Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 11 - First Fall Scents Spotted!

When I did my regular shopping last Friday at Walmart I had noticed they were getting the Back To School stuff all set up.  It didn't really surprise me since the 4th of July had passed and yeah, it's time to shove all that school stuff out.  In a way it did surprise me though, in that it's really hard to believe we're that far through the year already.  Of course the faster the school stuff shows up means the faster the fall stuff will soon be showing up right behind it.  Woohoo!  I did a really quick and casual glance in the wax aisle that day but didn't really expect to see any fall stuff yet, and there wasn't.

So today I was back at Walmart while my mom did some shopping and of course I had to just breeze past the wax aisle again.  At first it just looked like all the same summer scents so I continued on my way.  But wait!  What is that on the endcap, among the picked over summer scents?!
Harvest Moon - 'Pumpkin kisses & autumn wishes.'
I saw the colors, I saw the name, and I snatched it up to be sure I wasn't crazy.  Popped open the cover and shoved my nose in and . . . oh glorious apples and pumpkins!  This is more of an apple scent, slightly spiced like maybe a cinnamon apple cider type, but the pumpkin notes are there, sitting quietly behind the excitement.  I'm pretty sure this is no different than whatever pumpkin-apple scent they had last year but that's not the point.  Fall scents are showing up!!

I quickly looked at what else was on that end cap shelf and at first thought the rest was just summer scents.  But then again, as I started to leave, my eyes fell on this next one.
Spiced Pumpkin Pie - 'The scent of fresh, roasted pumpkin illuminated by spicy accents of warm nutmeg, aromatic cinnamon and rich clove wrapped in a delectable, vanilla-infused accent of sweet golden molasses baked into a sweet pastry crust.'
Again, nothing new here scent-wise, but just the fact that another fall scent is on the shelves had me insanely excited.  This is a really good pumpkin pie scent, not too spicy, with nice crust notes mixed with that sort of tang from the pumpkin puree.

So of course I had to go back down the main wax aisle for a better look.  There was someone parked right in the middle of everything with her two kids so I couldn't get a great look, but I did see at least one more new fall scent, and that was Apple Butter.  Wheee!  I know the full release was not on the shelves of my store yet today because I was seeing way too many of the summer scents, but it still has me really excited to get back there on my own again so I can have a proper look.  And since I'm planning on filling out my fall scents stash with retail wax this year, I will happily allow myself to buy a bunch of these gems as I see them start popping up.

And when I was done tending to my mom's affairs and got back home later today, I found my free 2018 calendar from the Humane Society in my mail so yes, fall is definitely right around the corner!

Are you excited?!
Have you seen fall scents popping up in your local stores yet?


  1. I probably have thirty + pumpkin wax melt fragrances but I perked right up when I saw this. More pumpkin!! My Walmart must be prepping for these; there's a large empty spot in the middle of the display aisle. Kind of hard to think about fall, though, with summer hanging heavy in the air....

    1. I was able to look more thoroughly today and there are quite a few fall scents mixed in with the regular scents. No official fall display yet though, which is good because I'm not quite ready for that.