had no idea what the group would be like, just hoped it wouldn't fizzle into never hearing anything from them again.  So I was very happy today when I got the first survey email.

Hubby's birthday was yesterday.  He's 50 now, an old geezer just like me.  One of the things he'd wanted was some colored pencils because he has renewed interest in coloring books.  I got him a big pack of the Crayola pencils and gave them to him early (week or so ago), and since he's had them sitting out I decided to color some stamped images with them.  Remember that set of dragon stamps I showed recently?
Not too shabby, huh?  I'm going to stamp out more of these guys and do some other colors, and some themed ones.  Julie and I were talking about ice dragon, peppermint/Christmas dragon, Halloween dragon, fall themed dragon.  I like using the pencils too because it's easier to control the shading than with the markers I have.  I'm going to try coloring some with markers too but for now I'm loving the look of colored pencils.  I'm also thinking again about splurging on the big monster set of Prismacolor pencils since those are supposed to top of the line.

I watched a weird movie today called Dorothy Mills.  It was a letdown but I didn't hate it.  I thought it was going to be more about haunting or possession, but it was actually more of multiple personality thing with a weird bit of channeling the dead thrown in.  The main lady in it was the lady who plays the red witch in Game of Thrones.  I like her.  If you're bored and come across this movie, watch it.  I'm curious what you'll think.

That's about all the excitement I can think of for today.
I'm hoping to get my Easter decorations out tomorrow, and do some more dragon coloring.

What's up in your world?
I know one of you bought a new car and another of you had tornado warnings in your area.  Those are both exciting, although for different reasons.  lol

Okee-dokee, I'm off to read now.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Read - The Bronze Key (Magisterium, Book Three)

The Bronze Key (Magisterium, Book Three)
by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare
249 pages

'Magic can save you.  Magic can kill you.

Students at the Magisterium are supposed to be safe.  Under the watchful eyes of the mages, they are taught to use magic to bring order to a chaotic world.

But now the chaos is fighting back.

Call, Tamara, and Aaron should be worrying about things like pop quizzes and magic contests.  Instead, after the shocking death of one of their classmates, they must track down a sinister killer . . . and risk their own lives in the process.

As Call, Tamara, and Aaron discover, magic can only be as good as the person who wields it.  In evil hands,  it has the capacity to do immeasurable harm --- unless it is stopped in time.'

This third book in the series is so short (249 pages) that I could have whipped through it in a day or two if I'd been able to settle down and read efficiently.  But no, life kept getting in the way and I was reading very small chunks at a time.  Seriously, like maybe a page or even half a page here and there, and sometimes days apart.  This is one series that I know I will go back and read once all of the books are out.  It will be fun to see how the story really flows then, and see all the clues I've been missing.  Still, I did enjoy this book.

At a glamorous party celebrating the the heroes from the battle in the previous book, a Magisterium student is murdered.  It appears Callum was the actual target.  The Assembly (ruling party of the mage world) decides Callum AND Aaron are in danger because they are both rare chaos mages, and extra security is sent to the school.  This book is about the trio's attempts to figure out who the spy at the school is, and why they are trying to kill Call.  Although I did figure it out before it was presented in the book, it still took me until almost that point to do it.  If I'd read more efficiently, as mentioned, maybe I would have seen it coming long before.  There are a lot of clues getting to you consider quite a few different people, so that was fun.

Once again, I think this book was just a little too short to really get involved in a good story.  I know it's supposed to be for middle grade kids and they had to keep it more simple and keep flowing, but there is such great potential in this story overall if there was just a little too it.  The huge event near the end of the book was shocking and could have/should have been so much more emotional than it was, but the book seemed to just present it and quickly move on.  Maybe so as not to traumatize young readers too much?  As an older reader though, I felt robbed.

