Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Natters - Mar. 22 / More Coloring

I went to Casey's for a little bit today to try and figure out his internet problem.  We ended up contacting the provider via live chat on my phone, and after an extremely frustrating conversation finally got the information we needed.  I've said it before in regards to my own problems, that CenturyLink has probably THE worst customer service I've ever encountered.  The belief has been reinforced in the bullcrap Casey's been having to go through to get his own internet going.

Anyway, I didn't stay there long because he was falling asleep and my nose was so congested I couldn't even breathe through it.  A rather miserable visit.  When I left we had succeeded in getting to modem to recognize the internet, but when he tried to go anywhere online it was saying there was no connection.  He said he'd try playing around with some settings after he slept today.  I haven't talked to him since this morning, so I don't know if he accomplished anything, or even if he's up yet.  He says sleep has been very inconsistent over there.  I had to Mom Lecture him about trying to set some sort of schedule or routine because it's more important now to not miss work than when he was just living at home.  But whatever, the drama seems to have settled so that's a huge plus.

I hauled out my Easter decorations today.  I don't have a huge amount but even so, after setting everything out I decided I didn't like it and put most of it away.  Even the few things I still have out are kind of irking me.  I *am* looking forward to Easter but the decorations just aren't doing a thing for me this year.  I told Casey he could pick through the stuff this weekend and take what he wanted for his own place.  Ty doesn't care about decorations, but Casey has a female roommate who does enjoy them.

Did I mention in last night's post that I started watching Big Bang Theory from the start yesterday?  Ty has most of the seasons on DVD and I'm borrowing them.  I started marathon watching them several years ago and only got through about a season and a half.  I decided recently that I'm going to start again and this time work my way all the way through.  I love that show and absolutely do not understand why I don't watch the new episodes as they're on.  And who else has to do the "Bang!" in the theme song each and every time?

I did more coloring today.  I tried two versions of a Halloween dragon.  I prefer the black one.  I also tried a peppermint themed dragon (the white and red one in the upper right) but it didn't turn out how I'd hoped.  I'll probably stamp more out and try it a different way, somehow getting it more red-white pepperminty.  There is also some subtle sparkle on that one but I don't think the pic shows it.
Then I switched gears and printed out some Easter things to color.  These little chickies are pretty simple, but that okay because I just wanted some plain pastel type chicks.

I went ahead and ordered a huge set of Prismacolor pencils too.  Like I said, I'm really digging the colored pencils for this stuff.  More control for this noob than what I can get from markers.

Well, my nose is all stuffed up again so I'm going to go try and remedy that and get to bed.
Getting extremely tired of this congestion . . . allergy . . . sinus cootie crap, whatever the heck it is.

Hope you had a good Wednesday!


  1. Glad his internet is at least potentially able to work. And now your data/internet is free for you to use! Hooray! I love your dragons and chicks, they look so cute.

    I feel you on the Easter stuff. I have wreaths (old) and a couple things but I am not putting them out this year. I feel bad because I have not really even done any shopping for the girls' baskets. I am looking forward to the mini break it provides though... a nice four day weekend.

    1. His internet is *finally* working now. Yay! And yep, our internet here is noticeably faster without anyone else hogging it. LOL

      I feel kinda bad about not getting the decorations out, I think mainly just because it's habit, or tradition. But I'm also very much okay with it too. More and more, I am loving the minimal look.