Sunday, June 4, 2017

Haul - Kim's Tarts / Wax

I wanted to order a bit of wax recently but wasn't in the mood for trying to figure out who was open and who had what in stock, so I went totally old school and ordered from Kim's Tarts.  Her prices are still super budget friendly at $1.50 for a 3-pack of scallop tarts.  You won't get any fancy packaging or beautiful works of wax of art from Kim's Tarts, but you'll get some good ol' work horse scented wax.  Her scent list is extensive but you won't find any fancy blends in whatever the current rage is.  I was a bit bummed to see her TAT is now up to 2 weeks (it used to be only a couple days) but that 2 weeks is still far better for impatient people like me than, well, 6+ months.

I just picked some random scents to have on hand for summer.

Let's take a look!

Watermelon - 'The amazing aroma of a ripe juicy watermelon.'
 Gotta have watermelon scent for summer, right?  This is nice.  On cold sniff, if I hold it right under my nose it seems a bit powdery and candy-like, but if I hold it farther away it seems much more juicy and real.  Interesting.  I'm curious to see which version shows up when warmed.

Country Blessings - 'A burst of wonderful scents: gala apples, garden sage, sweet persimmon, eucalyptus, fresh basil, anise seeds, clove buds, sweet vanilla bean and crushed pecans give you a breath of sweet cleansing fresh air!'
This is interesting.  While I can see melting this as a fall scent I think it would work fine for anytime of year.  There is a slight hint of something almost cider-ish, which brings fall to mind, but the sage and eucalyptus and those things really make their presence known as well.  It's sort of sweet, sort of herbal, sort of warm and cozy.  Very interesting!

Blueberry Lemon Sugar - 'A luscious blend of Meyer lemons and juicy blueberries loaded with sweet sugary crystals. Add to this yummy blend, hints of orange, wild berries, concord grapes, pineapple, strawberries and even tinier traces of rose and violet and finished with a sweet sugary vanilla base. Sweet and rich with a tart twist.'
I didn't pay much attention when I ordered this, just saw blueberry and lemon and was like 'Mmm, yeah.'  Not sure what I was expecting but this isn't it.  LOL  I think I was figuring on something warm and foodie, like blueberry muffins with a lemon twist.  Ha, nope!  This is very light and bright, sort of watery, with the orange and florals coming through the most.
Stress Relief - 'You will love this version of this popular BBW Type.  Relieve stress after a long day, with this aromatherapy blend of lavender and sage, eucalyptus and spearmint, fresh ozone and dry down woods.'
I don't know if these aromatherapy type things really work.  I've never been a believer but geez, I could use all the help I can get in stress relief lately!  I never think of myself as a lavender fan but there is something comforting about this scent.  This reminds me of handcrafted soap, and reminds me of my grandma.  Usually comments about lavender and grandmas are joking insults but I'm sincere on this one.  My very first thought when I sniffed this was of my grandma, who I loved dearly.  So maybe that right there is stress relief?!

Vineyard - 'This is a sweet, luscious blend of red and white grapes freshly crushed with a tangy bottom note!'
There was a Better Homes & Gardens scent a couple years ago called Napa Valley Escape that I loved.   I don't think I saw it last year, and I don't know if it's out this year but I'd like a ton of it if I find it again.  So anyway, I thought maybe this would be something nice along those lines.  Sadly, this doesn't really compare to what I remember.  This is not as deep and dark, and has a weird sort of rubbery note lurking about.  There is a nice grape note once you get past that weirdness, so I'm hoping it clears up when warmed.

Plum Crazy - 'Rich, vibrant plums, raspberries, cranberry, citrus, apple, strawberry....a smorgasbord of rich, ripe fresh berries! Hints of vanilla, honey and rum complete this oil!'
I remember having Plum Crazy from Sweet Fixations and really like it.  I really can't say if these might be the same scent because it's been a while since I've had the SF one, but this is pretty nice.  This kinda reminds me of a grape scent, but with some dark oompf added.  It's very sweet, but again it has a darker, more adult vibe to it.  Not quite candy-like, but not quite hot cider punch type either.