I'm not sure exactly what's going on at the moment.  A whole new storyline seems to have been introduced and I don't quite understand why or where it might be leading things.  It's starting to lean towards being to 'busy' for me.  I'm very curious though, to see where the fourth book with take us.  Sadly, that book doesn't come out until the end of August.  Ugh!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Natters - Mar. 18

Super quickie post tonight.  I worked today.  It was mellow, rather boring, but flew by quickly.  Tomorrow I only work eight hours instead of my normal twelve, so that will be nice.  I *finally* finished reading that book!  Hopefully I can get a review posted tomorrow since I'm getting home early.  That'll give me a bit of time to gather my thoughts on it all.  Casey was here most of the day, but went home this afternoon to sleep before work tonight.  Ty was also here today, doing his laundry as usual.  I didn't see him, of course, but hubby said it was nice to have both boys home again.  Hehe, what a dramatic sap.

For some reason I keep thinking it's Sunday today.

Well, I'm off to start a new book before bed.

What fun things did you do today?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Natters - Mar. 17

Did you wear green today?  Eat any green foods or drink any green liquids?  Do anything Irish-ish?  The only thing I did was listen to Gaelic Storm in the car on my way home from shopping.  Total St. Pat's Day fail.  Ooops.

Casey's been here pretty much all day.  He came here from work, was already here when I got back from shopping.  He says the situation with his roommate has settled down.  Now it's drama with his friend, the roommate's ex-boyfriend.  Apparently the ex is regretting breaking up with this girl and is blaming Casey for the whole thing.  Like I said last night, it's a tangled web over there.

Casey still doesn't have internet.  He's learning the joys of dealing with customer service.  Ugh, that is a torture I would not wish on anyone.  The one internet provider they tried first was more expensive than they'd expected and they cancelled their installation appointment after finding a cheaper provider.  Well that cheaper provider never showed up on the scheduled day and when Casey called the next day he sat on hold for a half hour only to be disconnected.  Now it's the weekend and he'll have to wait till Monday to try and get something figured out.  He's getting pretty twitchy without internet!  lol  He plans on spending most of the weekend here.

Look what I finally got!  This dragon stamp set has been sold out forever, and sold out again each time it was restocked, but I finally nabbed one and it arrived today.  How freakin' cute are those dragons?!  I just want to stamp a bunch of them out and color them in all different ways, and figure out what to make with them later.  I'm already imagining seasonal dragons.  LOL

That's about it for today.  Nothing overly exciting but it was news from Casey that I was most anxious for.  Everyone has gone to bed early tonight, so I'll post this and go read.  Nope, I did not finish the book last night.  There is only a little left.  Maybe tonight I'll get through it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Natters - Mar. 16 / Life Updates

Well, I *think* things might be settling down finally.  I *think* I might be starting to adjust to the new norm around here.  And I *think* I'm finally ready to accept this newer computer as mine from here on out.  That's a lot of thinking, huh?

It's still drama galore as far as Casey's new apartment goes.  I haven't had a chance to talk to him more than a few quick texts since Saturday so I don't know if things are mellowing out yet for him or what.  He's supposed to be coming over tomorrow to hang out and chitchat for a while, so hopefully I'll get a good update then.  The drama all has to do with his roommate and her immature ways.  From what I know of her from work she's always seemed nice enough even though she's never struck me as the brightest crayon in the box.  I'd heard some stories about her odd behavior before.  But wow, now that it's all a little closer to home, um, yeah.  It's a tangled web over in that apartment.

Casey's new bed was delivered on Thursday of last week.  Hubby, Ty, and I helped him purchase, haul, and assemble some other furniture on Saturday.  I think he finally got internet hooked up yesterday.  So yeah, he's pretty much finally moved out now.  No more coming back here to sleep or use our internet.  He still has some leftover things here but most of it needs to be sorted through anyway because it's probably mostly garbage stuff.  It's weird not having him here, for sure.  It's been a totally different kind of adjustment though because his actual moving out took longer.  When Ty moved out he was here one day and gone the next.  It was a shock to this mommy's system and it was emotional.  Casey's move has been so gradual and drama filled that it's been a much different kind of emotional adjustment for me.

