Sunday, July 16, 2017

July 16 - Mish Mash

Hello!  I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd touch base a bit.  Things are a mix of up and down, stressed and mellow.  Things could be so much worse though, so I guess I'll take this.

Work is still a mess.  A huge downer was that another girl quit because a certain pair of problem employees made her workdays miserable.  This girl was promising, and smart enough to know the crap from the trolls wasn't worth it, but the other side is that the trolls once again win.  I've complained about these two people to all of my supervisors, our production manager, and the plant manager.  All just sort of sigh and nod and agree these two are trouble but nothing ever gets done.  So yeah, let's just continue to let them drive good employees away.  On a better note, my supervisor told our plant manager that I've been doing a really good job with everything lately, that I go out of my way to help maintenance and struggling coworkers, and that just by dealing with the endless crap out on the floor is a huge help.  I almost cried.  LOL  Recognition and acknowledgement is rare at work these days.  It doesn't always take raises and material rewards to make someone's day.  Those few simple praises were enough to boost my morale for while.  The same day, a brand new supervisor (still in training) had commented to my supervisor that I seem to work really well with some of my people, that we seemed to accomplish things together without words and he felt like 'What did I miss?' when he witnessed it.  LOL!  I don't know specifically what he saw but it was cool to hear anyway.  There is one coworker, she and I are a pretty good team.  We fight like cats and dogs but we're also pretty good friends and have worked together long enough that yeah, we do just kinda know what each situation needs.  In general though, work is still a huge mess.

Casey's roommate says he's moving out.  Yes, this is the second roommate.  He says it's because he wants to be closer to his new job.  Casey's kinda bummed.  I'm sure there must be a bit of 'Why doesn't anyone like me?' but we'd told him all it's probably best to have his *own* place and hopefully he'll see how must better it can be without the drama of roommates.  Not sure when the guy is moving though.  He doesn't seem to keep jobs very long so he might lose this new job before he even finds a new apartment.  *snort*  I'll be bummed for Casey because he'll really have to cut back his spending if he's living there alone.  He's so used to just buying things when he sees them or when he wants them.  He's never been great with money discipline.

Work on the barn project continues.  Hubby and his friend are out there nearly every day after work, and then out there again on the weekends.  They have the crappy ceiling completely pulled down inside, all the old straw from up there disposed of.  They still need to do some cleaning of the rafters and whatnot but they've moved on to working on the actual walls now.  This pic shows the east wall (away from the road) that they've mostly torn out.  They've made space for a larger door, although I don't know if it will be a garage door type or a older style sliding doors.  I think they're making it tall enough for the yard tractor to fit through, because all other current doors on our out-buildings have very short doors/low rooflines.  They're actually at Menards right now with the truck and trailer, buying wood to get this wall rebuilt.

Back to school stuff is out everywhere now that the 4th of July is past.  I was browsing yesterday even though I really don't need anything and laughed when I saw actual Happy Planners there at Walmart.  My sister has very recently sent me a couple online deal notifications about Happy Planner sales and we keep laughing that I have no use for one but want one.  Well, I did not get the one I actually had in my hands yesterday, but I did end up with another journal I'll probably never write in.  LOL!!!!!

Ludwig is still my obsession these days.  I've been embracing all the German things I come across, especially Ritter Sport chocolate bars.  I was introduced to these in 1999 when we were actually in Germany.  I've seen them here and there in select stores over the years but usually just the same boring one or two flavors.  I was thrilled when I started see the yellow one, which is cornflakes, because that was my favorite one while in Germany.  Now I'm seeing more and more flavors in more and more stores, so I'm going to go ahead and indulge.  Mmmm!

I did get a chance to thoroughly search the wax aisle at Walmart yesterday.  Remember, I'd found a couple fall scents already earlier in the week?  I was excited to find quite a few more scattered in among the regular summer scents.  They don't have any official fall displays out yet, but just seeing these starting to pop is exciting.  Most of what I saw yesterday was just the same old stuff from last year, but there were a few new ones.  I'll just do a quick list of names for now . . . 
- Apple Bobbin'
- Apple Wood
- Warm Apple Pie
- Apple Butter
- No Place Like Home (cinnamon and clove)
- Red Hot Cinnamon
- Cinnamon Apples
- Pumpkin Spice
- Spiced Pumpkin Pie
- Harvest Moon

Better Homes & Gardens
- Fall Leaves
- Spicy Cinnamon Stick
- Sweet Candied Apples
- Farm Apple Pumpkin
- Sliced Apple Cinnamon
- Sueded Cinnamon Woods
- Cinnamon & Spice
- A Thankful Harvest
- Cranberry Mandarin Splash

- Sweet Apples

Yes, some of those are everyday scents, available all year, but I've included what I find to be fall scents in these lists.  I was tempted to grab one of each but talked myself out of it in the end for a couple reasons.  First, I still have a bunch from last year and wanted to check those before I go hog wild.  Second, since stepping back from wax blogging I had to remind myself I don't need to get everything and compare and come up with scent notes and posts.  Ahhhh!

I did grab my beloved A Thankful Harvest though.  I was so relieved to see this one back once again.  It's been my favorite for years now, an absolute must-have.  It's just a perfect late fall scent, with creamy pumpkin notes and just a hint of spice.
And I grabbed this Pumpkin Spice because it's just a fall staple.  This is a little more spicy, and not quite as creamy as A Thankful Harvest.

I haven't done much of anything crafty in the past many days.  This weekend I've been busy on a bunch of other little projects, and my mind is just so locked onto Ludwig that card making is sort of 'meh' to me at the moment.  I do have one more order coming but then I need to try and slow down my spending because more money will be going into the barn project now that they're at a point to actually start rebuilding.  This is probably the wrong time for me to try and stop ordering though, since fall is right around the corner and all the new fall/winter designs will be coming out soon.  In fact, Lawn Fawn is having their sneak peek this coming week for their new seasonal stuff!  Gah!  Hopefully it's all ugly and I don't want any of it.  Ha!  Yeah, right!

Okay, well I'm off to putter around on one thing or another on this gray and chilly day.

Oh!  Game of Thrones returns tonight!
Will you be watching?!


  1. Seeing the fall scents coming out is making me so impatient for fall! I am OVER this summer and all the heat we've been having. Yesterday was another 100+ and even though I have a/c, I much prefer fresh air and when everyone is running theirs I get smells from other units. Bleh!

    Ritter Sports are so good. I think the cornflake and the hazelnut are my faves. They actually have them at my Target, but I try not to look so I won't be tempted to buy :)

    I played a LOT of Munchkin at the San Francisco Unrivaled event this weekend because only a couple of people wanted to play competitively and others just wanted to learn the game. In the only game I won, I was a Super Munchkin Half-Elf/Dwarf so was pretty much unstoppable!

  2. Ugh, I don't think I could handle those 100 degree days. It's been very pleasant here lately, upper 70s or so. I just heard it's supposed to creep back up towards 90 as the week goes on. Noooooo!

    Yay for Munchkin! I love being a dwarf so you can have more cards, and a warrior so you win if the score is tied. I'm pretty simple. lol