Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Melted - BHG / Sweet Watermelon Buttercream

Sweet Watermelon Buttercream - [no scent description]

What is summer without watermelon?  And since we've now had the unofficial kickoff to summer (Memorial Day) I thought this would be a good one to melt.  On cold sniff this is very much a buttercream scent.  Luckily a bit more of the watermelon came through once warmed.  It's still more of a buttercream scent though, sweet and creamy and dessert-y.  It's not super sweet like candy, but more like a vanilla and large sugar crystals, if that makes any sense.  The watermelon seems a little more candy-like just because there is not enough of there to really get a grasp on.  It's enough to let you know it's a watermelon scent but doesn't present much beyond that little tease.

I melted two cubes (about 0.8 oz. worth) in my tea light warmer.  Actually I had two cubes going in each of two tea light warmers, set in adjacent rooms.  The scent was surprisingly light.  I was shocked and disappointed because usually BHG has such strong scents.  This was one of those subtle background types though.  In general there wasn't anything really obvious going on, but when I stopped and really paid attention I found that sweet sent was indeed traveling throughout the rooms, but just on a very stealthy level.

I did like this sent, just wish it would have been stronger.
I would not repurchase this but maybe someone with smaller rooms or who likes lighter scents would love this one.

Have you tried BHG's Sweet Watermelon Buttercream?


  1. I was really interested to see how a watermelon buttercream would turn out but bummed that the throw was poop. Sorry to hear that. :-(

    1. It's a nice scent though, and would be a good one if company is coming over. You know, just something to perk up the house without a bit without bombarding the senses. Sniff it next time you're at Walmart. :)