Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Natters - Mar. 21 / Dragons!

I had a fairly lovely day off today.  Once the residual crabbiness from work yesterday wore off I was in a pretty good mood.  Went to my mom's this morning, got her all tended to.  She wanted to get her hair cut so it was off to town we went.  She also had to return something to Kmart so we puttered around in there for a while, then stopped at the grocery store next door.  It was so funny cuz she said "I'll walk over to the store.  You can just bring the car around," and off she went.  I'd just been saying to some bloggychat ladies that my 80 year old mother puts me to shame in the health department, and sure enough, she did it again.  LOL

Things seem to be settling down for Casey now.  At least, I think they are.  He's been at his own place more and more, and I haven't heard of any new drama recently.  It's still weird not having him here but I'm getting used to it now.  My mom even made a comment while at the grocery store that it's a new way to think about shopping when it's only hubby and I now.  It is!  I still have a bit of weepiness if I go into Casey's room and just pause and look at the random things that are still in there.  There is an urge to get in there and get it cleaned up/cleaned out but for now I like to cause myself pain by leaving it as is.  *sigh*

I bought this at Kmart.  It is Baked Cookies scent from the Kmart no-name house brand, and it is oh so yummy.  I can't remember if I've had this same one before.  Seems like I have.  It's just a really good buttery vanilla cookie scent.  It's deep and rich, cozy and homey.  I love it.

I took part in my first Scentsationals Market Research Group activity today!  Are any of you in the group?  I'd first thought that anyone who had ordered from the old Scentsationals website got the invitation to join, but then I found some did and some didn't.  I was absolutely thrilled to get the invite because I have loved Scentsationals (and Better Homes & Gardens) wax for years.  I had no idea what the group would be like, just hoped it wouldn't fizzle into never hearing anything from them again.  So I was very happy today when I got the first survey email.

Hubby's birthday was yesterday.  He's 50 now, an old geezer just like me.  One of the things he'd wanted was some colored pencils because he has renewed interest in coloring books.  I got him a big pack of the Crayola pencils and gave them to him early (week or so ago), and since he's had them sitting out I decided to color some stamped images with them.  Remember that set of dragon stamps I showed recently?
Not too shabby, huh?  I'm going to stamp out more of these guys and do some other colors, and some themed ones.  Julie and I were talking about ice dragon, peppermint/Christmas dragon, Halloween dragon, fall themed dragon.  I like using the pencils too because it's easier to control the shading than with the markers I have.  I'm going to try coloring some with markers too but for now I'm loving the look of colored pencils.  I'm also thinking again about splurging on the big monster set of Prismacolor pencils since those are supposed to top of the line.

I watched a weird movie today called Dorothy Mills.  It was a letdown but I didn't hate it.  I thought it was going to be more about haunting or possession, but it was actually more of multiple personality thing with a weird bit of channeling the dead thrown in.  The main lady in it was the lady who plays the red witch in Game of Thrones.  I like her.  If you're bored and come across this movie, watch it.  I'm curious what you'll think.

That's about all the excitement I can think of for today.
I'm hoping to get my Easter decorations out tomorrow, and do some more dragon coloring.

What's up in your world?
I know one of you bought a new car and another of you had tornado warnings in your area.  Those are both exciting, although for different reasons.  lol

Okee-dokee, I'm off to read now.


  1. I love your easter themed layout! It feels so springlike and happy.

    Kudos to your mother's independence and activity levels! I hope to be as active as my grandparents when I'm their age. My grandpa has had a quadruple bypass surgery and he's gone through cancer but he's still puttering away on the house every time we visit. Grandma has to have an oxygen machine with her but it doesn't keep her from traveling the world. They were in Europe last summer! At 80+ years of age!

    If it makes you feel any better about not changing Casey's room, my parents took two years to touch my room, and that was just because they switched out my bed for a larger one to make the room more guest friendly. 6 months later they moved and they still set up the new guest room as "my" room, complete with purple walls.

    I'm not in the Scentsationals Market Research Group, but I never did anything direct with them to end up on any email lists. My fix is from you and Julie :)

    I know I already said this on Instagram, but I love the way you shaded those dragons! I can tell you from experience that there is a noticeable difference between Prismacolor and other pencils. Worth every penny, if you can convince yourself to take the plunge. In middle and high school I would share a set with my best friend and we would draw and shade some ah-may-zing things.

    Yesterday we had the 2nd worst air quality in the world... does that count as something worth mentioning? Michael woke up with a headache and the world looked so hazy/smoky I was convinced there had been a major fire nearby. Checked the news and air quality and NOPE, just enjoying some dangerously polluted air.

    1. That pollution wasn't just residue from N.Korea shooting it's latest missle at you? =P We're hearing here that the latest one misfired and exploded a second or two after launch.

      Hubby's grandma lived to be 102, and she was gogogo right up to the end. She was still traveling the world and doing volunteer work in her 80s. She was traveling on a more local level, still volunteering in her 90s. Her mind started to go the last year or so though.

      I'm going to pop over to Amazon and see what Prismacolor pencil sets I can find. Tombow markers, the full set, was on sale recently for 58% off! I didn't get it though. *kicking self*