Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy Mail From Amanda

PO box surprises make my day again!  This time it was fellow blogger Amanda who thoughtfully shared some smelly goodies with me.  Believe me, after a hellish three day work weekend, this little pick me up was most welcome!  And let me tell you, this girl knows how to efficiently pack a small box.  I could not get the stuff back in there like she did to save me life.  And she finds all these vendors I've never even heard of!  So let's just dive in and see what took the time to share.

Banana Cookies (Glitterati) - [no scent description]
I suppose there might be a scent description for this in the Facebook group but I'm old school and stubborn and don't bother with those groups.  I have had Glitterati wax in the past and have enjoyed it, so it was nice to see this included.  I don't really get a cookie note on cold sniff.  This one really is all about the banana, and it's a strong banana.  It reminds me of a candy banana type more than a banana bread type.

Glazed Donut Caramel Apple (Glitterati) - [no scent description]
It's nice to see Glitterati in cups.  The chunks are notoriously soft and messy.  Amanda warned me in the card she included that many of these scents are out of season, but that's just fine.  I will tuck those scents away until The Fall Slut emerges from hibernation, looking for all the fall smellies.  And this is delicious!  I only really get the caramel apple right now but that is a-okay with me!  Oh my gosh, it's sweet and creamy and such a perfect balance of the apple and the caramel.  To die for!

Best Friends Forever Club (Rosegirls) - 'Pineapple, lemonade, and frosted cupcakes.'
I actually have some of this from the last Rosegirls order I placed, but once again, that's okay because it's a really nice scent!  A slightly zesty note hits the nostrils first and then a battle between the pineapple and lemonade to see who shows up next.  There is a very light hint of bakery in the background to keep this from being a straight up candy-sweet scent.

Joan's Swedish Cookies (The Scented Squirrel) - 'Vanilla caramel, and almond cookies.'
I know Amanda is quite fond of The Scented Squirrel.  It's a vendor I'm not familiar with.  This scent sounds promising but I'll have to melt it first because I'm not getting much on cold sniff.  I do get an almond note but the plastic note from the cup is taking over at the moment.  I'll hopefully get back to you on this one.

Can I Refill Your Eggnog For You (House of Usher) - 'Eggnog, vanilla, nutmeg, and cake.'
The only experience I remember having with House of Usher is that dud of a Titanic themed box I ordered once.  I'm not against trying their stuff when it's gifted to me though.  And an eggnog scent should be perfect for my seasonal self!  This is a very yummy vanilla cake scent but I do not get any eggnog out of it.  Still, yay for delicious vanilla yumminess because I can melt this now and not have to wait for the holidays to enjoy it.

Pumpkin Dream Cake (Cosmic Gems) - 'Birthday Cake, Pumpkin Souffle, and Marshmallow.'
I've never heard of Cosmic Gems but . . . a pumpkin souffle scent?  Yes, please!  If you know me by now, you know that Pumpkin Souffle is one of my absolute must-have scents for Thanksgiving.  Oh my gosh, I don't care that I don't notice any marshmallow or cake, because just cold sniffing those familiar Pumpkin Souffle notes has me twitching for the holidays.  Mmmmm!

Gingerbread Houses (Live Love Wax Co.) - [no scent description]
I'm not at all familiar with Live Love Wax Co. either.  This is a deep, strong gingerbread scent, heavy on the molasses and spice.  This is not at all like the sweeter 'house' types that I've come to prefer but it should still be a nice traditional scent to melt around the holidays.

Pumpkin Apple (Candy Panda) - 'Fall blend of crisp apples and pumpkin.'
I've never ordered from Candy Panda but I've had a few of their tarts gifted to me by waxy bloggy friends.  This one smells soooooo good, so fall-like.  There is a touch of sweet apple but the bulk of it is a really nice slightly spiced pumpkin scent.  Can't wait to melt this one this fall.
Candy Corn (Pearl Rose Candle Co.) - 'A warm vanilla candy with top notes of butter and a slight hint of almond.'
 If you look closely at these adorable little chunks you can sort of see the layers of yellow, orange, and white that make up candy corn.  I've never heard of Pearl Rose Candle Co. either, I'm so clueless.  I love the size and easy handling of these types of chunks, but sadly I'm not getting much scent on cold sniff.  I'll still give them a try when fall rolls around, just in case that scent is lurking deeper inside.

Thank you, Amanda!
It was a super fun distraction to go through the package, to oooh and aaah at all the things and to have those exciting fall teasers!


  1. Aww, glad you found several scents you like; enjoy!

    1. I'm melting the RG chunks this morning. =) Thanks again!