In other news, because ya know, it's always something . . . the company Ty works for is going out of business.  He'll no longer have a job there as of about May 1.  Luckily, everyone in the machinist community knows a million other shops to work at and one of them was having a job fair this past Saturday.  Ty went and was offered a job on the spot.  I think he's taking it.  It's in a completely different city, slightly farther away, and the hours are strange, but he'll be making more money.  Hubby and some friends also went to that job fair.  The deal they offered hubby wasn't good enough.  It would be a pretty big pay cut, which we do NOT want since we just got that tractor, and it would be night shift.  I'm pretty sure he turned it down.  His current boss must have heard something was up though, because today hubby got a $1.00 raise. Woohoo!

Found out today that my troubled, homeless brother had some sort of emergency hernia surgery the other day.  I guess he's fine, and was released the next day.  My mom wants him to go stay with one of my other brothers because living in a truck and garage is getting ridiculous.  The wife of this other brother has wanted him to come and stay with them all along but she was having her own health problems and everyone thought it would only stress her out even more.  She's doing better now though, but will my troubled brother go there?  Probably not.

In crafty news, I discovered my set of flower stamps had several flaws in it.  At least three of the pieces had cuts or scratches across them, which do show up in the printing.
In addition to those marks, I found one other piece had a really thin and unstable edge which would cause wobbly stamping.  I emailed Lawn Fawn about it and they are sending me a replacement set, hassle free.  I do love my Lawn Fawn!

I haven't really made any new cards lately.  I spent a good part of the other day swatching and labeling my ink pads so I can see what's what from the end that shows out of the new rack system.  I also spent a chunk of time cutting apart all my die sets and trying to clean up the edges.  I still need to do more work on that, and want to do a little more organization and prep some other things before I get back into making cards.  I'm hoping it will make things more efficient for me since one of my big frustrations is having to fumble around for things in there.  Oh, this stamp set would be great for this project!  Except, oh wait, the die set has never been cut apart yet.  Or, that pink ink would be awesome with that patterned paper!  Except, wait, let me dig through this box of inks to try and find it, and then wait, what shelf did that paper end up on again?  But I'm getting there!  I promise!

The internet hasn't been interesting me much lately.  I've start 'trimming the fat' again by dumping some of the things I was subscribed to or following on various social media outlets.  I'm wavering on what to do about Instagram.  I know it's the hot spot these days but I just don't use it enough to know all the ins and outs of it, like giveaways and reposting things and whatnot.  Wax is not a big interest for me these days so it's not longer fun to look at pics or read about it.  Vendors who do business through Instagram don't interest me in the least.  I'm barely reading blogs these days, and commenting even less.  I've dumped a bunch of YouTube subscriptions again.  The more I *don't* blog the easier it is to not want to blog.  But don't worry, I'm not to the point of quitting yet!  I'm feeling like once things settle down just a little bit more I'll be able to start blogging more often again because I'll be back to having books and movies and shows and things to talk about.  So don't give up on me yet!

And with that, I will go try to finish the book I'm reading before I go to bed tonight.
And then hopefully tomorrow I'll get some news from Casey.

How are you this mid-March evening?
Any St. Patrick's Day plans?  Drinking some green beer?  Listening to some Gaelic Storm?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happy Mail From Julie

I received a fun and thoughtful package from Julie the other day.  It came at a great time and was a wonderful distraction for a while.  The card and what she wrote were so lovely, and then I pulled this out of the package . . . 
Oh my gosh!  How cool is that?!  She hand stitched this for me and my crazy craft room, in my Vikings colors, and worked in my blog's name!  I love it.  Thank you so soooo much, Julie!!  I haven't decided if I'll hang it on the door or somewhere closer my work spot.

There were other fun things in the box too, like these festive little Valentine bits.
(It was originally a Valentine's box but had gotten delayed.)

This happy little garland of smiley faces could be fun across a shelf in the craft room.

A pack of Fantastic Beasts stickers.  Can you believe I still haven't seen this movie?!

This pack of stickers is pretty neat.  They look and kind of even feel like wax seals, and say Just Because and Thinking of You.

Oh boy, she's helping stock my craft room.  These Christmas trees 'shaped glitter' (more like table scatter confetti) and iridescent sequins will be fun to play with on cards.

