Sunday, April 16, 2017

Natters - Apr. 16 / Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!
The pic above is about the only real decorating I did this year.  There are a couple random decorations in the living room and kitchen but they're small so I didn't bother taking pics this year.  Oh, I did replace that wooden candy dish try with a big basket last night, ya know, when the Easter Bunny came.

I couldn't believe it when I saw this egg coloring kit at Walmart.  Of course I had to get it.  We weren't even sure if we'd color eggs this year since last year no one had any interest in it.  All the menfolk were here yesterday though, and were willing to do it so we did.
Yeah, we are by no means experts in this art.  LOL

This is the first year I did not have the boys' baskets out.  Yes, they are adults now but it's still always been fun to get those ancient baskets out each year.  We stopped hiding them long ago, and the things that went in them changed from candy and toys to more preferred candy and gift cards, but still, it's been fun.  This year we just weren't feeling it.  Well, Casey kinda got one.  He'd mentioned the other day that they don't have regular measuring cups at their apartment.  Aha!  I bought him a couple and put some crinkle paper and a chocolate bunny in!

As mentioned, the boys (including Matt) were here yesterday for a good part of the day.  Ty was doing laundry, Casey was just hanging out, and Matt had shown up later.  We ate pizza and tried to play Munchkin but we're all so out of practice that it was kind of boring.  Everyone seemed to have their mind on something else.  I actually gave up and quit, while they soldiered on to finish one game.

Today Ty and Casey were back.  We'd thought we'd all just hang out again and maybe try another game of Munchkin but Matt had to get help a friend with something and Casey couldn't stay too long because he works tonight and had to go get some sleep.  So we had a casual ham dinner for lunch, they played video games while I played Wizard101 for a bit, then Casey headed home.  Hubby, Ty, and I decided to play Uno.  We haven't played that in YEARS!  It was quite fun!  We played several rounds then Ty decided he should get home too because he has a lot of stuff coming up the next couple weeks.  After he left, hubby went back to coloring in his books and I went to work on some cards.  I'll show them later since some are meant for people who read this blog.  hehe

And now we're just kinda relaxing for the evening.  I have a dvd from Netflix to watch but hubby has no interest in it so I don't want to bore him.  I'm SUPER anxious to watch this though . . . 
This was an Easter gift from Kevin and I am sooooo excited about it!  You might remember my obsession with the story of King Ludwig II last summer (see post HERE).  Well, the interest had been rekindled very recently when I started reading another Ludwig book my sister had gotten me.  So the timing of this dvd is perfect.  Hubby isn't interested in this one either though, so I'm impatiently waiting for my next day off, when I can finally watch it!  But oh my gosh, yes, the obsession is reborn.  Thank you, Kevin!!!

How was your Easter?
Any egg hunts and chocolate bunnies?  Church and ham dinners?
I hope it was nice, however you spent it.


  1. The Viking decorating kit is so cute! Can't wait to hear what you think of the Ludwig movie. I have a hard time watching some movies from the 70s when their 70s-ness gets in the way of focusing on the story :)

    1. Yeah, this Ludwig is a bit of a mess with it's 70s-ness and its choppy English-Italian-sometimes unsynched audio. Even so, I love it. I'm hoping to watch it AGAIN this evening!


  2. Happy Easter, Deb! It sounds like you had a really nice one. <3 Your decorations are really beautiful and simple this year. I think I want to take a page out of your book. I need to keep my eyes peeled for some wooden/mossy Eastery things for next year. Your colored eggs are much more fun than ours! LOL! We just dunked in dye. Though the shaving cream tie dye eggs caught my eye this year. Maybe next time. <3

    1. Walmart had a ton of wooden/mossy Eastery things this year. And it's all on clearance now. Not sure what might be left at this point but maybe worth checking out.

      Shaving cream tie dye? I do not know of this. Details, please! I saw some online that looked like they'd put rubber bands around. So simple, yet it never occurred to us to do that. We pretty much just scribble on them blindly with a white crayon and dunk them in a dye cup for a while.