Merlot Wine - 'This fragrance oil has velvety nuances of plums, apples, red raspberries and strawberries which combine with a light alcoholic and spicy background.'
I must have really been on an adult-fruity kick when I placed this order.  I like this one because it's deep and dark and fruity.  It's warm.  It does have that alcohol note that I often don't like but it's not overpowering in this.  This is not at all a happy fruity scent.  It's a much more sophisticated, adult scent.
Lemon Sugar - 'A refreshing blend of tart lemons mixed in a light whipped cream topped with sweet vanilla crystals!'
Me and my lemon scents, huh?  This one is a bit deceiving.  I was expecting a bright, sweet lemon scent.  This is very warm, almost bakery like.  And doesn't even strike me as lemon bakery.  There is an almost nutty note to it.  Was there a mix up?  Why is this label hand written?  We'll never know the answers to these mysteries but I'll go ahead an melt this anyway, just to see what it turns out like.
Honey Buttered Rolls - 'Sweet golden honey surrounds the rich bakery tones in this gourmand treat, as hints of warm cinnamon and ginger bring a hint of a spiced accent to the scent. Rich, creamy vanilla undertones add sumptuous sweetness to this fabulous bakery confection.'
 I'm all about bakery scents, so this sounded right up my alley.  On cold sniff I get a gentle cinnamon note mixed with some soft bready notes.  It seems rather flat on cold sniff.  Hopefully it blooms when warmed.

Banana Caramel Cupcake - 'A hint of almond adds sweetness to this delightful dessert scent. Fresh ripe banana blends with sweet caramel and ground cinnamon for a rich, warm sensation. Sweet vanilla bean balances with butter cream at the base of the scent, supporting this fabulous creamy sensation.'
 I've had this scent from a variety of vendors over the years and for a while it was my absolute favorite.  It's been some time since I last had it, so I happily ordered this for old time's sake.  I really hope it's more true when warmed because on cold sniff there is a plastic note blocking the sweet yumminess I'm familiar with.

Fruit Slices - 'An array of citrus fruit sprinkled with sweet sugar crystals.'
This was a freebie with my order.  It's quite nice, a sweet and juicy citrus scent without the strong zesty note.
Katie Perry - Killer Queen Type - 'Notes of dark plum, wild berries and bergamot are mingled with intoxicating red velvet flower, plumeria, jasmine, cashmeran and patchouli with hints of praline make this a scent fit for royalty.'
 This was another freebie in my order.  I'm not familiar with the actual Katie Perry fragrance so I have no idea how true this is to that, but I can say this scent is not for me.  It's obviously a perfume-y scent, which I don't care for in home fragrance to begin with.  I do get some of the sweet berry notes which tease me, making me think I might like this scent, but then I go back for another sniff and all the other floral and heady notes take over.  Bleah.  Nope, just not for me.

Island Hibiscus - 'Floral notes of hyacinth, jasmine and gardenia blend with a hint of light musk and amber to round out this intoxicating blend.'
A third freebie, I pretty much wrote this one off immediately upon seeing the name.  I am not a floral fan.  Surprisingly though, I kind like this!  It's a sweet floral, reminding me very much of lilac.  I even had hubby sniff this without telling him what it was and he thought lilac too.  Does hibiscus really smell like lilac??

That is my order from Kim's Tarts.  I ordered on Tuesday, May 16 and received it on Friday, June 2.  As mentioned, the 3-packs of scalloped tarts cost $1.50.  That is the only option on the site, no other shapes, no singles or 6-packs or anything like that.  Each tart weighs about 0.8-1.0 oz.  Shipping was $5.75.  I will say that I am absolutely not a fan of two staples that are used to close each little cello bag.  She used to package them stacked, with a colorful ribbon closing each bag.  These came in a more shallow box though, so maybe she went with the more flat packaging to fit in the cheaper shipping box.  Still, I'm happy with this work horse wax order.

Are you familiar with Kim's Tarts?
Does hibiscus smell like lilac??
Does anyone know if Napa Valley Escape is still around???


  1. I've not heard of this vendor; thanks for sharing! They do sound very reasonably priced and several of the scents you got interest me. On the "to try" list it goes.

    1. Keep in mind, there is no picky attention to detail, no glitz and glam when it comes to Kim's Tarts. But yes, I do suggest her if you're just looking for some good ol' scent makers. :)


  2. 2 week TAT? Kim must be churning out the tarts. Glad to see you placing wee orders here and there :-)

    Honestly, when I sniff hibiscus flowers in real life I don't get much of any scent. But it wouldn't surprise me if when distilled that they have a lilac type of scent. Ok.... went and looked and hibiscus flower scents are lab created but the seeds do have musky vegetal notes. Hope that helps.

    I am familiar with Kim's tarts only through sweet friends gifting me some but I never bought from her directly.

    1. "musky vegetal notes"
      I'm going to use that in future descriptions, for everything. "This lemon zucchini pine ice cream wood resin bouquet blend I created has a strong musky vegetal note."

      Yeah, I was surprised by the two week TAT! Actually I'm always surprised to find she's still around. Ya just never ever hear her mentioned anymore.