Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Natters - Mar. 8 / Continued Drama

Well look at this!  Natters posts two days in a row?!  Are things slowing down for me?  Will I be able to get back into the swing of things soon?  Let's not jinx it or hold our breath.  lol

Anyway, I have a bit of quiet time at the moment so I thought I'd whip out a post.  More drama with Casey's situation today.  He didn't go to the apartment at all today, just came straight home after work and has been here all day.  We did some talking this morning and I voiced some concerns and opinions.  He mentioned some concerns and already seemed upset.  Then he went to bed and I went to my mom's.  When I got home this afternoon he had just gotten up and said he'd been woken up by calls and messages and had to deal with some things.  I won't go into details at this time but let's just say he was dealt a low blow and his roommate might be leaving already.  He's upset about it.  I got upset because I felt bad for the things I'd said earlier, and then he got more upset.  It's a mess this evening.  He's gone back to bed for now.  He has to go to the apartment tomorrow because his new bed is being delivered but I suspect he'll be back here after that arrives.

My mom had an appointment with a new doctor today.  I don't remember how much I might have said about her previous doctor back in posts around her hip surgery time.  She hated that doctor, and the one time I went with her to an appointment, I immediately hated her too.  Today's appointment was minor, just got something about her ears checked out.  As soon as we were leaving I asked if this doctor was nice.  She says, "YES!  Oh my gosh, yes.  SO much better than that other one."
Well that's a good thing.

Did I ever show you guys hubby's new baby?  It was delivered last week Friday.  He was giddy like a little girl about it.  We found out though, that it's too tall to fit into the garage or barn because the roof hangs just a bit too low.  Now he's considering rigging up a sort of three sided shed type thing until we get the barn rebuilt.  Say it with me . . . "It's always something!"

And these are my babies.  It's very rare that they ever sleep together like this so it was a picture worthy moment.

Alrighty, well I better go get a few things done before The Magicians comes on.  I received a happy mail package today with something so freakin' neat in it but I didn't get a chance to take pictures yet.  Look for that post sometime this weekend!

What are you watching tonight?


  1. "It's always something!"

    It sounds like things have really gotten crazy over there!

    First, from your previous Natters: funerals are exactly all about "you"! It's not for the deceased - they've already moved on. They're for friends and family to get closure and start their process of moving on. If you didn't feel up to attending then that is 100% okay! That got my blood boiling when I saw people were calling you selfish for not attending.

    I think it's awesome that people are interested in your cards. They really are absolutely lovely!

    Michael and I have been watching Planet Earth 2 at dinner. Such a beautiful series!

    1. People haven't actually said those words to me (about funerals) but it's been hinted at or implied, like just in talking about not going to funerals.

      I haven't seen any of the Planet Earth stuff. Is there 'the beauty of nature' as lions rip other animals to shreds? Cuz I hate that. =(


    2. Well the very feisty part of my mind is saying those people can shove it where the sun don't shine. You do you, and if they have nothing good to say about it then that's indicative of who they are, not you.

      So far we haven't seen anything graphic like that. The worst we've seen was a failed lion-giraffe hunt where the lioness got stepped on a few times, but you couldn't see anything gory or bad during it. I think this time around the series is definitely concentrating more on artistically showing the world than letting us see the gore.

  2. Awwwww your fur babies are so adorable! Maybe they will be friends after all.

    Maybe everything with Casey happened for the best. Please don't get yourself down about it. You are there for him and he knows it. <3

    Nice tractor! Does Kurth go around singing "She thinks my tractor's sexy" now? It IS always something LOL! Oh Deb! But that is what keeps life from being boring. Happy your mom likes her new doctor. That is big. I used to dislike my doctor too many years ago but the one Adam and I see now is very nice and she always remembers us and our girls and what we do for a living and asks questions about us personally to see how we are doing. Very personable. Hope this weekend will be good for you!

    1. I know it's not the same song but I thought of:

      And I can take you for a ride on my big "RED" tractor,
      We can go slow or make it go faster...

      <_< >_> I have a hard time believing this song is 100% about tractors.

    2. I do not know what song(s) you guys are talking about. *cries clueless tears*

      I'm so anxious to see how the Casey situation turns out. He was going to buy furniture this weekend, but now I'm not sure what his intentions are.