Saturday, June 17, 2017

June 17 - Birthdays & Crafty Stuff

We had two birthdays in the family today.  My mom turned 81, and Ty turned 26.  I remember when my mom visited in the hospital the morning after Ty was born, she said, "Well that was the nicest birthday present anyone could have given me."  It took me a moment to realize what she was talking about!  The day he was born was kinda crazy and believe me, I wasn't even remembering at that time that it was my mom's birthday.  But yeah, their shared birthday today.  We didn't do much.  I'd given Mom a card and gift the last time I was over there because I wasn't sure if I'd get back today.  Ty worked today but stopped over for a bit afterwards.

Hubby and I did some running around today.  We ended up getting a water dispenser.  You know, one of those with the big five gallon jugs of water on top?  This one dispenses cold AND hot water.  That will be awesome for hot chocolate in the colder months.  We're trying to give up soda, which we drink way too much of around here.  Hubby's been doing alright on this but I haven't been able to stick with it . . . yet.  Now is not the time to quit for me, not with all the chaos at work.  It's like I get so worked up that I just need by comfort.  I've cut back though!  Baby steps, baby steps.

I mentioned last night (?) that I've accumulated a few more crafty items, so I'll do a quick little haul here for those who are interested.

Decided to try this glue that all the cool kids are suddenly raving about.  It's cheaper than the popular Tombow Mono that I use, but I like that I can just pick some more Tombow up at Walmart when I need some and not have to place an order.  Still, it'll be fun to try this and see what all the fuss is about.

Got a jar of black embossing powder.  All the cool kids seem to hate working with black powder, they say it gets everywhere, but I still want to try it.  I've played around a little bit more with embossing and really do like the look of it.  Haven't actually used *this* yet though.

How stinkin' cute are these leopards?!  I saw them in someone's haul video and immediately ordered a set of my own.

One of the crafters I follow was doing a destash and had some retired Lawn Fawn items, so I scooped up two.  This one is some cute background stamps.  If you can't tell, one set is hearts, one is music notes, and one is stars.

This is the other I got from the destash.  This is a Christmas set but doesn't it look like Jack Skellington's face (Nightmare Before Christmas) up there in the upper right???  I crack up every time I see this online, and now I have it for myself.

I'd been looking for something else in Walmart's craft section when I came across their stencils.  I've been looking at stencils on the main craft site I order from, so when I saw these I was all "Hmmm."  There are three pages with four sections on each, four different designs.  You can see the designs there on the packaging.  Each section/design area is a nice size for card backgrounds.  I'm really excited to try this idea out.  I need to get some little sponge thingies first though.

And finally, I bought my very first Copic markers.  These are like the holy grail of markers in the crafting world.  They're very expensive.  They must be super fantabulous if EVERYONE uses them, right?  Quite frankly, they intimidate me.  But still, all the cool kids make it look so easy and achieve such wonderful looks.  Plus, there is a 25% off sale going on right now so I decided to try with this one little tiny pack.  It has three blendable colors from the same color family.  Good way to practice without investing tons of money, I guess.  I know there are certain papers that are preferred for Copic coloring and I *think* I have a small pack of some, but when I tried them out just on regular white cardstock I wasn't wowed.  I was more like "Really?  What's all the fuss about?"  I guess I'll try them on the 'correct' paper though and see if the magic happens there.  I even thought about maybe taking a Copic class.  Yes, they have classes for using these markers.  That's how intimidating they are.

That's about it for today.  I'm going to log onto Wizard101 for a while before bed, and then go read more about Mark, who was making out with his rescued beloved when I left off last night.  Hehe!

Anything exciting happen with you on this Saturday?


  1. Happy birthday Deb's Mom and Ty!!!

    I am cheering you, giving up your soda. I have been Sugar and coffeeless for two weeks now. We can both clean up our guts. <3

    Classes for markers?! Are they watercolor effect or something? I may need to check these bad boys out. And I totally saw Jack Skellington first thing when I looked at those stamps! I had to look closer to see the birds. So funny!!

    I can't wait to see what cards you are working on.

    1. They're alcohol based markers, supposed to stay wet longer to allow for blending and whatnot. They're refillable, have replaceable nibs too. Quite the big deal in crafting. *casts a leery eye towards the mini pack still sitting on the desk*