Saturday, May 13, 2017

Haul - More 'Walmart Wax'

I've still been picking up random packs of Scentsationals and/or Better Homes & Gardens wax when I'm at Walmart.  Spring and summer scents are not really my favorites but as mentioned in my previous 'Walmart Wax' post, I was hoping to start a notebook for future reference.  Just something to sort of keep track of what I've had, what I thought of it, and a way to track what's old and what's new.  Funny thing is, I have not started melting any of them I've bought so far!  Have not started a reference notebook yet either.  So who knows, maybe these will end up being shared with others, or maybe I'll end up doing a giveaway or something?!

But anyway, let's see what I've collected since last time.

Happy Home - 'Add a little zesty splash to your home mingled with warm vanilla and freshly baked cookies!'
When I first smelled this in the store I thought it was so interesting because I couldn't figure out just what it was.  Fresh?  Fruit and floral?  I never ever would have guessed there was bakery in there, even though I was drawn to the sweetness that I knew was keeping it from being floral.  Now that I know part of it is fresh baked cookies, yeah I can pick it out, but it still does not really strike me as a bakery scent.  It's still very interesting!  It's rather light and bright, with those softer touches of baked goods and vanilla.  It's like maybe you baked something earlier in the day but now have the windows open and are catching the bright, sweet scents from outside.
Apple Wood - 'Welcome your guests with the warm, inviting aroma of dark woods, apple-oud, and wet moss.'
 I avoided this one because I like apple scents in the fall, and because I'm not a 'wood' scent fan.  While browsing the site out of boredom one day though, I saw the notes in this and knew of a couple people who would probably like this if I didn't.  So I grabbed it next time I was at the store.  Nope, not my type but it is interesting.  There is a little tiny squirt of sweet apple scent mixed in with a whole lot of sexy man scent.  Sexy man at the apple orchard on a fall day . . . 

Strawberries & Cream - 'Strawberries and cream.'
Pretty self explanatory, huh?  A nice sweet strawberry note with creamy vanilla note rushing up behind it.  There is a bit of a sharp edge in this scent though.  I think it's coming from the strawberry, which makes me wonder if it's more of a fresh strawberry instead of a jam or syrup type.  I am far from a strawberry scent expert and never did get into the Fresh Picked Strawberry scent craze.

Georgia Peach Tea - 'This refreshing scent mingles sun ripe apricots with sweet sun tea infused with sweet Georgia peach and juicy orange.'
I knew there had to be more than just peach in here because I'm not a peach scent fan and this one didn't really seem offending when I sniffed it.  I mean, I do detect the peach in it, but sweet tea is pretty strong and the other fruits offer just enough distraction without being distinct in their own right.  I don't love this but I think I'll probably go ahead and try melting it.

Pineapple Kiwi Colada - 'Indulge in this mouthwatering fruit medley as fresh pineapple, honeydew melon and lemon zest are touched with accents of coconut milk, kiwi, cantaloupe, vanilla bean and creamy colada.'
A really nice, slightly warm pineapple scent.  Warm pineapple?  Yes.  This is not a super juicy fruity scent.  It's mainly pineapple, with the coconut and vanilla toning it down and lending a sort of warmth to it.  This sort of reminds me of pineapple Lifesavers candy, or of the whole darn tropical Lifesavers roll.  Very yummy!

Island Pomelo Dragonfruit - 'Bright, sunny pomelo, sweet orange and pink grapefruit, blended with candied dragonfruit and island mango, fused with hints of green citrus leaf and warm citron woods.'
 I grabbed this one because I wouldn't know a pomelo or dragonfruit if they smacked me in the face.  A zesty note hits the nostrils immediately.  Once you recover from that you start to recognize the grapefruit and what must be 'green citrus leaf.'  This is an outdoorsy, fresh type fruity scent.  It's not like a juicy sweet drink or syrupy fruit salad.  It's interesting but I'm not a fan of that face smacking zest note.

And that is what I've accumulated since last time.  I noticed one on the website called Violet Cocktail that I'm interested in finding.  I think it was at my Walmart when these spring and summer scents were first being put out but now that I've gone back looking for it, of course I can't find it.  There are plenty of other scents left for me to gather though, and I will probably continue to do so all through the summer.

Have you tried any of these yet?
Have you found any favorites in your own Walmart?


  1. I really like that Applewood and strawberries & cream is a classic. That peach tea smelled a bot off to my nose so I didn't grab it, but I really want to try that Happy Home now. I just finished my Watermelon Buttercream clam the other day and it's a definite repurchase.

    1. Some of the ones I've bought but not yet melted smell so dang good that you'd think I would be smart and go grab more while they're still there, right?! But no, I never seem to think that way when I'm in the store. Doh!


  2. I really like the Apple Wood; it reminds me of two favorites, Simple Romance by Scentsationals and Red Wood Pomegranate by BH&G, all deep woodsy/cologne-type fragrances. Another wax blog raved about Georgia Peach Tea and I'm a little disappointed. The peach is dialed down, there's no tea note at all for me. It's like a pleasant fruity/floral that's appealing but not outstanding. The two Walmart fragrances I continue to horde and use are Sweet Watermelon Buttercream and Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie. SWB reminds me of something I'd expect to find via Rosegirls, namely a sweet fruit note embedded in a really nice creamy blend. Wow, I really like this a lot. And PSS is bright, sweet and fresh, perfect for a summer morning!

    1. I really need to get on it and start melting these. What am I waiting for??? Our weather is finally warm and summery-ish, so I can melt my fruity summer stuff guilt-free now. lol