Sunday, June 18, 2017

June 18 - A Few Cards

 I forgot to show this yesterday.  This was the birthday card I made for Ty.  Pretty simple, huh?  Well, hey, that's blue embossing powder at least.  LOL!  It was sort of a joke because Ty is one who just does not care about cards and admits he throws them out as soon as he looks at them.  That crushed my soul when he said it last year.  I refuse to *not* give cards though, so I went minimalist on this one.  He did laugh, and knew why it was this way.

Some other cards I've made lately . . . 

A very rushed birthday card for a young girl.  I think it turned out okay, but I need to get over this putting it off till the last moment thing.  I need to just keep making cards so I have a stash to choose from when I need one for something.

Looks similar to two anniversary cards I've made and shown, but this one is for a former coworker's wedding.  They have a princess and hero theme to their invitations, and I worked their wedding colors (purple and teal) into the design too.  I discovered I don't have any wedding sentiments though!  I have 'congrats' and 'best wishes.'

I absolutely love how this one turned out!  I used colored pencils and although I was very frustrated with how long it took to color that day, I really was impressed with how the card as a whole came out looking.  This was my mom's birthday card.  I even used my new little gift card slot dies on the inside to hold her gift.  She loves cardinals so I made the bird red, and she gets a kick out of Minion so I had the kitty resemble him.

I was trying to come up with a Father's Day card for hubby's dad but we both agreed this just isn't his style.  (We ended up buying him one of those sassy humor cards.)  I do like this card though, and will just set it aside in my tiny stash for now.

Hubby and I played around with watercolor techniques today.  I've always hated watercolor painting, have never been good at it, and haven't even done it since I was in elementary school or so.  Hubby said he's never really been good at it or fond of it either.  One of the card makers I follow does a lot of watercolor painting in her videos and, of course, makes it look so easy.  I also discovered that if you heat emboss the image you want to paint, the embossed lines sort of make little fences, making it easier to keep the colors where they need to be.  I've been itching to try it and since we had nothing else going on today, hubby agreed to experiment with me.

I discovered some things.  Several of the card makers I follow have said they don't like working with black embossing powder because it gets everywhere and shows up much more obviously if you have stray specks.  Yep, I certainly found that out.  I also found out that the black doesn't give as much of a raised, shiny effect.  At least not with this powder I used.  There is a bit of shine but it sort of just made the lines thicker, more bold.  It also seems to want to reactivate and blur a bit when the wet paint was near it.

The white worked fine, although I do need to practice heat embossing more in general.

I did use watercolor paper but it was just cheapie stuff from Walmart.  And the paints themselves were just cheapie Crayola watercolors, again from Walmart.  The brushes were just small, old, generic things we'd already had on hand.

I had a lot of fun doing this!  I really like the look I got from it, and I wasn't even trying all that hard.  This was totally just a 'Let's see what happens!' experiment.  Hubby was a little frustrated, but he has not watched the videos like I have.  He was using less water and trying for more specific shadowing and blending.  They all look pretty good for noobie beginners though!

Other than that, we didn't do much today.  Hubby got some Father's Day gifts from the boys and me, and went to see his own dad for a bit.  (My own father died way back in 1987.)  I did laundry and played a decent amount of Wizard101.
And we just had a very nice, relaxing day.

Did you celebrate the fathers in your life today?
Do you enjoy watercolor painting?


  1. I am laughing at that card you made Ty. Hilarious!!! And that kitty card turned out so adorable. <3 I like the white embossed edges, they look really cute with your water color.

    1. I like the white embossed too. I have a large floral image stamp ordered that will be perfect for the white embossed/watercolor technique. That's what the crafters I follow seem to do most for that...floral images.

      I'm sort of looking at my stamps with new eyes now, seeing which are on the larger side and might look nice watercolored. :)