And then of course there is wax.  As you all know, that's just what we do!
This is one of the new 719 Walnut Avenue essential oil candles.  I think I mentioned them here on the blog, didn't I?  Gah!  Anyway, hubby and I had already tried one and were disappointed in the candle, but liked the jar and kept it to repurpose it somehow.  It was funny to see this in the box, and we agreed we happy to have another jar.  LOL  I might scoop the wax out of it this time and try melting it at tarts.  I do like that almond scent, but the solid white jar takes away the ambiance of burning a candle.  The scent didn't throw very strong in there either.

Sugar Cookie Corn Pudding (CFTKR) - 'A sweet cookie aroma mixed with our yummy sugar corn pudding...a new twist to our infamous corn pudding,'
This is yummy, sort of a cozy, homey scent.  I think it's a tad stronger on the sugar corn pudding, but the cookie notes are there.

Mulled Wine (CFTKR) - 'An apple cinnamon type "wine" that will make you dream about sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter's night.'
It was so funny to see this in the box.  She'd featured this scent in a haul post on her blog and I'd commented about it.  We'd talked in the comments about how I don't have the patience to order from CFTKR and she said if there is anything I want to let her know and she'd try and get it.  I said I wanted the Mulled Wine, duh.  LOL  Now one has shown up for me and heck yeah it's the kind of fall scent I totally fell in love with last year.  It's that deep spiced drink type, juicy but dark.  I'll probably tuck this away until fall.
Mrs. Cratchit's Christmas Pudding (The Bathing Garden) - 'Smells of rich cake, plums, raisins, shredded carrots, brown sugar, and cinnamon with vanilla brandy drizzled over the top.'
I think we were talking about this one recently too.  I just never have much luck with TBG wax so I very rarely order.  Even this one is hard to get a real idea of what it smells like because it's coming across so light on cold sniff.  What I can smell reminds me of slightly perfume-y graham crackers.  I'll still give it a chance in the warmer though, because I have been surprised before.

Cookie Baking at Mom's / Edelweiss (Vintage Chic Scents) - 'Vanilla Frosted Gingerbread Men Cinnamon Buns Sugar Cookies / Gooey Gingerbread Cake Cream Cheese Frosting.
This one smells pretty darn yummy.  It's a sweeter but still dark gingerbread scent, and I do get the slight cream cheese notes.  I'll probably tuck this away for the Christmas season.

Nilla Strawberry Noel (Rosegirls) - [no scent description]
Ohhh yes, an old favorite.  I'm sure everyone knows what it smells like already.  I get quite a lot of the Vanilla Bean Noel from it this time, with a little pop of strawberry, and that signature RG creaminess.

Star of Wonder, Star of Night (Rosegirls) - [no scent description]
Julie also featured this on her blog recently, mentioning it is a blend of strawberry and Serendipity.  I've been craving the old school scents like Serendipity lately.  This is a nice mix.  Sniff it once and it seems Serendipity heavy, sniff it again and it seems the strawberry is stronger.  Either way, I get both easily, and the strawberry or whatever is with it sort of tones down the Serendipity, which can be too sweet for some people.

There was also a box of chocolate/caramels included in this Happy Mail but it was, uh, unavailable by the time I got a chance to take pics for the blog.  I do thank Julie though, for everything in the package and for the thoughtfulness of each item she chose.  The stitched sign still warms my heart!!

Thank you, Julie!
And I promise I will get a long overdue box out to you as soon as I can!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Natters - Mar. 8 / Continued Drama

Well look at this!  Natters posts two days in a row?!  Are things slowing down for me?  Will I be able to get back into the swing of things soon?  Let's not jinx it or hold our breath.  lol

Anyway, I have a bit of quiet time at the moment so I thought I'd whip out a post.  More drama with Casey's situation today.  He didn't go to the apartment at all today, just came straight home after work and has been here all day.  We did some talking this morning and I voiced some concerns and opinions.  He mentioned some concerns and already seemed upset.  Then he went to bed and I went to my mom's.  When I got home this afternoon he had just gotten up and said he'd been woken up by calls and messages and had to deal with some things.  I won't go into details at this time but let's just say he was dealt a low blow and his roommate might be leaving already.  He's upset about it.  I got upset because I felt bad for the things I'd said earlier, and then he got more upset.  It's a mess this evening.  He's gone back to bed for now.  He has to go to the apartment tomorrow because his new bed is being delivered but I suspect he'll be back here after that arrives.

