Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Natters - Mar. 7 / Still Crazy

Well it's been what, five or six days since my last Natters post and things have not settled down one bit yet.  This whole Casey moving out thing is becoming so stressful!  I was so excited at first but it's turned into frustration, impatience, and anger now.  It was so different when Ty moved out.  He decided he was going, looked at an apartment, signed the lease, packed up everything, and was totally moved out in a very short time.  Since he was getting a place just for him it was easy to help him go shopping and help get him established in his new place.  Casey and his female friend roommate are dragging their feet on everything.  There is such awkward communication between them, like they can't get on the same page with apartment related things.  I feel like I have to step back a bit this time because he has a roommate.  There are a lot of little things going on causing stress all around, and today Casey expressed some concerns about getting a different roommate, and wondering about getting out of a lease.  I suspected all along he was having second thoughts, just the way he was acting.  I think he's starting to realize what we were telling him all along, that he needs to stand up for himself in this, and not let the roommate run the whole show.  And they're not even fully moved in or living there yet!!!

So when I thought things would settle down for me after we got his stuff moved over there, I was wrong.  All the little dramas attached to the situation are keeping me frazzled.  And there is still a lot of running around involved.  Like today we had to go to the insurance office to meet with the agent about getting policies changed and set up for him.  While I was there we managed to also take care of an insurance predicament caused by hubby's new tractor.  Then we made a trip across town so I could pick up a refill of Fattycat's medicine, then hopped over to Kmart to pick up a few things, then stopped back at the apartment for an awkward situation before coming back home, where Casey has decided he'll stay for a couple more days until his new bed is delivered.

Hubby only worked a half day today because he's going to his uncle's funeral this afternoon.  I did not go because I just don't handle such events very well.  Some people are like 'Oh you're being selfish.  It's not about YOU.'  But you know what?  These things can be EXTREMELY difficult for sensitive emotional saps like me.  It's not that I don't care.  It's not that I'm snubbing anyone.  It's that I can't handle such situations.

Tomorrow I'll be going to my mom's since I didn't get over there today.  And tomorrow she has a doctor's appointment that I'll need to take her to, and then she wants to stop for a haircut after that, not to mention getting her groceries and doing her laundry.  There's been drama for her with that troubled brother of mine that I've mentioned.  She gets all worked up about that, which then gets me stressed.

Thursday and Friday it's back to work for me, and then this weekend we need to help Casey buy and haul some new furniture one day, and I'll need to get back to Ty's one day to do updates on the computer again.  Yes, the computer struggle is back on.  I'm on the old one right now, have been since before Casey started moving, but his other friend did manage to get that other computer back to Windows 7 for me.  It's just sitting there now, waiting for me to switch back to it and see if I like it any better.  I'm kinda like, bleah, not wanting to dive back into that just yet while the other stuff is still going on.  Hopefully I'm okay with it whenever I do get around to it though!!
On a good note, a coworker saw a pic of one of my cards on my phone while we were talking about something else.  She asked about it and I started showing her pics of the other cards I've made.  She did this overwhelmed shocked and serious thing like "Deb!  Why are you working here?!"  I was like "Uh, well, I need money,"  and she insisted, "No.  You need to get out of here and make money from these cards."  I explained that I'd like to eventually do just that, but for now I need the money from a regular paycheck.  She showed another coworker the pics, and that other coworker wanted to order some cards!  LOL  So that was a nice little bright spot in my chaotic life at the moment.
And here's hoping, once again, that things start to slow down for me now!
If not, I seriously need to start practicing some meditation or anti-stress maneuvers.  Someone had mentioned that maybe this sinus crap I can't seem to beat is actually stress related.  I laughed it off at first but did some reading today and guess what . . .   Stress, anxiety, and depression can all trigger sinus problems because of increased something or other chemical.  Well isn't that just great.
So, can you solve all my problems for me?
Or can you tell me something pleasant to distract me from them for a while? 


  1. Congrats on your card order! See, you are talented! :)

    Don't feel guilty about taking time for yourself or bowing out of highly stressful situations like the funeral. You have way too much going on right now, so you have to pick your battles.

    That's interesting about the sinus thing--I have had sinus probs for years and have mostly cut out dairy, which helped for a while, but they started to come back when I was working at the lab and now I pretty much have sinus headaches all the time. There absolutely could be a link!

    We are starting to have signs of spring here. This morning I got up really early to do laundry before work and the birds were singing their little hearts out even though it was still dark and freezing cold. How has your weather been?

    1. Oh! I forgot to add: have you seen that there is a Wizard of Oz version of Munchkin? I think it's more book-based than movie, though.

    2. We have that Wizard of Oz Munchkin set! It's interesting but none of us were really wowed by it.

      I don't really have a card order. After I told her I wasn't selling yet she was like "Ohhhhh, I thought these were for sale." Just reminds me I need to get in there and get busy!

      I'm wondering more and more about the sinus/stress thing now. Today was a high stress day and it's been a nose battle for sure.

      Our weather has been around 50 again but it's been so dang windy!! And of course we're now going to drop down to the 20s again by the weekend. Ugh.


  2. See!!! Told you your cards were super cute!! And no, I don't just say that because you are my friend. :-) The fantasy/Potter cards would fly off the shelf! You could even make book marks with them.

    Hoping the situation clears up for Casey (and you so you don't do the Mama Bear worry thing). I am talking to Adam tonight about the stress/sinus thing. He went to the doctor for another sinus infection this weekend and it is really laying him out. But stress is hard for him to handle as it is. I also heard that the Allegra medication he is on for allergies may have a side effect of depression and he has been very anxious and not himself lately. Makes me worry for him. Then everyone is stressed/worried/depressed. Hopefully we can get it worked out. Hoping your sinuses give you relief too. The pollen here is what I think is messing a lot of folks up too.

    1. The Potter card pic is the one the two coworkers kept going back to! LOL Ooooh, never thought of bookmarks! (Hey, where is my bookmark you were going to make me?! =P )

      I'm trying to pay attention to the stress and sinus thing now. This just seems like such a long stretch for this to be going on. It's like one day it seems much better, almost normal, and I think it was a cold that's finally passed. Then next day it'll be back again with a vengeance. Our weather has been so up and down too though, so who knows what the real culprit is.