Monday, April 10, 2017

Natters - Apr. 10 / A Fox?

Guess what!  I got some old lady glasses today!  Yep, I got a pair of 'readers,' or as they seem to be called these days, 'computer glasses.'  I was overdue for an eye exam anyway but what made me go was that I found I was constantly tipping my head back to look through the bifocal part of my glasses to do anything on the computer.  After a while that would cause neck strain, headaches, and even dizziness from having my neck kinked back so much.  I figured I'd be getting new glasses in general but it like "I want some friggen bifocal strength glasses!"  The eye doctor was like "Computer glasses?  Of course!  Lots of people have those!"  I picked them up today (along with my boring regular glasses) and they're wonderful!  I still have a tendency to tip my head back but it's out of habit, and I need to break that.  Ohhhh, the simple things in life, huh?

I went to my mom's today.  Her little dizzy scare of last week seems to have passed.  She was go go go again today.  We were outside filling her bird feeders, and she started cleaning and sweeping her garage!  Slooooow down there, Mom.  You're making us all look lazy.

Yesterday morning we noticed that something dug one heck of a hole in our yard Saturday night.  See that tan pile in the grass?  That's a huge pile of dirt and sand that was dug out.
This pic is standing sort of over that pile, looking down at the hole.  Click the pic for a larger version and you might be able to see the dog-type footprints in the sand.  We're thinking fox, but possibly coyote.  You can even sort of see where its back feet were planted while it dug.  Now, was it digging to get the little critters that have burrowed all over in that section of the yard?  Or was it digging to make itself a nice little den?  That hole is freakin' deep!  And it's probably 6-8 inches wide.  We looked around the yard for an exit hole but didn't see one like this so we shoveled the dirt and sand back into it and kept an eye on it.  Nothing has disturbed it since.  Crazy country life, I tell ya!

My nasal situation continues to improve.  Two days now of pretty much normal breathing with absolutely no sprays or pills or anything.  Unrelated to that but also a "Yay!" is that I've had three days now without taking Prilosec.

Hubby and I watched Bad Moms tonight.  Some of it had us laughing soooo dang hard, but what I wasn't expecting was that it also made me cry.  What the heck?!  LOL

I started playing Wizard101 again yesterday.  Casey and I had been kind of arguing on Saturday about trying to play UO together and in a fit of 'I give up!' I said "Fine, I'm going back to Wizard."  He surprised me by saying okay, that he'd get it too.  And he did!  It took me a little bit to get reacquainted with the game but now I remember why I loved it and am really looking forward to getting fully into it again.  And now that I have my old lady glasses to use for the computer, I can play all freakin' day without a kink in my neck!

So that's what I'm off to do now!

Have you seen Bad Moms?
Do you have foxes digging in your yard?


  1. So glad to hear your mom is better! That's so funny you're playing W101 again. I finally stopped paying for it about 2 years ago when I was stuck running around in Dragonspyre and not progressing much.

    1. I can't remember how long ago hubby and I were playing obsessively. A few years now. Then he suddenly quit. I played a little bit longer then I quit too, but I'd have urges now and then to play again. Now, for whatever reason, I apparently felt it was time. lol My best character when I quit back then was level 38.


  2. Yay for old lady glasses! Lasik is very cheap in Korea so I've been toying with the thought of getting it done so I don't have to worry about glasses or contacts.

    Hurray for your Mom's activity level! May she continue to put us all to shame. :)

    Hurray for nasal improvements too! LOL

    I haven't seen Bad Moms. I haven't seen a lot of movies, now that I think about it. For how much Michael and I are online we sure are out of the loop on a lot of mainstream media stuff.
    If we had a yard we would have bunnies in it. Or maybe we wouldn't, since the pups we're watching would scare them off.

    1. Apologies for the horrendously delayed reply! Gah!

      Lasik scares me. *shudder* Plus, I know people who have had it and still need glasses anyway.

      I'm still breathing free and clear on my own since the drama of quitting. Yay!

      I'm rather out of the loop on a lot of news and entertainment. I used to be such a TV, movie, and music geek but now I listen to oldies stations, only watch a few favorite shows, and watch movies only once in a while. I was thinking the other day, I don't even know any current/new songs or artists! I have no clue what stuff is on the Top 40 lists these days. But, no one wants to get me started on that rant. LOL


  3. Glad to hear your mom is doing well and your nasal problems are improving! I've always had perfect vision but everyone else in my family wears glasses so I figure I will eventually need them. I was shocked when I went to get my driver's license renewed several months ago and when I looked at the alphabet chart my right eye was blurry! I never noticed before because with both eyes open my left eye compensates and I can see perfectly fine. I probably need to go to the eye doctor but I am dreading it. Between that and the dentist I probably need a ton of work done that I can't afford. So stressful.

    1. Apologies, Amanda, for my incredibly rude lack of reply. =(

      I would rather do ANYTHING than go to the dentist. Ugh! My teeth have always been weak and bad, which makes dental visits unpleasant. You'd think it would make me want to go more and keep on top of things right? Nooooooo.

      I didn't mind going to the eye doctor until maybe the last 5+ years or so. It seemed like they'd never listen to me, and then when I finally caved and got bifocals it was like, bleah, forget it. This time wasn't so bad, but I do think I'm returning one of the pairs of glasses I got. Not my old lady computer glasses though!