Saturday, March 18, 2017

Natters - Mar. 18

Super quickie post tonight.  I worked today.  It was mellow, rather boring, but flew by quickly.  Tomorrow I only work eight hours instead of my normal twelve, so that will be nice.  I *finally* finished reading that book!  Hopefully I can get a review posted tomorrow since I'm getting home early.  That'll give me a bit of time to gather my thoughts on it all.  Casey was here most of the day, but went home this afternoon to sleep before work tonight.  Ty was also here today, doing his laundry as usual.  I didn't see him, of course, but hubby said it was nice to have both boys home again.  Hehe, what a dramatic sap.

For some reason I keep thinking it's Sunday today.

Well, I'm off to start a new book before bed.

What fun things did you do today?


  1. Grocery shopping, dog baths, and house cleaning. I kind of feel bad that Michael's day off was spent doing errands.
    Oh! On UO the pet revamp publish has started its testing phase on Test Center, so I've spent some time checking that out. My parents are actually going to the 20th anniversary get together in VA in September! I would go if we weren't half way across the world.

    Hoping all the hectic activities of the past few weeks die down soon. I look forward to reading your book review!

    1. Ooooh!!! Tell them to take a million pics at the anniversary thing! And then share them with me! How cool. I wonder if they'll get cool stuff there?!

      Things are settling down in some ways, and in other ways they're not. I have moments of strange complete inner peace, like part of my brain realizes I can take care of everything and just smiles blankly for a bit. lol


    2. At the 15th anniversary party they handed out old collectibles and codes for cool in-game items, like an anniversary robe. I imagine it'll be the same this time around. I will definitely share the pics with you! :D

      I can understand the inner peace thing. If you feel like that, then some part of you knows this is just a small bump on the road of life! Or maybe that brain has resigned itself to "it's always something." =P

    3. (Ooops! I meant to say *can't* take care of everything, in my previous reply.)

      I played quite a bit of UO this weekend and was looking through the lists of Vet Rewards to try and finally use up my millions of picks. I don't know if I want to get all of the dye tubs...? The collector in me wants to. lol


    4. LOL Okay, that makes a lot more sense. I thought it was phrased a bit weirdly. In any case, yes I totally understand that too! I'm notorious for my shut-downs during times of high stress.

      I totally understand wanting to collect all the dye tubs! Depending on what the costs are for the tubs on vendors, though, it might be worth spending the gold and saving the vet reward points. With the reward points you can claim other things like those rose/skull/dolphin rugs, special large-scale tools for various crafting skills (smithing press, sewing machine, spinning lathe, etc.) or other high-value items. It's really up to personal preference.

      I guess what I'm saying is YES get all of the dye tubs! However you get them is up to you. lol!