Sunday, April 16, 2017

Melted - Long Cane Primitives / Serendipity

Serendipity - 'A sinful sweet delight, sweet creamy vanilla, sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and yummy fresh coconut.'

Ah, Serendipity.  This one is often too sweet and too much for people, me included.  I can only take this in small doses every once in a while.  I've been craving older scents though as I've gone through a sort of phasing out of wax phase.  I seem to be phasing back in now and was happy to find I still had this in my stash.  The LCP version of this classic scent is more coconut heavy than cherry heavy.  There is a nice creaminess to LCP's version and I really like that.  That sweetness is all still there though, the bright cherry note making itself well known.

I melted this 1 oz. tart in my Glade hot plate warmer and had medium-strong scent that traveled into adjacent rooms.  I'm okay with this particular scent being less than the usual strong that I prefer because Serendipity can easily be overwhelming.


  1. Wow, LCP! Haven't heard about them in a hot minute! Glad you found this one to be tolerable, I remember you mentioning a long time ago that you thought Serendipity could be overwhelming! Are you still loving your Glade warmer?

    1. Well HELLO, Lauren! It's funny, whenever I pop one of the LCP tarts in I always think 'Was it Lauren who loved this vendor?'

      I am still loving my Glade warmer although I'm finding myself starting to reach for my tea light warmers a little more again lately.