Sunday, May 28, 2017

Haul - More Craft Items

Lawn Fawn had their big summer release recently.  You know I'm all about Lawn Fawn!  At first I wanted almost everything I saw in the new stuff.  Then I went to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum and decided I didn't want any because I'm not using my current things very much anyway.  I eventually settled somewhere in the middle and picked up a few things.

This is one of their mini sets and is so cute for summer.  Pineapples are the hot theme this year, huh?  I'm seeing pineapple everything everywhere.  Anyway, I probably won't use the little faces, but I'm imagining these on summer themed notecards.

I'm not normally into the whole pirate thing but I saw several cards made by the design team and oh my gosh, I got sucked in!  There were all these treasure map looking backgrounds and I was like, in love.

I like the constellations theme of this set but I was also imaging those animals on Christmas cards, looking at up a decorated tree, or the star.  Could even use the animals on baby themed cards.  Or again, simple notecards using that large 'wish' stamp.

There is an airplane themed set in this new release that I did not grab . . . yet.  These stitched 'trails' can be used with the planes set, or with other things like butterflies or birds or whatever.  Some of the pirate cards I saw even used these as the sort of path guides on the treasure maps.

That's all I got for now from the Lawn Fawn summer release but there are plenty of other things I'll probably go back and get soon, if they're not already sold out.  I did get some other random things that aren't from Lawn Fawn too, so let me show you those.

I saw this on Amazon and decided to get it because I just don't have any anniversary stamps.

I ordered this from Amazon too.  I've had a paper trimmer for years and years but it was just a simple, small thing that I used for trimming coupons and stuff like that.  I week or so ago I'd finally bought a bigger better one at Walmart but found it wasn't big enough for what I wanted, so I returned it and found this big mamajama instead.  If I remember correctly (it's not nearby at the moment) a 12 inch sheet of paper will fit in here.

Also got this from Amazon.  It's one of those roll up pencil cases.  I found it was very awkward and messy to try and work with my big box of colored pencils, having them roll all over and fall off the table as I look for the color I want.  With this, you put each pencil in its own little elastic slot, can roll it out flat to see everything, roll it up when you're done, and everything stays in place.  There is an interior zippered pocket on one end, like for erasers or whatever.  It ties shut when rolled up.  And I love that kitty print!  The only problem is that this only holds 72 pencils and my big box of Crayolas is 100 pencils.  72 is the biggest one I could find.  I'm debating now whether to get a smaller one for the remaining pencils, or just put a rubber band around them and stick them inside this roll.  Hmmm.

And finally, I picked up these two jars of embossing powder.  I was playing around with embossing last week and was frustrated by the lack of options I had in my newbie stash.  I got this white, super fine detail powder because apparently there IS a big difference in powders.  I have a jar of clear but it's rather chunky, which leaves lumpy, uneven lines once melted.  Definitely not good for finer details.  And then I got the orange with fall and Halloween in mind, again thinking of notecards.

That is my crafty haul for now.
I'm sure there will be another one soon enough!


  1. Loving this haul! You got so many goodies. I must say the cat pencil holder wrap is the cutest thing ever. I would buy it just for the fabric. I love both the pirate and constellation packs. So much cuteness to be made with those!! That paper cutter is the same one I use at work all the time. I love it. It is a real workhorse and way better than the Cutterpie I have at home.

    1. You're handy with a sewing machine. You could probably make those pencil holder thingies. I know, I know, it's the totes adorbs cat fabric we're gushing about but still.

      I'm anxious to play with the new stamp and die sets. I ordered some things from that sale that I mentioned to you, that go along with these, and am hoping to get those soon.