Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 15 - Quickie

Work is such a mess these days.  A second supervisor gave notice today.  What does that say, when our supervisors are abandoning ship??  They're giving $100 bonuses for the weekends just to try and get people to volunteer to work.  That place is a hot mess and it's to the point that it's almost amusing because we keep wondering how much worse it can possibly get, and because we're watching things crumble farther up the ladder now.  All we can do is shake our heads.

I did manage to do some reading on my breaks at work today.  Yay!  I really do like Mark in this series.  He's half fairy, half Shadowhunter.  I kinda wish there would be a companion book or series about just his story.

Not much else to write about this evening.  A quickie post is better than nothing though when I'm trying to get back into the habit of daily natters.

How was your Thursday?


  1. $100 bonuses for working weekends? Why not just schedule people on weekends? Would they leave?

    I liked Mark the best in the first book too. I like his story.

    1. They had to go to a 'no forced overtime' policy, so they can only do voluntary signups for weekends or overtime. It's awesome for the people who hate overtime (me!) but it's really becoming difficult to run lines because we're so short on people to begin with.