My mom had an appointment with a new doctor today.  I don't remember how much I might have said about her previous doctor back in posts around her hip surgery time.  She hated that doctor, and the one time I went with her to an appointment, I immediately hated her too.  Today's appointment was minor, just got something about her ears checked out.  As soon as we were leaving I asked if this doctor was nice.  She says, "YES!  Oh my gosh, yes.  SO much better than that other one."
Well that's a good thing.

Did I ever show you guys hubby's new baby?  It was delivered last week Friday.  He was giddy like a little girl about it.  We found out though, that it's too tall to fit into the garage or barn because the roof hangs just a bit too low.  Now he's considering rigging up a sort of three sided shed type thing until we get the barn rebuilt.  Say it with me . . . "It's always something!"

And these are my babies.  It's very rare that they ever sleep together like this so it was a picture worthy moment.

Alrighty, well I better go get a few things done before The Magicians comes on.  I received a happy mail package today with something so freakin' neat in it but I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet.  Look for that post sometime this weekend!

What are you watching tonight?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Natters - Mar. 7 / Still Crazy

Well it's been what, five or six days since my last Natters post and things have not settled down one bit yet.  This whole Casey moving out thing is becoming so stressful!  I was so excited at first but it's turned into frustration, impatience, and anger now.  It was so different when Ty moved out.  He decided he was going, looked at an apartment, signed the lease, packed up everything, and was totally moved out in a very short time.  Since he was getting a place just for him it was easy to help him go shopping and help get him established in his new place.  Casey and his female friend roommate are dragging their feet on everything.  There is such awkward communication between them, like they can't get on the same page with apartment related things.  I feel like I have to step back a bit this time because he has a roommate.  There are a lot of little things going on causing stress all around, and today Casey expressed some concerns about getting a different roommate, and wondering about getting out of a lease.  I suspected all along he was having second thoughts, just the way he was acting.  I think he's starting to realize what we were telling him all along, that he needs to stand up for himself in this, and not let the roommate run the whole show.  And they're not even fully moved in or living there yet!!!

So when I thought things would settle down for me after we got his stuff moved over there, I was wrong.  All the little dramas attached to the situation are keeping me frazzled.  And there is still a lot of running around involved.  Like today we had to go to the insurance office to meet with the agent about getting policies changed and set up for him.  While I was there we managed to also take care of an insurance predicament caused by hubby's new tractor.  Then we made a trip across town so I could pick up a refill of Fattycat's medicine, then hopped over to Kmart to pick up a few things, then stopped back at the apartment for an awkward situation before coming back home, where Casey has decided he'll stay for a couple more days until his new bed is delivered.

Hubby only worked a half day today because he's going to his uncle's funeral this afternoon.  I did not go because I just don't handle such events very well.  Some people are like 'Oh you're being selfish.  It's not about YOU.'  But you know what?  These things can be EXTREMELY difficult for sensitive emotional saps like me.  It's not that I don't care.  It's not that I'm snubbing anyone.  It's that I can't handle such situations.

Tomorrow I'll be going to my mom's since I didn't get over there today.  And tomorrow she has a doctor's appointment that I'll need to take her to, and then she wants to stop for a haircut after that, not to mention getting her groceries and doing her laundry.  There's been drama for her with that troubled brother of mine that I've mentioned.  She gets all worked up about that, which then gets me stressed.

