Thursday, March 16, 2017

Natters - Mar. 16 / Life Updates

Well, I *think* things might be settling down finally.  I *think* I might be starting to adjust to the new norm around here.  And I *think* I'm finally ready to accept this newer computer as mine from here on out.  That's a lot of thinking, huh?

It's still drama galore as far as Casey's new apartment goes.  I haven't had a chance to talk to him more than a few quick texts since Saturday so I don't know if things are mellowing out yet for him or what.  He's supposed to be coming over tomorrow to hang out and chitchat for a while, so hopefully I'll get a good update then.  The drama all has to do with his roommate and her immature ways.  From what I know of her from work she's always seemed nice enough even though she's never struck me as the brightest crayon in the box.  I'd heard some stories about her odd behavior before.  But wow, now that it's all a little closer to home, um, yeah.  It's a tangled web over in that apartment.

Casey's new bed was delivered on Thursday of last week.  Hubby, Ty, and I helped him purchase, haul, and assemble some other furniture on Saturday.  I think he finally got internet hooked up yesterday.  So yeah, he's pretty much finally moved out now.  No more coming back here to sleep or use our internet.  He still has some leftover things here but most of it needs to be sorted through anyway because it's probably mostly garbage stuff.  It's weird not having him here, for sure.  It's been a totally different kind of adjustment though because his actual moving out took longer.  When Ty moved out he was here one day and gone the next.  It was a shock to this mommy's system and it was emotional.  Casey's move has been so gradual and drama filled that it's been a much different kind of emotional adjustment for me.

In other news, because ya know, it's always something . . . the company Ty works for is going out of business.  He'll no longer have a job there as of about May 1.  Luckily, everyone in the machinist community knows a million other shops to work at and one of them was having a job fair this past Saturday.  Ty went and was offered a job on the spot.  I think he's taking it.  It's in a completely different city, slightly farther away, and the hours are strange, but he'll be making more money.  Hubby and some friends also went to that job fair.  The deal they offered hubby wasn't good enough.  It would be a pretty big pay cut, which we do NOT want since we just got that tractor, and it would be night shift.  I'm pretty sure he turned it down.  His current boss must have heard something was up though, because today hubby got a $1.00 raise. Woohoo!

Found out today that my troubled, homeless brother had some sort of emergency hernia surgery the other day.  I guess he's fine, and was released the next day.  My mom wants him to go stay with one of my other brothers because living in a truck and garage is getting ridiculous.  The wife of this other brother has wanted him to come and stay with them all along but she was having her own health problems and everyone thought it would only stress her out even more.  She's doing better now though, but will my troubled brother go there?  Probably not.

In crafty news, I discovered my set of flower stamps had several flaws in it.  At least three of the pieces had cuts or scratches across them, which do show up in the printing.
In addition to those marks, I found one other piece had a really thin and unstable edge which would cause wobbly stamping.  I emailed Lawn Fawn about it and they are sending me a replacement set, hassle free.  I do love my Lawn Fawn!

I haven't really made any new cards lately.  I spent a good part of the other day swatching and labeling my ink pads so I can see what's what from the end that shows out of the new rack system.  I also spent a chunk of time cutting apart all my die sets and trying to clean up the edges.  I still need to do more work on that, and want to do a little more organization and prep some other things before I get back into making cards.  I'm hoping it will make things more efficient for me since one of my big frustrations is having to fumble around for things in there.  Oh, this stamp set would be great for this project!  Except, oh wait, the die set has never been cut apart yet.  Or, that pink ink would be awesome with that patterned paper!  Except, wait, let me dig through this box of inks to try and find it, and then wait, what shelf did that paper end up on again?  But I'm getting there!  I promise!

The internet hasn't been interesting me much lately.  I've start 'trimming the fat' again by dumping some of the things I was subscribed to or following on various social media outlets.  I'm wavering on what to do about Instagram.  I know it's the hot spot these days but I just don't use it enough to know all the ins and outs of it, like giveaways and reposting things and whatnot.  Wax is not a big interest for me these days so it's not longer fun to look at pics or read about it.  Vendors who do business through Instagram don't interest me in the least.  I'm barely reading blogs these days, and commenting even less.  I've dumped a bunch of YouTube subscriptions again.  The more I *don't* blog the easier it is to not want to blog.  But don't worry, I'm not to the point of quitting yet!  I'm feeling like once things settle down just a little bit more I'll be able to start blogging more often again because I'll be back to having books and movies and shows and things to talk about.  So don't give up on me yet!

And with that, I will go try to finish the book I'm reading before I go to bed tonight.
And then hopefully tomorrow I'll get some news from Casey.

How are you this mid-March evening?
Any St. Patrick's Day plans?  Drinking some green beer?  Listening to some Gaelic Storm?


  1. Glad there has been so slight balancing in your life. I was hoping for that for you. And HOORAY for the raise! Go Kurth! That is always nice. Hoping Ty likes his new job. Are you going to take the stamps back? That would make me mad. I love the flowers you have been creating though. They are very pretty and the 3D effect is really cool. We don't do anything for (well...) today. Savanna wants to eat Mexican food tonight. And that is about it. The coolest thing about St. Patty's Day has been my card <3 You mentioned having Irish ancestry... I have always "heard" the various ethnicities that made me up but I am skeptical. So I think I am going to take one of those newly popular DNA ancestry swabs. I might get one for Adam too, that way the girls will know theirs by default.

    1. I want to do one of those DNA swabs too! In a weird sort of way though, I'm more skeptical about those results than the handed down family history through tales and documents. As far as I know, I'm mostly German, but with some Irish and Scottish on my mom's side. Hubby is German/Polish on his mom's side, and Scandinavian on his dad's side but just what part(s) of Scandinavia we're not sure.

      I get to keep the defective stamp set and they're already sending me a replacement. =)


  2. Poor Casey! Roommate drama sucks when you're living on your own for the first time. Congrats to Ty and hubby, though!

    I am also curious about the DNA thing. I'm the family tree keeper of the clan, so according to that it's a lot of German/English/Scottish and a dose of Swedish from Dad, but I'd be curious to see for sure.

    1. I used to be really into family tree stuff. Then I met a relative who made my piddly amount of info look like nothing and I sort of gave up. I'd still like to putter around with it but just like everything else, it goes in phases for me. And I've found that is NOT as easy as they make it out to be!

      How much are those DNA swabs? Has anyone seriously checked into them? I really want to do it now!