Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Melted - Scentsationals / Island Melon Coconut

Island Melon Coconut - 'Sun kissed melon with the added sweetness of vanilla.'

 I loved this scent.  Interesting that there is no coconut mentioned in the description when it's right there as part of the name and I'm pretty darn sure I was getting a healthy dose of it while this was warmed.  Cold sniff is a little more about the melon, but warmed, that coconut note came out more.  It was not a super sweet and juicy coconut scent.  Tropical vibes did not really cross my mind.  The coconut reminded me of the shredded coconut you can buy in bags in the baking supplies aisle of your grocery store, sort of that more dry type scent.  The melon notes were juicy and sweet, balancing nicely with the coconut.  On cold sniff it almost seems like there might be the tiniest hint of mint mixed in.  I didn't really notice that when warmed.  I'd say this was a slightly creamy coconut scent with touches of melon to perk it up.

I melted two cubes at a time (about 0.8 oz. worth) in tea light warmers in adjacent rooms and had deliciously medium-strong scent that I loved.  It was easily noticed throughout the house but not extremely inyerface.  I used up the last two cubes later in the day in my Glade hot plate warmer and had the same medium-strong scent that traveled well into other areas.

I would definitely buy more of this scent and, in fact, will be grabbing more next time I'm shopping.  *fingers crossed there are some left*

Have you tried this Island Melon Coconut scent?
What did you think?

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