Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June 14 - Flowers, Cats, and Kings

We have a ton of lilies blooming along the south side of our house.  It looks to cool having so many, so bright along the house.  We suck as weeding and all that gardening stuff so the flowerbed in general doesn't look all that great.  This pic, from this angle, doesn't show the real mess.  LOL  But another cool thing is that all of these came from just one or two bulbs.  (Are lilies bulbs?)  Hubby had originally planted them in another bed but moved them over to this one after a couple years.  They've been in this bed for a couple years now, and multiplying like crazy!  There are a bunch of smaller, pink-white ones down at the other end of the bed.  Wish we could get the tulips to do better in this bed.  We planted some, but I think we need to plant a whole bunch more.

 This fuzzy Mr. Fattycat has been causing some drama here lately.  He's been getting *really* picky about his food that we mix his medicine in, and sometimes refuses to eat it.  He's not been getting full doses of his medicine because of it and he's been losing weight and sleeping a lot more again.  He's on a thyroid pill and a powdered potassium supplement for his kidneys.  The powder has a really strong scent to it and we're sure that's what turning him off.  The vet said today that we can stop giving the powder if we want, because his "levels" at his bloodwork check in December were not at a point where we needed to do anything yet but because there had been a slight change he though starting the supplement might help.  He said if Fatty's not eating though, it's a problem.  So we decided to stop the powder supplement this evening, and we'll see how he does.  Hopefully he'll start eating better, and it should help make sure he's at least getting the full dose of his other medicine because he won't be turning up his nose at that food.

Ty was here today, stopped in after working till noon at his second job.  He just wanted to hang out for a bit, catch up on news and stuff.  He ended up staying for supper.  We were talking about Casey's last drama.  *sigh*  Yes, it never ends with that boy.  So the crazy roommate finally left and everyone rejoiced at the thought of peace returning to our lives.  Nope, Casey immediately invited his other friend to move in and that friend immediately started having his new girlfriend stay over.  Not just staying over for the night but staying for days on end, and being there when no one else is.  THAT part needs to stop, and we've all told Casey to put his foot down immediately.  Ugh.

I managed to watch two hours of my beloved Ludwig movie yesterday, on the anniversary of his death.  Hubby came home then and doesn't care for this film so I didn't bore him with the other two hours.  I was glad to find I still love this movie.  I'd thought maybe after my break from watching it obsessively that I'd find it horrible when I eventually saw it again.  Nope!  Still love it!  There *are* some cringe-worthy things about the movie but, I don't know, I just love it to pieces.
Thank you again, Kevin.  This has turned out to be one of the best gifts I've ever received.

I'm off to read now before bed.  I'm slowly plugging away at that beast of a Shadowhunters book.  I'm frustrated that I'm only reading in small little chunks but things have been just hectic enough that I don't get much read on my breaks at work, and by the time I get to bed I'm too tired to read.  Hopefully this snails pace doesn't kill how I feel about the story.  So!  Let me get this posted and go try to read!

Do you have favorite flowers blooming around you?
Have you had a special needs pet?
Do you want to watch Ludwig with me??


  1. Those lilies are so vibrant! I love it. They look beautiful. King Ludwig! Thank you for loaning me the movie. I finished Tudors last night too. Wow. What a ride. Now it makes me want to dive into Mary and Elizabeth's stories again. I read that great book Elizabeth I.

    Hoping you have a nice weekend and can find time to crave away at that book.

    1. Try to find White Queen and (eventually) White Princess. Those come *before* the Tudors story but still, quite scandalously entertaining.

      I started reading a book about Mary and it was fascinating but very dry because of all the historical facts. I put it aside to read something more colorful at the time, and then never went back to it. I'll have to start all over again when I do someday pick it up again.


  2. Such gorgeous flowers! Looking at pretty flowers always makes me feel more cheerful. I'm not much of s gardener so I'm glad we get wildflowers around here. Sadly it's so hot already here that most of them are gone. I do hope Fattycat responds well to his change in medicine; good luck!

    1. Our lovely vibrant lilies are fading already. We don't really have anything in that flowerbed that will come up after those. Well, unless those mums I planted this spring survive and take off. So I guess we're done until next spring. *sigh* Might have to just buy something colorful in pots to set out there for the rest of the summer.

      Fatty is bouncing back already. We had no idea how much that powder was bringing him down until we see now how much better he's doing.