Sunday, April 23, 2017

Candlemart Haul, Review, and Giveaway **CLOSED**

When the folks at Candlemart contacted me recently with an offer to try their products I was quite excited.  I wasn't familiar with that particular website or the Hanna's brand of wax products that it sells.  One thing that struck me right away was how affordable everything was.  Heck yeah!  I then found a selection of different products, from candles of various sizes, some with wood wicks and some with traditional wicks, to clamshells of wax melts, and even packages of aromabeads.  There were a variety of scents to choose from and it was easy to find the types I like, so I happily agreed to try some.

Hawaiian Delight - 'Sugared pineapple, banana, coconut milk, clove, and tonka bean.'
 This is their 8.25 oz. tumbler candle that sells for $6.99 on the site.  I really wanted to try their wood wick style, and I chose this scent as a nice fruity mix for late spring and into summer.  The scent is really nice, actually somewhat warm and creamy.  The pineapple is sweet and juicy, probably the strongest note, but all the other notes mix together in a nice blend to support it.  This was a medium-strong scent in our large living room.  The burn was fine, only a minor bit of tunneling that eventually corrected itself.  The wick had a nice soft crackling effect, not nearly as noisy as another well known wood wick brand.  The flame stayed a decent size.  The scent stayed deep and true even after many hours of burning.  We had no problems with soot or smoke.  A very nice candle!

Vanilla Brulee - 'Cinnamon, ginger, clove, nutmeg, citrus, vanilla and caramel.'
In addition to the candles in the TimberWick line, there are wax melts.  They are 2.5 oz. clamshell packs that sell for $1.99 on the site.  This particular scent is so yummy on cold sniff.  I admit I have not melted this yet but I have faith it will be fine after seeing how the other items performed.  This is a cozy spiced caramel scent, a little creamy with a fairly healthy bite of spice to it.  It does not have a salted note to it, which is good because I struggle with that type of caramel scent lately.  I don't detect any specific citrus note, as mentioned in the description.  I'm looking forward to melting this one!

Another line is the Trios line, which gives you three scents in one pack or candle.  The wax melts are 2.5 oz. clamshells that sell for $2.49 on the site.  I suppose some people might blend the scents, and maybe that's even what's intended, but I'm just going to melt each section on its own.  This particular pack includes Strawberry Lemonade, Frozen Mint Leaves, and Lemon Sugar.  There were no individual scent descriptions available.  So far I have melted the Strawberry Lemonade pieces and it was very nice, a sweet and slightly tart lemonade scent with an extra serving of sweetness from the soft strawberry note.  I melted it in my Glade hot plate warmer and had strong scent that traveled into adjacent rooms.  The mint one is not a Christmas type peppermint but something softer, like spearmint, with hints of sugar crystals.  I like it on cold sniff but have not melted it yet.  The lemon one is very pleasing to this lemon scent lover.  It leans slightly toward bakery, like a lemony cookie.  There is a warmth about it and again, a hint of sugar crystals.  I have not melted that one yet either.

Hazelnut Latte - 'The sweet aroma of toasted coconut and warm honey fuses with hazelnut, sweet almonds and cinnamon at the heart of the scrumptious blend. Vanilla cream, brown sugar and maple entice us with their sweet and sticky tones.'
And finally, I chose to try Hanna's Aromabeads.  I was very curious about these little bits of wax.  They come in a 1 oz. plastic cup and sell for $1.49 on the website.  The site encourages you to try using the beads in creative ways, like adding to a candle, or mixing beads of different scents to create your own blends, or simply setting them out somewhere to let the cold scent fill the air.  They say you can leave the beads in the cup and place that directly into one of their warmers, or just dump the beads right into the warmer.  I chose to dump them right into the warmer.  I found this package actually had 1.2 oz. worth of wax so I divided that between two tea light warmers and had them going in adjacent rooms.  Because the beads are small they melted quickly and I had scent pretty much immediately.  I loved that!  As for the scent itself, even though it has latte in the name it reminded hubby and I very much of pancakes or French toast.  I don't even see coffee in the description.  No, this was a deep and rich bakery type scent, smooth and creamy, warm and sweet.  The hints of maple and cinnamon, wrapped up in the warm vanilla and hazelnut . . . mmmmm!  The scent was deliciously strong that traveled well through the downstairs of our house and lingered well after the tea lights had burned out and the wax had cooled.  I want to try more of these little beads!  I do want to mention two things though.  You can see in the picture that there are little vent holes in the lid.  This is fine if you're just going to let it sit and scent the air that way.  I'll probably put a piece of tape over the holes of future packages, especially if I know they won't be used soon.  Also, once opened, there is no way to reseal the package.  So if you were only going to use part of the pack to create a blend, you'd have to find some way to reseal this to keep the leftovers fresh.  Other than that, I am a fan!

Hanna's is a company that's been in the wax business for 30 years now.  That's quite impressive!
You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to get all the latest news.
And they would like to give YOU a chance to try their products by sponsoring a small giveaway.  One winner will receive a $10 code for the Candlemart site, and shipping is covered too!  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me if you've tried Candlemart/Hanna's before, or what you'd probably use the prize code on.  That's it!
  • Must be 18 years of age to enter or have parent/guardian permission to give out your address if you win.
  • US only please.  Sorry.
  • Must have a way to contact you if you are the winner.  If I can't contact you, another winner will be chosen.
  • One entry per person.
  • Contest will run now till Friday, April 28, 2017, when I will pick a winner using sometime around noon (Central time).
Good luck!
Also, huge thanks to Candlemart for allowing me to try these lovely products and for sponsoring this giveaway!


  1. OOH! I have never heard of Candlemart before but I will definitely check it out now! Everything looks very nice and reasonably priced. The woodwicks interest me especially. Thanks for sharing and the giveaway opportunity!

  2. I've visited the site several times but haven't actually made a purchase. That Mood Indigo 3 wick candle is right up my alley!!

  3. I love candles!!! Especially three candles. I have never heard of candle mart until today. I am very glad that you introduced it to me. If I won I would probably pick in the Natural Soy Tranquil Ocean Waters Scented Soy Candle. I bet it smells so good! Thank you so much for the chance to win this giveaway

  4. I have purchased from Candlemart several times! I love timberwick emberglow and blush strawberry aroma beads!

  5. I have tried the Jolly rancher candles and I love them! Thanks so much!
    Denise Donaldson

    purplecow7268 at

  6. I purchase from Candlemart all the time. They are my go to for candles/wax beads/wax melts. I love Candlemart! They have excellent customer service and a friendly, easy to navigate website. The scents are amazing! I love to review their products. I have a list of Candlemart products I wanna try and one of the items I've been really wanting to try is the Trios Triple Pour Island Waves Scented Wax Melts.

    1. You know what? On second thought, I'm probably gonna lose. So go ahead and choose a winner. 3 more days!

  7. Not entering but just want to say I am loving reading your thoughts!! Vanilla Brulee was one I was eyeing really hard. I think I am going to go back and get it in the large woodwick candle. And I *almost* picked up the Hawaiian Delight. So cool! Enjoy your goodies.

  8. Hawaiian Delight is so good! Oh my goodness!