Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Haul - Collective Crafty Things

I'd encountered a sort of lull in my card making ambition after my mad rush to get those Easter cards done.  Then I happened to be watching a bit of one of the shows hubby enjoys and a guy in there was talking about "Have fun with your passion, whatever it is."  Hubby was like "Yeah!  Listen to him!"  And I pouted that I don't know what my passion IS because my interests change so much.  Then I was like "Well currently it's card making so okay, I need to have fun with that for now, I guess."  So I gave myself permission to start buying some crafty things again.

I might have shown this already.  Apologies if I have.  Remember how I'd discovered that I absolutely loved coloring my stamped images with colored pencils?  Remember how we'd splurged on a monster pack of Prismacolor pencils and I found I didn't really like them?  So I found the biggest assortment of good ol' Crayola pencils and ordered myself a box.  Wheee!

I finally gave in and got a label maker.  I've wanted one for a while but always talked myself out of it because it wasn't something I really *needed* for anything crafty.  So many of the card makers I follow though, have a neat little organization system for stamps and dies, and have nice little labels.  Hubby had also mentioned he could use some labels for some things at work, so we picked this one.  I also ordered some of the different clear storage envelopes that I see those crafters using but the pics of those are boring and not worth posting.

One of the card makers I follow often orders from Gina K Designs because she loves the envelopes and colored cardstock from there.  When I saw it was a Wisconsin site I decided to go ahead and order too.  There are a few different variety packs of cardstock available.  I decided to start with this one but the spring and summery colors.

I also decided to try the Gina K envelopes.  I'd been content with just simple white ones from Walmart before this.  But dang it, I need to have fun with my passion!  The guy on TV said so!  There are so many fun colors to chose from, but I decided on this pink because it can be used for a lot of things.

I noticed Gina K has patterned papers too.  I have struggled with incorporating patterned papers into my card designs but I think I might be slowly coming around to it now.  I looooooove patterned papers!  This pack will be good for masculine cards.

We're nowhere near Halloween yet but when I saw this pack of papers on the Gina K site I knew I had to snag one.  Better to have it now, early, than to be scrambling to find some later.  Right?!

I ordered this Once Upon A Time themed pack from the Simon Says Stamp site.  It has some fun dragon and castle and boy-type designs.

I also got this Dragon Tails pack, which is more dragons and castles and boy-themed designs, but with little knights that look like Vikings.  wOOt!

This Fairy Tales pack is castles and unicorns and girlie-themed designs.

I finally got a chance to order this Perfectly Plaid - Rainbow pack from Lawn Fawn.  It's often been sold out when I've gone looking for it.

So I grabbed this pack of Lawn Fawn's Watercolor Wishes paper too while it was in stock.

I got another dry embossing folder to add to my little collection.  This one just put simple dots all over whatever you're embossing, just adding a little extra something to the paper.

I finally caved about bought these black and white glaze pens too.  So many of the card makers I follow use them and it's amazing how such simple little touches add so much to the images!  They often dot the black on the eyes of critters they've colored to give them some shine, some life.  The white they use to add just a few little dots or lines here and there to make it really look highlights.  I'm excited to try!

One things I've really reeeeeally wanted to do is start making notecards.  In my mind they'd be more simple designs than actually greeting cards, and they'd be smaller.  One weird holdup I've had in getting started is that smaller cards would need smaller envelopes, and I couldn't find smaller envelopes.  Well, that is until I went off my usual craft supply sites.  Then I hit the motherload of color options for smaller envelopes!  I didn't know where to begin so I went with a pack of white because those are always handy, a pack of orange for fall and Halloween designs, and a pack of kraft paper color because I figured it could also be used for fall designs and probably for other types.

To go with the kraft envelopes, I picked up a pack of simple kraft cardstock at Walmart.

And of course I've gotten some new stamps and dies!  Those are maybe the most fun things of all!
I needed a sympathy card a month or so ago and found I had no sentiments or anything suitable in my collection.  I did manage to put together a spur of the moment card, but then I made sure to order a stamp set with some fitting sentiments in case I ever need them in the future.
This is that card I managed to put together at the time.

Newton's Nook is a designer I've been browsing a lot lately.  I love the cat themed images!  I didn't receive this in time for the Mother's Day cards I made but I'd totally been wanting to use this one with the cat and bird bath on a card for my mom.  Ah well, she has a birthday coming up so I'll use it for that.

I think this set is called Naughy Newton, and it is SO Minion.  Oh my gosh, I want to stamp out a bunch of these kitty images and just start coloring a bunch up so I have them ready to go.

And then this fun birthday themed set.  Ty got a kick out of the lower right sentiment, where it has 'birth' crossed out and 'cake' written in for Happy Cakeday.  Hehe, guess what will be on his upcoming birthday card!

That is it for this collective crafty haul.  I really am looking forward to playing around with these things, yet I still keep finding ways to avoid doing it.  I have to keep reminding myself, "Have fun with your passion!"  And it's the idea of notecard sets that really excites me most.

Oh yeah, and I got a bit of money for Mother's Day so guess what!  I'm going to put it towards more fun card making things!

Do you have fun with your passion?
What IS your passion?


  1. What fun crafty goodies! My main creative passion is probably nail polish and I do have fun with it and buy a lot of supplies for it. I think I will have to go on a no buy soon though because there's a polish convention in San Francisco at the end of July that I hope to go to.

    1. Fun! Hope you get to go, and hope you blog about it if you do. =)


  2. Other than my wax, I really enjoy making and collecting all things crafty. That includes paints, brushes, colored pencils, crayons, glue guns, washi tapes, canvases, markers, sharpies ect. So I am loving this post! Good for you for buying yourself some new gear!

    1. I used to collect a lot of things...coins, postcards, Cherished Teddies figurines, etc. As I've gotten older though, that's all died away. Now I collect all this paper crafting stuff. Doh!