Thursday and Friday it's back to work for me, and then this weekend we need to help Casey buy and haul some new furniture one day, and I'll need to get back to Ty's one day to do updates on the computer again.  Yes, the computer struggle is back on.  I'm on the old one right now, have been since before Casey started moving, but his other friend did manage to get that other computer back to Windows 7 for me.  It's just sitting there now, waiting for me to switch back to it and see if I like it any better.  I'm kinda like, bleah, not wanting to dive back into that just yet while the other stuff is still going on.  Hopefully I'm okay with it whenever I do get around to it though!!
On a good note, a coworker saw a pic of one of my cards on my phone while we were talking about something else.  She asked about it and I started showing her pics of the other cards I've made.  She did this overwhelmed shocked and serious thing like "Deb!  Why are you working here?!"  I was like "Uh, well, I need money,"  and she insisted, "No.  You need to get out of here and make money from these cards."  I explained that I'd like to eventually do just that, but for now I need the money from a regular paycheck.  She showed another coworker the pics, and that other coworker wanted to order some cards!  LOL  So that was a nice little bright spot in my chaotic life at the moment.
And here's hoping, once again, that things start to slow down for me now!
If not, I seriously need to start practicing some meditation or anti-stress maneuvers.  Someone had mentioned that maybe this sinus crap I can't seem to beat is actually stress related.  I laughed it off at first but did some reading today and guess what . . .   Stress, anxiety, and depression can all trigger sinus problems because of increased something or other chemical.  Well isn't that just great.
So, can you solve all my problems for me?
Or can you tell me something pleasant to distract me from them for a while? 

Small Craft Haul

In all the craziness that is my life lately, I tried to back off from buying more craft supplies.  Lawn Fawn had a new spring release recently though, and there were a few things I just couldn't resist.  There are still more from that release that I want, but I held back for now.

How stinkin' cute is this Meow You Doin' stamp and die set????  I know some cat lovers so it seemed obvious that I needed this set.  Of course my first thought is black cats.  I'll need to figure out how to do lighter details though, so they don't just appear to be black blobs.  Stamping in gray ink might look ok for the inner body details but the overall body outline might look weird.  Maybe go over the black coloring with a gray gel type marker or something?  I'll have to do some experimenting.

I was so happy to see that this Fab Flowers set is a layering stamp set.  I've seen some absolutely amazing results from layered stamps and really want to see what I can do with them.

And if I'm going to be doing more colored stamping, well of course I'll need more colors.  I was happy to grab each of the new colors in this Lawn Fawn release, all pastel type colors that are perfect for Easter or spring, or maybe even baby cards.

And because I've accumulated so many ink pads already, I went ahead and got this ink pad storage shelf.  Look at all that room I have to add on to my collection!  lol  Now I need to swatch and label the ends of each one so I can tell at a glance which is which.  (This shelf is not a Lawn Fawn product, and was bought from Amazon.)

And finally, this embossing folder is not Lawn Fawn either but I really wanted something for baby cards and came across this while browsing at Simon Says Stamp.  It's stars and moons so it can be used for other types of cards too.  Can't wait to see how it looks!

That is my little haul for now.  Nothing terribly exciting, I guess, but still fun.

Have you bought anything fun or inspiring lately?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Band of Bloggers - Mar. 2017 / Vol. 15

Welcome to the March edition of Band of Bloggers!  Hopefully this month begins to bring more temperate weather and the first signs of spring! In my neck of the woods, conditions have been alternating between crazy heavy rain/high winds and beautiful sunshine and blooming flowers. I hope the weather will stabilize a bit this month. Since the month of March usually holds the first signs of spring, that begs the question:

What are your favorite scents to melt and wear for spring?
Are you a fan of traditional spring scents such as florals, fresh/clean, earthy, herbal, etc?
Do you consider yourself a seasonal melter (melting scents traditionally associated with a particular season in that season?)

I am a verrrrrrry seasonal melter and darn proud of it.  Spring is always floral scents to me.  Sadly, I am not a floral scent fan.  Lilac is one of the few florals I like and I will melt that in spring even though the lilacs don't bloom until summer around here.  I also find I'm reaching for brighter, happier scents around springtime, things like sweet, fun fruit scents.  Nothing in particular comes to mind at the moment because spring scents are probably my least favorite.

We hope you'll join the fun and leave your own answer in the comments below.
And we hope you'll visit these Band of Blogger blogs and help support the blogger community!

If you are a blogger and would like to join the Band of Bloggers for our monthly posts, please contact us.