Monday, May 29, 2017

Haul - And More Walmart Wax!

Yep, I'm still picking up a pack or two of Scentsationals and/or Better Homes & Gardens wax from Walmart every now and then.  And nope, I *still* have not started melting any of these!  LOL  I keep telling myself that when I get through what little bit of indie vendor wax I have I'll start on these, but that day just doesn't ever seem to come!  Cripes, unofficial start of summer is, well, now!  I need to get on these . . . 

Woodland Magic (Scentsationals) - 'A mystical blend of rosemary, Texas pine, and sparkling aldehydes.'
Sparkling aldehydes?  What the heck is that?  The only Google showed me was chemical compound stuff.  Anyway . . . I totally got this because the little description on the package says 'Not all who wander are lost,' and to me that is Lord of the Rings related.  Plus, those trees look Shire-ish, right?  Perhaps the Shire even smells like this.  It's sort of a sweet, outdoorsy scent.  I saw someone had described it as lemongrass.  I can see that, but I also get a sort of musky cologne note with it.  This is not the type of scent I usually go for, but it's not horrible.  If I chose not to melt this one I know plenty of people who do like this type of scent.
Violet Cocktail (Scentsationals) - 'This delicious blend is made of black currant, wild acai, and warm black orchid.'
 I had been looking for this one without even knowing just why I wanted it.  Maybe it was the purple calling to me?  (It's actually a much darker purple than this pic is showing.)  Maybe because I've liked black currant scents before and thought that would be a strong note.  My Walmart finally restocked the wax shelves and I finally found this!  But I don't care for it much.  Figures!  You know I'm not a floral fan, and that 'warm black orchid' note is quite strong.  I would say this is a floral scent first and foremost.

Exotic Paradise Punch (BHG) -'This sparkling scent of juicy pineapple, sweet orange and Fuji apple becomes enriched with Rainier cherries and passionfruit. Tahitian vanilla and white musk leave a beautiful fragrance experience.'
Mmm, just looking at the color of this and the picture on the label make me think of yummy blue freeze pops.  This is fruity and juicy, strong on the pineapple and apple.  I don't get any distinct cherry note.  There is a subtle creaminess to this scent, and a soft hint of something like perfume, probably coming from the musk.  This is interesting, not just your typical summer fruity scent.

Summer Fruit Medley (BHG) - [no scent description]
Either I missed this all the other times I browsed the shelves or they got this in new just recently.  I grabbed this without even smelling it.  Research and reference, ya know.  I was hoping there would be more berry notes it this but it's mostly a zesty citrus type scent.  It's not as bright and perky as a straight up orange juice type zesty citrus.  It's more like a grapefruit type but with something dragging it down, something a bit 'warm.'  Maybe coming from the berries?  Not sure.

This is all I have for now.  I'll probably hold off on buying any more and get busy actually melting these first.  I do have quite a few now and I don't melt a lot each day.  I don't melt anything at all on days that I work.  So yeah, I have to get busy!

Have you tried any of these?
Which is your favorite?

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