Friday, March 17, 2017

Natters - Mar. 17

Did you wear green today?  Eat any green foods or drink any green liquids?  Do anything Irish-ish?  The only thing I did was listen to Gaelic Storm in the car on my way home from shopping.  Total St. Pat's Day fail.  Ooops.

Casey's been here pretty much all day.  He came here from work, was already here when I got back from shopping.  He says the situation with his roommate has settled down.  Now it's drama with his friend, the roommate's ex-boyfriend.  Apparently the ex is regretting breaking up with this girl and is blaming Casey for the whole thing.  Like I said last night, it's a tangled web over there.

Casey still doesn't have internet.  He's learning the joys of dealing with customer service.  Ugh, that is a torture I would not wish on anyone.  The one internet provider they tried first was more expensive than they'd expected and they cancelled their installation appointment after finding a cheaper provider.  Well that cheaper provider never showed up on the scheduled day and when Casey called the next day he sat on hold for a half hour only to be disconnected.  Now it's the weekend and he'll have to wait till Monday to try and get something figured out.  He's getting pretty twitchy without internet!  lol  He plans on spending most of the weekend here.

Look what I finally got!  This dragon stamp set has been sold out forever, and sold out again each time it was restocked, but I finally nabbed one and it arrived today.  How freakin' cute are those dragons?!  I just want to stamp a bunch of them out and color them in all different ways, and figure out what to make with them later.  I'm already imagining seasonal dragons.  LOL

That's about it for today.  Nothing overly exciting but it was news from Casey that I was most anxious for.  Everyone has gone to bed early tonight, so I'll post this and go read.  Nope, I did not finish the book last night.  There is only a little left.  Maybe tonight I'll get through it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and have a great weekend!

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