Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12 - Blah Day

Today was one of those days where you wonder why you ever got out of bed.  I didn't really have any plans, had nowhere to go, nothing urgent that needed to get done.  I was looking forward to a mellow day of whatever.  Ended up fighting with my computer all day.  That's not what I had in mind as far as 'whatever.'  Ugh.  I still don't have it back to normal but at least it's functioning.  It all started, I believe, with a stupid AVG update a few nights ago.  UGH.

Anyway, I did go to Casey's for a little while this morning.  I haven't seen or talked to him much since he got back from his trip.  I went over there to discuss and warn him about some things going on at work. 

Yeah, work.  That drama filled, mismanaged pit of anxiety and stress.  It seems our plant is in crisis mode now.  I think the bigwigs at corporate are finally sick of the crap going on and have told our management there will be some 'cleaning house.'  I've heard that nobody's job is safe anymore, not even mine.  I don't know how true that actually is but there is definitely something going on.  There is a lot of upper management presence on the production floor, a lot of swift discipline where before there was an air of 'Yeah yeah, we'll get to it.'  Something is going on.

Yesterday was one year since my mom's hip surgery.  She's doing great, walking around more and more without the walker but still not confident enough to switch over to a cane.

I think I'm going to go ahead and keep the birds around here.  We thought we had raccoons or something back because of some weird looking evidence of nighttime activity around the feeders, but now we think it was just deer pawing the ground around there.  Still not sure what to do about all the frikken little chipmunk type rodents but . . . I can't seem to give up feeding the birds.  I'm becoming my mother.

Well, the Suits season premiere is on shortly so I'll get this posted and shove the cat out of my spot on the couch, and watch some lovely Harvey Specter.  And then I'll go read about the lovely King Ludwig II.
This new-to-me pic has become my current favorite of ol' Ludwig.  He looks relaxed, almost a smile on his face.  They say he was a handsome man, a 'beautiful young king,' and in this pic I would tend to agree.  (Too bad there are so many other pics that just make me cringe from how cheesy he looks.)

So anyway, will you be watching Suits?
What is your current favorite show?


  1. "I'm becoming my mother."
    LOL! Yes, I think this every time I fill up the hummingbird feeder.

    That sucks that there's so much tension at work. Makes it so much harder to just get your job done.

    Nice photo of Ludwig! He does look very relaxed for a change.

    I am in a tv slump and have been reading a lot more, trying to beat the challenge I set for myself on GoodReads to read at least 45 books this year. I'm 87% there so doing pretty well!

    1. I just *love* that pic of him! I need to add it to my little collection on the shelf in the craft room. Have to find another tiny little frame first.

      The Suits premiere was pretty darn good! The show had gotten so boring in the last season or two, but this episode was back to some of the witty banter and more personal level things.

      And Game of Thrones returns tomorrow night!

      Good work on the reading! I've been poking along and struggling this year. Just not finding the right books, I guess.


  2. Glad you kept the feeders. I would love to have a bird feeder set up at my house. Maybe one day.

    And don't we all become our mothers? I catch myself doing "the mom sway" when I am at the grocery store or church. Swaying back and forth on my feet.

    Your kitties look cozy in their scratch post stand.

    Hoping work looks up for you. Maybe it will bring the change you need. I just hate that the transition has to be so crappy.

    Cutie pie Ludwig. I would love to know what he was thinking here.

    1. Go get a feeder! Even a little cheapie! I have goldfinches on the 'sock' right now, and a silly oriole was on the suet bar just a moment ago. Oriole on suet? That's new!

      I don't think I do the sway. I wasn't even aware of The Mom Sway. Now I'm paranoid!

      I wonder what he's thinking too. It's almost like this was a 'not ready' pic, but back then didn't they have to hold still for a while? Probably smirking at his brother, "Ha, tell me again who is king?"